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Parent The Job Of Being A Parent Words From The Virgin Mary To Be A Good Parent

Parent The Job Of Being A Parent Words From The Virgin Mary To Be A Good Parent
My adored children, it's the Virgin Mary again and I have returned to talk to you about the job of being a parent.
On my last message I told you how complex it is to be a good parent and today I want to give you my help again.
Sometimes my Son, this is in answer to your questions, was away for long periods of time, sometimes he would leave all of a sudden because of some things he had to do and he never let me know, he would disappear and I never knew where he went and sometimes he would return after several days; I would worry, I would get all agitated and when he would open the door he did not always find me happy, but I always thought about the words that the Father gave me and I would hug him anyway despite my worry and sometimes my anger.
This happened so many times I can not even count them, just like it would happen that we would arrive home and find people asking for his help, asking to be healed and sometimes he would refuse to help them because he did not want people to take advantage of his generosity and I knew that he was right, but it was me who had to push these people away who were asking for help, even this happened so many times I lost count, but I always stayed by his side, I would console him when people hurt his feelings; this Son of mine had a big heart and this made him very sensitive to attacks from people; but I always helped him, it was my duty to console him, cheering him up was always my duty, supporting him was my duty while to love him was something I did from the bottom of my heart.
Sometimes he expected that we moved our home to follow him in territories where he wanted to meet other brothers and sisters and take the holy message our Father assigned to him so that he could communicate it to everybody, but we could not do what he asked us of, to wander aimlessly, without a job, without the security to have even the minimum necessary to survive and this was the reason for many discussions amongst us, in the end I won this conflict, it was my Son who would be coming and going, as opposed to the entire family; maybe today I would do it differently, we were together for so little on earth that maybe today I would have set aside my real needs to spend as much time with him as possible, but these are reflections that always happen after the fact, when you know exactly the final outcome.
My heart is sad right now, what happened still fills my heart with a great sadness, but now let's go back to talking about your objective: helping these children grow within Love and Harmony.
When they are small, the biggest worries are to do with their physical health, are they breathing? Are they eating enough? Are they sleeping? It seems that everything revolves around these problems, no my dear parents, these are only problems tied to the physical body, these children also need Love, the nutrient for their Soul.
How many times do you fret over the feeding bottle, over sterilizing their clothes and how many times do you pick them up only with the specific intention of transmitting all of your love to them? Of course you do pick them up all the time because they cry or in order to feed them or change them or because they hurt themselves, but how many times do you pick them up just to send them your feelings, the love that you feel inside your heart?
Then they begin to walk and this is where it's easier for you to worry that they do not hurt themselves or that they do not destroy the things that are in your homes, but how many times do you hug them and you compliment them on the progress that they make in walking?
If you exclude the first moments when the child begins to stand on his feet, to make his first steps without your help, how many times after that do you compliment your child for his progress, for his conquests, for the confidence that he is gradually experimenting?
Encourage them to keep going and this has a value, of course, but it's also important that you acknowledge all that has been achieved up until that time, that you realize the importance for a person to appreciate all that has been achieved so far?
Then it's time for school, other people enter into their lives, how do you position yourselves dear parents? Sometimes you are jealous, you ask your children for information, but what you really want to know is if those people are better than you, you ask them to show you their affection, you ask them to show you that you are their perfect, wonderful, irreplaceable parents.
Your insecurities send a message to your child that other people can not be better than the two of you, you push them away from the possibility to confront yourselves with other adults and to enrich themselves also from the love that other adults can give them.
My dear parents, you are always perfect but you are always and only just parents, two human beings who did their best but don't necessarily know everything, they are not the only ones who have emotions that are necessary for your children to grow.
You have to learn to live as parents who are enriched by the help from the teachers, from the help of the relatives, from the help of those people around you, you must allow yourselves to be enriched by the help of all of your brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Then puberty arrives, many parents fear this moment, they consider it a time of conflict, of big discussions, a moment in which your children are not yet adults but they are no longer infants and these tensions sometimes generate truly complicated situations.
My dear parents, if you look at puberty as a conflict you will miss the beauty of that moment of great growth.
Your children learnt so much up to that point and they are now ready to look for their own path, the path to their own realization, the path that constitutes their own identity, the path to love toward themselves and toward others, this is puberty my dear parents, this is the important road that your young creatures are walking at this age. How they will be as adults very much depends also from this evolutionary moment.
Will they be the main actors in their lives or they will be spectators, will they believe in themselves or will they let the dominant opinions guide them, will they be open to other people or will they be closed, will they take on their own responsibilities or try to avoid them, will they look into the core of things or will they be superficial, will they love of a true love, or will they be selfish?
It's through puberty that you arrive to all of these personal definitions, and the best way to help your children is also to spend time with them, to follow them in their paths, the discoveries that they make in life, important meetings and painful meetings, without judging; you must always follow what they do and always be available to speak to them from the high position of your experience without ever forgetting that your experience is just your own and it does not have universal value but it's your experience nonetheless.
Ah, love, how many stories you will prepare to live through your children, always try to be balanced, don't make choices on behalf of your children, let them discover the people and the feelings that they have inside their good hearts, leave to them the choice to return your feelings of affection, leave them free to experiment what it means to be a couple, the reciprocal commitment, responsibility, leave them free to experiment all of these emotions, this is for their goodness, it helps them grow, get to know themselves and learn in general, it helps become adults, and one day, become in turn the parents and teachers.
You have to put so much love during this period, many times it will be difficult to be so willing, but remember that every gesture of love, every word of love from you is food for your child's Soul, it's the best nutrient for their growth and this nutrient will never be forgotten even many years after you donated it to them, they will remember it forever and this wealth of love will help them be good parents just like you have been.
I am about to conclude this message with a brief goodbye.
I send you a big kiss, I am happy to have helped you with my words and I Love you and I hug you with all of the great Love that I have in my big heart for each one of you my adored children.
Many warm regards
The Virgin Mary
Parent The Job Of Being A Parent Words From The Virgin Mary To Be A Good Parent was the Message dictated 12th May 2004
Parent The Job Of Being A Parent Words From The Virgin Mary To Be A Good Parent
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