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Mother's Day Words Of The Virgin Mary To All Mothers In The Whole World

Mother's Day Words Of The Virgin Mary To All Mothers In The Whole World
My dear children, today I have come to talk to all mothers, today is mother's day and it's an opportunity, as a mother, to talk to all mothers in the whole world. I am the Virgin Mary, I am a rather special mother to my son Jesus, but I am also the mother of all of you because you are all my children and this is why I have come today to talk to you, I am the mother for my children in the world and I am a mother just like you are mothers yourselves.
Today I want to tell you what was taught to me to help my son to grow within love and harmony and at the same time achieve the difficult task that my son chose with his arrival on earth, a long time ago.
When the Archangel Gabriel told me of the Father's intention to give me the gift of the body of Jesus, my joy was very, very great, but at the same time the fear of not being up to it was also great, it was such a big and important task , growing in my womb the body of the Son of God our Father and then, after the birth, taking care of raising him, and educating him; I was really afraid, I did not feel capable of doing such a great task, but the Father reassured me with these words:
My beloved Daughter, give your son all of the love that you feel in your heart for him and I will take care of the rest, I will follow him always, I will help him with the same great Love that I feel for all of my children, this child is special and so will be my help to him, always be present in his life, follow him in everything that he will do, follow him in his path, welcome him when he will return home happy and welcome him when he will return unhappy, make sure you give him all of your love both when you will be proud of him and when you will not be proud of him, hug your son when he will do things that will talk of his affection and also when this will not be the case, do not worry about the miracles that he will perform because he will do them by my hand; your son is my son, who will work for me amongst his brothers on earth, accept this miracle that you will carry in your womb and that you will help and follow in the growing years and always remember that this is our son and I will always be next to my son to help him achieve his dream of salvation for all of my adored children.
This is what the Father told me through the Archangel and knowing that He was next to me and to our son Jesus Christ greatly reassured me.
Helping him grow up was not easy, but on many occasions, thinking again of the words of the Father, I managed to be the mother of this young man who already did so many miracles at such young age.
So many times I helped him with all of my love, just like the Father said, so many times I hugged him just like the Father had predicted, sometimes it was not easy to forgive him, but I always followed the words of our Father and this is how he grew up.
Today my dear mothers, today I tell you those holy words the Father taught me, so you can learn them yourselves to educate your own children.
Maybe your children will not perform miracles, but you will witness the greatest miracle, you will see your children grow up thanks to your love and because of your love, they will in turn learn to love and they will work hard to succeed, this is the greatest gift that a child can give to his parents, giving them his own success as the fruit of your great love.
Children, always put all of your love when tending to your children, like I put all of my great love when I looked after my child Jesus.
I say goodbye for today, but I will return to talk to you again as a parent because raising a child is a truly complex thing to do and I want to help you by giving you my words just like the Father did with me, a creature who was so scared at the prospect of such a big task.
I kiss all of you, right now, I really kiss all of you and I hug you with all of my great
The Virgin Mary, forever with all of you children.
Mother's Day Words Of The Virgin Mary To All Mothers In The Whole World was the Message dictated 9th May 2004
Mother's Day Words Of The Virgin Mary To All Mothers In The Whole World
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