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Free Will Concept Freedom Of Every Actions Gift Choice Responsibility Messages To Humanity

Free Will Concept Freedom Of Every Actions Gift Choice Responsibility Messages To Humanity
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to talk to you about the freedom of every action that you have every moment of your lives.
There is the free will, this concept which I already mentioned to you, it was the greatest gift that our Father gave us when we chose, rather decided, to come and live on this earth.
This free will always guaranteed our freedom and the Father, even during the most difficult moments, always respected this gift given to us back then, when us children always attributed to Him a series of terrible events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and many phenomena which over time brought death and destruction on this planet.
In reality He never caused anything that was not love toward you and these events have always and only been episodes of destruction brought on by the movement of earth itself and sometimes they are the outcome of destruction of the equilibrium of our ecosystem caused by human beings. Think of example of earthquakes, so many dwellings were built on high risk areas and then when a disaster strikes many brothers get upset with the Gods above and with our Father, but even this is freedom, freedom of human beings to choose where to build or where to buy their own home.
Every action, every choice you make, generates a responsibility towards yourselves and toward all other brothers.
This concept is called free will of action.
Freedom of action means full freedom to make your own choices independently and it also means that you assume full responsibility for your own choices, instead you often make your own choices independently and sometimes superficially, and often as a consequence you do not take all the responsibilities that derive from it both toward yourselves and others.
Think about it, today, as always, all of you are and always have been free, free, free. Isn't it strange? Nevertheless I often hear you complain of not being completely free as you would want to be.
Sometimes I hear your thoughts and I feel that you would want a completely different life, some other times I see that you think your partner would want a different life, some other times I hear your thoughts begging me to help you change completely your lives, isn't that strange?
But you are men and women who are completely free, isn't it strange?
Sometimes I hear the thoughts of other brothers and sisters who are satisfied with their lives, no regrets, no remorse, they are happy with many of the choices they made during their lives and they feel they are exactly where they would want to be, they are happy and if they could go back in time they are convinced that they would do it exactly in the same way all over again, same choices, they are also human beings, they also have always been free, they chose, they lived the responsibility of every choice, isn't it strange that people like that exist, isn't it strange?
Today's message would like to invite you to reflect on the freedom of every action, this precious gift that the Father gave us, all of us with his immense Love so that we could all be satisfied like those brothers who make the most of this gift they received, free will of action.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this dissatisfaction stems from the poor utilization of this wonderful gift or sometimes in its utilization without the due level of attention.
This important gift is in any case always available to you for as long as you will live on earth, but even after that, even in this dimension there is freedom, although everybody uses it always putting Love in the first place; this is why you have free will on earth, in our dimension we live the most elevated form of free will which is precisely the freedom to Love unconditionally.
But let's go back to your free will.
Every time you make a choice you always have to ask yourselves if that was best choice for you and for those around you or that live in your world and you should take on the commitment of taking full responsibility for your choices. This does not mean that once you have made a decision you can not change your mind, but my invitation is that once you have made a decision, to do so consciously, always asking yourselves if it is the right choice and assuming responsibility for any subsequent outcome of your actions, be it positive, or negative.
When you will learn to always be accountable for your choices and their consequences, then you will always be exactly where you want to be and you will all also be satisfied of your different paths.
If all of you were conscious of your choices, and made them freely, just think of how nice the world would be, every brother would be exactly where he wants to be and this would reduce the many anxieties for their many partners, families, brothers, there would be a much higher level of sharing than what can be witnessed today.
For this reason my brothers always fully utilize this gift in its greatness, always choose in freedom and take complete responsibility for the consequences and your existence will be brilliant like it could always have been.
For today I say goodbye to those of you who are listening with all of your good heart to these words that I have just dictated for all of you.
Goodbye, I hug you with all of my Love and I send you Light of Hope so that can you once again put freedom, a precious gift, into all of your lives.
I kiss you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in Peace and with my Spirit
Your brother Jesus who always puts freedom and Love into his existence.
Free Will Concept Freedom Of Every Actions Gift Choice Responsibility Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 5th May 2004
Free Will Concept Freedom Of Every Actions Gift Choice Responsibility Messages To Humanity
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