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Good Luck Bad Luck Reality Events For To Learn And To Growth Messages To Humanity

Good Luck Bad Luck Reality Events For To Learn And To Growth Messages To Humanity
My dear brothers and sisters, the message that I want to dictate to all of you today talks of the great Love that we all have inside our good hearts for all of you.
As we reminded you also on our previous message, from us comes only Love, the infinite Love that our Father donated to us a long, long time ago and this infinite Love is little compared to what the Father himself feels towards you.
It's hard to describe the great Love that our Father instils in you every moment, if you could see Him, he listens to your words all the times, your thoughts, your emotions, He listens to your prayers, your begging, He listens to your good hearts time after time, action upon action, thought upon thought, loving gesture upon loving gesture, he knows everything about us, his children, and when he notices that you need his help, He is right there busying himself, within what He can do to respect your freewill, there He is moving for you, there He is doing what is possible to help you, to put you back on track of an important experience and to help you, to let you reach what you desire to improve yourselves or to increase your happiness.
Sometimes you do not recognize this help that your Father sends you, sometimes you attribute it to luck and some other time you thank this Father of yours because you feel his help and all of his Love on that occasion when it was presented to you.
Many times, as I was saying, you attribute an event to pure luck while you attribute other events to bad luck. My brothers and my beloved sisters, during your existence, good luck and bad luck are concepts that you have manufactured to be able to catalogue events that take place in your lives, however, these concepts do not exist in reality; all events, be they really difficult moments or truly rewarding moments, are always and only experiences that, if utilized correctly, are set out to help you grow, they are there to make us understand ourselves and others and these changes in situations are especially aimed at making you know your own Love.
Every event by itself is an opportunity to learn and therefore to grow; sometimes labelling them as good luck or bad luck prevents you from experiencing these situations and therefore from learning and growing from them.
Some other times it seems that you are living a paradox also because, in life, you may notice that a past event, which was experienced and labelled as an unlucky event, may turn out to bring important changes, changes that you may interpret as positive, desirable and ambitious changes.
What I told you so far, wants to teach you to live every moment as an opportunity to grow and within the word grow is included understanding, increasing your knowledge, experiencing, loving under those circumstances, experimenting the affections of everybody affected by that new situation, experimenting yourselves, your own knowledge, your own attitude, your own energy, this and more is what is contained inside every experience and it's for this reason that I invite you to live them as growth experiences because this is what they truly are in reality.
Reflect my brothers and my sisters and eliminate those sterile concepts of good luck or bad luck from your minds and rush to open up to every experience, having inside your heart the awareness that you are always living an internal growth experience, moment after moment of your existence, and if tomorrow you will be satisfied with your terrestrial existence, it will also be because you will have changed every single event into a growth experience for your Soul.
I say goodbye to you for today my sweet brothers and my loved sisters.
I say goodbye and I kiss you with all of my heart, I hug you with all of my affection
Your brother Jesus who once again today came among all of you to teach you to always understand a little bit more.
Good Luck Bad Luck Reality Events For To Learn And To Growth Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 2nd May 2004
Good Luck Bad Luck Reality Events For To Learn And To Growth Messages To Humanity
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