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Remorse The Feeling Of Remorse Cure Your Remorse With Love Messages To Humanity

Remorse The Feeling Of Remorse Cure Your Remorse With Love Messages To Humanity
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, over the last few sweet days during which we replied to many of your letters, many were the subjects that we touched upon with all of you.
Just yesterday we lived a very important experience: a mother that apologized to her daughter and to her family for the way she had behaved during her life on earth and she felt remorse because she would have wanted to love more and donate much more love to her children and her husband.
This was an important experience for us as it had been for this mother and for this daughter and for this reason today I decided to talk to you about this subject: remorse and love.
I already told you on our previous messages that the only negative feeling that can be felt in our Paradise, in the home of our Father, despite the magnificence of the place and the presence of the all-encompassing Love, is precisely the feeling of remorse.
Committing suicide generates remorse; performing acts that cause damage to your brothers on earth generates remorse; not loving as one could and should have loved, that generates remorse; not having helped one's own parents or other brothers, generates remorse; not having been available in times of need, that generates remorse; not having given one's own love, that generates remorse.
This feeling of remorse unfortunately is very common amongst Souls when they return to our Home and it's for this reason, brothers and sisters, that today I chose to talk to you about remorse, specifically to help you decide to do what is truly right in your lives to be able to return to our Home happy with yourselves, with no remorse whatsoever.
Love, love, love, love every creature, love every brother or sister with whom you share your lives, love your other brothers whom you meet on your path, love nature, love every creature that moves on your earth.
This is my advice and I want to help you turn my words of advice into a splendid reality in your precious existence.
Always start from your heart and question yourselves on the true feelings that you have inside your heart, what do you feel?
Do you feel affection for someone in particular?
Do you feel affection for many of the people around you?
Do you feel affection for a creature that was generated by your physical love?
Do you feel affection for some brother or sister that lives next to you, that works with you, people with whom you have a rapport?
Do you feel affection for this world that welcomes you right now?
Just by questioning yourselves you can already understand how much love you have chosen to put into your current lives, you can already realize if you are donating all of the affection that you are feeling inside your hearts or if you manifest it only in part or if you don't feel any affection at all.
Every one of these reflections can help you understand the level of love that you are putting into your lives, both toward yourselves and toward your other brothers and sisters.
Sometimes there can be, my brothers, situations that make it difficult to love a brother or sister of yours, it doesn't matter, it happens, but do always try not to let feelings of anger or hate fester inside your good hearts; always put the correct level of distance between you and those brothers or sisters and release your good hearts so they are free to experiment all of the love that they feel for the other brothers of sisters.
At times there will be situations that make it very difficult to express your great love to those people whom you love, don't forget to distance yourselves from those brothers or sisters who are not yet able to accept or experience the love that they receive from others, I am referring to those situations in which some brothers or sisters, instead of love, will send hate and rage or other negative feelings to test your own feelings, even violence and aggression. Distance yourselves from them and love them from afar, freeing your hearts from the oppression of the conflicting feelings towards that brother or this sister.
Then there are sometimes situations where the need for help is so great that many of you think that they can not find a solution anywhere around you; if you listened to your good hearts, you would hear amongst the many other emotions also the feeling of affection toward some person that is in touch with you, at that point, my brothers, always remember that your great affection will always be returned if that person whom you love is sufficiently balanced with himself or herself, at that point do consult with that person whom you love, ask for help to this person for whom you feel the great affection inside your good heart and this person will certainly be able to help you with his or her own affection, to overcome your difficulties, ask him or her, precisely based on the basis of the affection that you feel inside your good heart.
Then there are sometimes thousands of other situations tied to your daily lives during which, for example, instead of putting love first, you put domestic problems, financial worries and many other problems tied to running your daily lives in the first place. Often I see this as the main reason for your difficulty in expressing all of the love that you feel inside your good hearts.
Sometimes these situations can protract a long time, to the point where the love that you feel is forever in the background, but if your affection is in the background, your entire precious existence will become something that will seem of no value to you.
Have you ever had this sensation?
This is the effect of taking away, withholding the love inside your good heart without making it available, without donating it to others, this is the price that your heart pays when you take affection out of your existence.
Depressions, feelings of emptiness, dissatisfactions, losses, boredom, they are all signs connected to your taking away or withholding your affections inside your good heart.
My suggestion, as I told you, is to love, love, love, always putting this feeling of love in the first place in your lives, always put love in the first place in your relations with everybody, people familiar to you or strangers, always put love every time you are in contact with the physical world that surrounds you, love nature, love all animals, plants and all existing creatures, love, love, love, always put love into your every thought and action.
When you return to the Home of God our Father, you know, it's your love that talks of you, it's the love that talks of all that you achieved, it's love that harvests the fruits of all that you have seeded, donated, during the course of your lives and it's always love that will make you feel happy and fulfilled of your path that you are following, even on your earth, at this precise moment while you are reading this.
Today's comment wants to teach you to always put your affection, your love, always in first place in your lives and the situations that I illustrated to you will certainly help you take stock of the situation in your own lives and I hope that, if necessary, you will modify your attitude.
With these words I end this important teaching today on living love and never having to feel remorse.
Always make available in your lives all of your great love and this very existence will easily seem to have recaptured an important purpose because to learn to love in various situations is truly the reason for which, my brothers and sisters, you are here today on this planet earth.
I say goodbye and I bless you, in the name of the Father, of his Son, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, always walk on this road, the road to Love because this is the way that makes you grow and experiment all of your great love, that infinite Love that you already have inside your good hearts.
I say goodbye one more time and I send you a big big kiss
Your brother Jesus who Loves you with all of the infinite Love that He feels inside his great and good heart.
Remorse The Feeling Of Remorse Cure Your Remorse With Love Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 28th April 2004
Remorse The Feeling Of Remorse Cure Your Remorse With Love Messages To Humanity
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