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Help For Grow Understand Always Be Within Love Messages To Humanity

Help For Grow Understand Always Be Within Love Messages To Humanity
My dear brothers and my sisters this is our Love in every moment of your existence: every moment of your precious existence, every thought of yours, every feeling, every loving gesture, every decision you make, every step you take, every ...... everything is followed with much attention, every help is given to make you grow, understand, always be within Love; this help of ours is for everybody, this is our commitment toward each one of you brothers and sisters of this dimension earth.
Even my contribution today communicates it one more time to give you proof of our constant presence next to each one of you, my loved brothers and my loved sisters; my message today is the umpteenth confirmation of what your good hearts have always known, but that your mind, sometimes, struggles to accept.
We are always next to you, in the bright and in the dark times of your lives, We are always next to you to help you, to advise you, to support you, to encourage you and even to help you reflect and stimulate that very important change that brings you, hand in hand, to the path of Love and Harmony.
Today, in addition to Our message, I would like to invite you to reflect on another sweet aspect of Our way of being next to all of you.
How many times in your lives things happen to you that leave you speechless, things that spurn in your heart emotions of joy, of happiness, of positive surprise, a special emotion that gives you the sensation that someone took care of some problem for you and found the solution and is giving it to you as if on a golden plate for you to pick and utilize with happiness?
These are the manifestation of our great effort for all of you brothers and children of our wonderful Father, so many times similar experiences happened in your lives, reflect and think about it, do remember the importance of these sweet moments in the course of your lives.
These important experiences are the proof, if there was still a need for it, of this great effort of ours at your side, yesterday, today and forever at your side to help you grow in the Light of this great Love that every our Father irradiates to you at all times.
Sara, hold on one moment, there is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately, now I will dictate a letter for that person to whom we wrote last night, Salvatore, do you remember?
My dear brother Salvatore, do not be angry at what you believe you have read on that message that we sent you yesterday, we did not mean to judge your way of asking for help, however we wanted to make you reflect and understand the reason why so many promises were made to you and then nothing of what was promised is coming to fruition.
This is what we wanted to explain to you, we do not judge what you are doing, we only wanted to help you transmit to others this need of yours so that other people can truly and seriously help you and then many of your problems will find their solution precisely if you will offer your contribution as a counterpart.
Do you better understand the meaning of the words that we lovingly dictated for you my Salvatore?
Our message is to help you give our Holy words the true and just meaning.
I hug you with all of my great Love
This brother of yours Jesus
Brothers and my loved sisters, this interruption of the message directed to all of you who are listening to Our holy words was required specifically from the urgency to speak to this brother of yours who became angry because his mind, not his good heart, misinterpreted the meaning of the message that we dictated last night for our brother Salvatore.
Brothers do always be careful with these tricks that your minds can play; I will give you a little advice: every time you read what comes from us, always remember that it's Love that speaks to you and that from Love all that can come to you is what will help you improve your lives; every contribution that We dictate for each one of you or for everybody has the only purpose to help you grow more and more serene, happier and never ever will one of our dictations contain a judgement of you because judging is not part of Love; understanding, that does belong to Love, support, loving help also are part of Love, affection, loving affections, what you call cuddles, even this is part of Love, maybe the one and only judgment, if you want to call it that, is the pride that we feel and that we communicate when we are really happy to see you learn so much or give so much Love or put so much effort for yourselves or for your other brothers or when you put a lot of attention and care into your creatures or a lot of interest in the growth of your Spirit; so my loved brothers and sisters, this could be the only judgement that you could see us express, but in any case rather than a judgment, I believe it's more of a manifestation of Love than an evaluation of you.
On the other hand observe your minds, it expresses judgements all the time, this is not Love but it's a way, sometimes a cruel way, to survive in your reality.
Educate your minds to know, to understand and not to judge, even because the most cruel judgments about you come precisely from your own minds and the changes that your good hearts inside would like to see happen are blocked specifically from the judgment toward yourselves from your own minds.
I say goodbye also for today, I have talked freely today, but they are all thoughts and reflections that deserve your attention and reflection all the same.
I say goodbye and I kiss you my brothers and sisters, a big big kiss to each one of you my brothers, my regards also to my Salvatore, a brother who needs more than others, but who, by following the advice that I am giving him with Love, will manage to achieve that serenity that even him, just like every one of you, expects and looks for life after life.
I bless you in the name of our Father, in the name of this Son of His, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go and walk with lots and lots of hope on the road to Love and Harmony.
Your brother Jesus who loves you so much and who will always be ready to donate his great Love to each one of his brothers.
Help For Grow Understand Always Be Within Love Messages To Humanity was the Message dictated 25th April 2004
Help For Grow Understand Always Be Within Love Messages To Humanity
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