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Souls Group Of Souls Brothers That Are Experimenting Love On Earth

Souls Group Of Souls Brothers That Are Experimenting Love On Earth
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I have come to talk to you with all of my big heart about the Love for all brothers.
Today let's start a long path that can teach you to put this Love for all brothers into your precious lives.
I must repeat to you that by 'brothers', We mean everybody, brothers and sisters, there are no differences amongst you for Us, you are all Souls before you are physical bodies and it's to your Souls, to your good hearts that we speak, not to your physical bodies.
Brothers, sisters, we could address this small semantic problem by just calling all of you Souls, or hearts, but maybe being called brothers or sisters makes you feel more involved with these teachings and so, we agree, we will simply call you brothers or children, but always know that for Us there is no difference at all between brothers and sisters. I tell you this because even in the history of your religions often the term brothers was misinterpreted as only meaning brothers of male gender, and not female, but we have always meant the word 'brother' as referring to both the male and female gender.
Having explained this one more time, let's now focus our interest on today's subject. The Love for your brothers in the whole world means first of all the acknowledgement that all brothers who live right now in this planet earth are similar inasmuch as they are all Souls that are experimenting along with everybody else.
They are first of all Souls, because the Soul is what defines you primarily in this experience as well as in the previous experiences and the future ones, and also when you will return to this Home of God our Father, your true Home, between experiences.
You are Souls, you are all Souls, there are no differences in this respect, you are all Souls and you are all Souls that are experimenting and even in this there are no differences between any of you; and what are you experimenting? All of you are experimenting Love in its every aspect, in every manifestation, implication, condition, but you are all experimenting Love.
This is also an aspect that binds you together in one common experience.
The difference consists in what you are experimenting, where you are experimenting it, how you are experimenting it, through whom you are experimenting it and this is the real element of difference between you brothers in the whole world.
You are at the same time unique and also a part of the whole group of Souls who are experimenting right now.
Brothers, let's end any arbitrary differentiation between all of you because in Truth you are all brothers who are experimenting on different territories within this planet, earth.
At the same time you are part of the entire group of Souls who are experimenting and, even if you don't realize it or if you realize it only in a tiny part, every thought of yours, every intention, every gesture, has an effect on the entire group of Souls who are experimenting Love.
This aspect, this division between unique individuals and an entire group that is experimenting, should be clear to you by now because it goes a long way back.
When Peace reigns unchallenged like it does in our home of God our Father, you can experiment that there are no differences between those brothers who inhabit it just like we are right now; everyone is an individual but it recognizes himself as a part of the all and Peace is fundamentally based on Love, on Respect, on Help, on the basis of recognizing oneself first of all as a Soul and companions on the same path to growth and then children of our same Father who created us with Love.
Over here nobody would ever lack a single shred of respect for somebody because we are fully aware that we are Souls and Souls born that are from the same loved Father and as we are all brothers no brother would lack respect for another brother because it would be like not recognizing the other as a child of the same Father.
On earth this is different because they taught you that brothers are only those individuals that are physically created from a specific father and mother and this is the only tie that is recognized, but the Truth is that we are all children of a different father and a different mother, our Father who created us with Love, this is the real Father and this is our real Mother, the infinite Love, the beginning of every thing, the creating principle, the beginning of life itself, Love this is Love, the beginning of every type of existence.
Brothers, can you grasp this concept or is it this level of abstraction too complex for you?
Let me take a look inside your good hearts.
You are able to conceive it, your good hearts are able to imagine that energy can create not only a body but also a Soul; yes, this is what happens, energy can create.
Good, let's drop this subject for today, we will talk about it again later, but for today do go ahead and recapture your awareness of being truly all brothers between yourselves, all Souls who are on planet earth in this precise moment and who are experimenting Love and there are no differences tied to more important aspects than these.
Before I conclude this message I would like to ask you a question that should generate many reflections: if you knew that every single person happened to be a brother born from your same mother and father, would you change somehow the way you behave, some of your ideas or prejudices, some of your commitments toward this or that brother, maybe the way in which you could help him, a way in which you could be close to him, some way in which you can tend to your material interest, some specific interest for other brothers, and also what is yours would become his?
This is the question and the reflections that I invite you to have. You have a lot of work to do on yourselves so now I will say goodbye, I will be close to you, close to each one of you my loved brothers and sisters, to help you understand until you listen carefully to your good hearts, they have always known the Truth about us.
In the meantime I send you a hug and a big kiss like only a brother knows how to give to one of his brothers and I bless you in the name of our Father, in my name, in the name of the Virgin Mary and in the name of the Holy Spirit.
Let's go together to reflect and find an answer to these important questions, together, you and all of us, to conquer the Truth.
Your brother Jesus Christ, always, always, always with all of you.
Souls Group Of Souls Brothers That Are Experimenting Love On Earth was the Message dictated 23rd June 2004
Souls Group Of Souls Brothers That Are Experimenting Love On Earth
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