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Principle Of Love Attack And Reactions Decisions And Personality

Principle Of Love Attack And Reactions Decisions And Personality
My dear brothers, my dear sisters, today let's continue to talk about the possibility of Loving all of your brothers in the whole world because it is the condition to manage to make a deep and long lasting change to your experience of Love so that earth can turn into a place similar to our Paradise.
I know my brothers that it is very difficult to Love everybody with that infinite Love just like your good hearts would want to and this message wants to be of help for you in this direction.
The causes and the experiences of your brothers are endless; it is difficult to list all of the reasons that can bring you to hate, to attack, in short to not-love your brothers; just like many are the causes that bring your brothers to lack even if just a little respect toward you and toward others.
To understand and to help you escape these negative feelings that often stretch out over a long period of time, I want to invite you to reflect on a few important aspects.
Let's start with you.
When a brother lacks respect, your good hearts react immediately because you hearts know that that word, that gesture, that behaviour, is not in line with the Principle of Love, Principle that you all know, both those who react and those who provoke.
In that moment this reaction activates your personality and this Principle transforms into something that talks mainly of you.
How much aggression, how much hatred and revenge, or how much understanding and tolerance builds up inside of you depends on your personality.
As a reaction to witnessing, receiving or suffering from the exact same gesture, a brother can become extremely angry, he can react aggressively or he can reflect using calm and deciding what to do.
These two reactions cover the entire range of the possible reactions that take place inside of you.
My brothers you can work on how you personally react so that for every attack you receive you may answer with gestures of reflection, calm and decisions.
If you are sure you do not want to answer with aggression, nobody has the ability to provoke you so much to force you to react aggressively.
Every decision reflects your personality, it reflects what truly affects you, your emotions, toward your brothers.
Do you understand this brothers?
If inside your good hearts you understand that what activated the behaviour of the brother of yours toward you was not the Principle of Love, the reaction to this situation are dictated exclusively by your own personality.
Then there are brothers who systematically attack this Principle of Love; if you could see inside their hearts you would also understand that this sacred Principle is inside them too, but you would understand that there are many reasons why that person systematically attacks it.
And this is where dialogue takes on a fundamental importance, simply ask that brother 'why'?, ask with conviction, ask wanting, actually desiring to really know the reason for his behaviour so that you can understand the causes for it; you will notice that there are many reasons why, but the fundamental reasons, the vast majority of the times, are the fear to be overcome by other brothers who are next to him.
Other motivations can be related to serious mental problems, but most of the times you would be surprised to discover that it's really the fear to be overpowered by other brothers, that is at the heart of this attack to the Principle of Love.
After having listened to your brother or your sister, mobilize all of your great Love to help him understand that his behaviour in reality generates a whole series of reactions that will truly set out the conditions in which his brothers will tend to overpower him, and invite your brother to discover by himself the counter-reactions from his behaviour so that he can understand that it is precisely his own behaviour that is feeding into his fear.
Once he understands this, the person will be open up to change and will be able to modify his own behaviour.
It is not easy, I know it very well my loved brothers and my loved sisters, but remember that this change can help both people involved and at the same time can help the entire group of brothers in the entire world.
I think it is fair to at least try, don't you think?
For today I have told you many important things that need to be reflected upon carefully because only when they will be an integral part of yourselves, you will be able to utilize them to help those brothers solve their problems with all other brothers in the entire world.
Always remember that We are always next to you to help you because wherever you put Love, for whatever situation, We are next to you to help you, to sustain you, to encourage you, to tell you things that will melt those conflicts away between you and your brothers.
For now I say goodbye, I kiss you with all of the Love that I feel in my heart for each one of you, always, always I will be next to you, rest assured that all of us will be at your side each time you need our help because your interest to Love is also our interest to Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ who says goodbye with immense Love and this will be forever.
Principle Of Love Attack And Reactions Decisions And Personality was the Message dictated 27th June 2004
Principle Of Love Attack And Reactions Decisions And Personality
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