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Civilization Of Love Affections As First Important Commitment Of Your Own Existence

Civilization Of Love Affections As First Important Commitment Of Your Own Existence
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, today I am here to extend many, many wishes for happy holidays to all of you.
For a few weeks, until September, you will not receive our messages because our friend Sara Luce is leaving for her summer vacation and she is also taking with her the possibility for all of us to talk to you directly.
This has been a very intense period, just imagine we have been in contact with all of you every single day not only through our messages for all brothers and sisters of the wonderful planet earth, but also through your numerous letters to which I have answered directly, many times our Father answered and sometimes it was my mother who answered, the Virgin Mother Mary.
Almost every day we have been next to you with our advice, with our words and always with our immense Love.
It's beautiful being able to talk to you like this, just like a human being talks to another human being, the only difference is that you and us live in different dimensions and this is what makes our encounters extraordinary, not in the sense that they are a miracle because it's the reciprocal power of Love that allows all of this, but extraordinary in view of the reciprocal joy of being able to speak in front of all of you and to be able to listen, through our messages.
We would like to do much more than this and we have plans in mind, we assure you they are beautiful plans for our future and yours, but it's too early for these new commitments and our Sara and all of you brothers are making progress and when the right time will come for these wonderful projects to take place, you will all be ready to make them true.
We will also be ready together with you, but in the meantime do remember our holy promises.
My eyes, which have lived on your earth, remember the many brothers who insulted me, who derided me, who offended me in the body and in my Soul, now these are only memories because when I look at you I see the light of affection, of Love inside your eyes, I see the beautiful emotion from our meetings, I see the desire to continue to grow on the path that I indicated to you, the path to Love, my eyes follow you and they are surprised by your light of Love which you so lovingly donate almost every moment of the day to your brothers and to your sisters, be them people you already know or strangers, it's beautiful watching you and accompanying you and witnessing the many gestures of Love that I see you make.
You are special to me, you are really all special because you are releasing all of your affection for other people and transforming every opportunity life gives you to transmit all of your Love.
My eyes see all this and it's beautiful, I assure you.
With time there will be more and more of you and this transformation of this planet earth of which we have so often talked about with you, will become reality you will see, governments will be more open to Love from your example and people will feel able to live in a welcoming place where true Justice, the Justice of Love, will govern undisturbed and everybody will realize that we are all brothers and sisters between us and they will all finally express their immense Love toward everybody and everything.
Brothers , this is not utopia, there are many of us working on this project and this is what history will be made of in the future.
Brothers do continue on your path, this is the only road that will take all of you together to achieve this valuable objective which all of you desire when you are here with us in the Home of God our Father and all of you brothers and sisters together with our help, our teachings, our constant presence next to each one of you, will be able to achieve all of this.
Continue with even more ardour, with more awareness and commitment to disseminate Love between your brothers and days of celebration will open up in front of us, this is what we are building together and this is what we can build together.
My brothers and my loved sisters with these words I say goodbye to you and wish you happy holidays because here with us work and holiday coincide every single day.
My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, inside my hearts I would never want to leave you, not even for a second, but when you eyes will be illuminated by the immense Love that you have inside your hearts, it will be you, my brothers, who will not want to interrupt this contact with us even for a second, this contact with your Loved Father, with my sweetest Mother and even with me, your brother so in love with all of you.
But now it's time for me to go, do keep up, continue to walk on the path of Love because this is what is inside your wonderful heart and it awaits to be donated, donated all the time, to each one of the brothers who surround you.
Brothers, we are aiming for a Civilization of Love, a Civilization where affections take first place and even money, which is so important in your world, will only be utilized for the goodness of everybody, this is the Civilization of Love, affections first, affections before everything else, affections as first important commitment of your own existence.
I say goodbye one last time, I kiss you with all of the Love that reaches you all the time from the Sky, it's a great affection and one day many of you will be aware of our effort of Love for you and together with all of you, brothers and sisters, we will build together this Civilization of Love.
I kiss you all the time, believe me now when I say that I am becoming emotional at the idea of leaving you even if it's for a little time, but I am already thinking ahead when we will meet again, my great joy will explode and your hearts will explode with joy.
This brother of yours Jesus blesses you in the name of the Father, of this brother of yours, in the name of the Virgin Mother Mary and in the name of the Holy Spirit, go and move on putting your Love first in your existence.
The Father says goodbye and sends you an important thought: being pure inside your hearts just like children will help you transmit Love to other hearts who are waiting to be awoken by affection and Love.
Civilization Of Love Affections As First Important Commitment Of Your Own Existence was the Message dictated 25th July 2004
Civilization Of Love Affections As First Important Commitment Of Your Own Existence
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