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Death The Road To The Light At The Time Of Physical Death The Body Of Light

Death The Road To The Light At The Time Of Physical Death The Body Of Light
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I want to talk to you of the road to the light that your brothers and sisters produce at the time of their physical death.
Today's dictation is necessary because many brothers are asking me this question.
Death, and by death I mean the death of your physical body, is an experience with which, my brothers, you are constantly in contact and for this reason today I chose this as the subject for my message.
Today Sara Luce has an appointment with a friend who has very recently lost her companion and we wish to support her as much as possible so that she can help this friend and her children.
This is the opportunity to talk of this subject.
My dear, this is our help for you and for your brothers.
The body of light is an integral part of your physical body, it represents your Soul and yourselves; while the physical body has a low density, the body of light has a much higher density in a sense that your eyes can not perceive it unless it's through the eyes of the Soul.
The body of light escapes from the physical body at the time of the physical death or, in case of an accident, it leaves just before the impact that will cause for the body to die.
The body of light, while escaping, expands and it begins its adventure that will lead it to this Home.
What does the person feel during this transformation?
First of all the person perceives a sensation of lightness, just like flying while remaining still, its expansion produces a feeling of contentment because inside the physical body it feels cramped due to the real dimension of the body of light, then, again as a sensation, this transformation gives a feeling of wellness because all ailments cease to be felt, when leaving the physical body you also leave behind the suffering linked with the various illnesses and also all bodily senses are affected by this transformation, if you were blind the eyes see again, if we had been deaf our ears hear, the tact works again if it had been affected by an illness, the sense of taste and smell are active again. If you knew how nice it is to regain even just one of these impaired senses, as soon as our body of light expands from the physical body.
Then there is the moment where your conscious also expands and we remember everything, every detail of the life that just ended, it's like seeing ourselves on the small screen and we see again the many emotions that we felt during the many moments and all of these emotions are tied to the affections, it's Love that talks for you and that describes your existence to you, this is a very important moment because reviewing your own emotions, your actions, your own thoughts from the point of view of Love allows us to understand how we really lived our existence.
We see our rapports, we see our relationships, we see our interactions with all of our brothers and in front of our eyes we see our Love, we see the Love that we have given to ourselves and we see the Love that we have given to other brothers.
This is an extremely important moment because this is what gives us the impression of having experimented many things and having learnt the lessons that we had chosen for our Soul or those that we interrupted and the reason for our path of growth.
Once this revision of our life is completed, in front of that person appears an extremely intense light, although not unpleasantly so, and the Soul of that person is attracted to that light, it's the famous tunnel of which so much is talked about, but in reality it's a very luminous path that within a few moments leads to the home of God our Father; once Home, all of a sudden you recognize many faces, it's our loved ones who have come to welcome us; the sensation is that of being immediately surrounded by affection and this gives us security at a time of great insecurity due to our change.
Sometimes our loved ones are seen immediately after our body of light leaves the physical body, some other times this meeting takes place as soon as you get to our Home, but in any case the happiness at reuniting with these people whom had been missed so much is great.
This sweet and happy group accompanies the Soul to the side of God our Father, this is where the stupendous emotions take place from being in contact with the Father and with his immense Love, the heart explodes from joy, until you are not able to understand anything else other than the immense Love that the Father has for this creature who just arrived.
These are moments that are never forgotten because an affection so great, so immense, is the affection of a Father who is happy to embrace this son after the time spent on the terrestrial adventure. It's impossible to describe this emotion, but every particle of your body of light vibrates with Love, it's beautiful, it's Love.
Then you discuss your existence that just concluded together with the Father and together you talk about it and then there are of course compliments, sometimes great compliments if we have achieved the path that we had chosen to learn to grow.
Then the exploration of this beautiful home of God our Father begins, you can se beautiful places and you can smell wonderful aromas and you touch wonderful things and fruits and animals and plants, all that constitutes our Home which is very similar to earth with the exception that here Love is the fundamental principle that organizes the relations between all of us.
In this Paradise where all eventually arrive, including those who have made mistakes, including those who have been bad by mistake, Love organizes everything and everybody, it's the immense Love of our Father which governs everything and everybody, this is why everybody in Paradise is a happy child.
There is no hell, there is no punishment, there is only Paradise here even those who have made mistakes have time to understand their errors and reflect and learn that first of all it's Love that is the most important sentiment to be shared with everything and everybody. This is not punishment, it's listening, it's understanding, it's help, there is no judgment or sentencing, there is help and Love that helps understand and grow and allow this Soul to be different the next time around when it will be on earth for a new experience of growth.
There are so many things to be said on what is experimented once one comes over here to Paradise but we would be here talking for days.
But what is important and what I wanted to convey to you is precisely the awareness of our first moments and our sensations once our body of light leaves the physical body because if you understand this transformation it can help you not to be afraid of physical death, on the contrary it can help you maximize your Love during this experience that you are living all together, my loved brothers and sisters.
With this I will say goodbye to you, one more message with our good-byes and then we will meet again in September.
I love you so very, very, very much and please understand that this adventure that we have enjoyed together today is a great gift from the Love of our Father; it is not luck or other motives, it's only the infinite Love of our Father that makes all of this possible.
I part from you with my words but I am always next to each one of you with the great Love that I feel for all of you my loved brothers and my loved sisters with all of my great heart.
I am happy about this message that I dictated to you today because I know that it will help you put more and more Love into your existences to be increasingly happy today, just like when you will join us, when the time is right, in our wonderful Home of our great Father, our wonderful Father who Loves you with all of himself and Loves you of a Love so great to allow all of these beautiful contacts between you and all of us.
Your brother Jesus Christ who says goodbye and sends you a great, great kiss to all brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Death The Road To The Light At The Time Of Physical Death The Body Of Light was the Message dictated 21st July 2004
Death The Road To The Light At The Time Of Physical Death The Body Of Light
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