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Light Of Love Thinking Of Love Mobilize The Feeling Of Love Mobilization Of Love

Light Of Love Thinking Of Love Mobilize The Feeling Of Love Mobilization Of Love
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to answer your questions on the subject of the Light of Love.
A number of brothers asked me to explain how this Light of Love is produced.
Thinking of Love, my brothers, induces the lighting up of your little flame inside your good hearts, that is the small flame that our Father gave us when we came to this planet, earth.
This little light, this little flame, not only keeps us in direct contact with our Creator, but it also lights up every time you mobilize your feeling of Love, whether spontaneously or whether deliberately through your desire to do so.
The Light of Love activates this little flame, this little light, and everything is illuminated, your body, your Soul, your Aura, everything lights up and you become light beacons in the night.
This mobilization, this act of becoming so luminous, illuminating everything around yourself, is perceived by the Souls of other people, your brothers and your sisters and it attracts those brothers and sisters who need help, comfort, exchange, a simple word, Love in its many manifestations, toward you.
Just like beacons, you attract your brothers and sisters to exchange precious information that has exactly Love in its core.
We stimulate those brothers to reach out for you, but the main attracting force is your heart, all of your Love, my brothers.
This is the answer to the questions that you asked me following my last message.
Some other brothers asked me why, instead of attracting people who have this need for Love, they always end up attracting brothers who on the other hand seem to be carrying many emotions that go in a completely different direction than that of Love.
Brothers, the Light that you emanate, just like a beacon, speaks of Love, every brother perceives it, including those who have a great need to confront themselves with Love.
Many brothers would like to correct many attitudes, many of their own behaviours, many of their beliefs, concepts, and when they see the Light of your Love, they come to you my beloved brothers, to get to know the Light, to get to know Love, to be able to express themselves in turn this Light of Love from their own eyes and hearts.
When you are approached by brothers who are seemingly afraid or judgmental or people who show a low level of evolution, remember that this is what they look for when they contact you.
Brothers, everyone needs your Love, all brothers have the same intensity of Love inside their hearts, there are those who have already learnt to be in harmony with their feelings, with Love, and those who are simply still learning.
When something like this happens to you, remember my words and take them by the hand just like children who need to grow up and lead them, affectionately, with all of your love, on the path that led yourselves to finally experiment all of your affection, the Light of your great Love and you will help those brothers in turn to experiment their own affections, their own Love, their own Light of Love.
My brothers I conclude here my message for today; brothers I have answered your questions, now do continue on this wonderful road, the road of Love.
Your Souls are all shining right now, you are beacons that attract your needy brothers, light them up with your Love and help them grow, help them know, to be free to be pure Love just like when we were created.
I teach you, my brothers, you teach your brothers, you and us are aligned and everything happens in the name of Love.
I say goodbye to you for today and give you a kiss, my brothers do help all of your brothers and sisters in the entire world with your great Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ who also for today will part from you, this message ends here but let it continue to speak, to express, from your good hearts to all of my loved brothers and all of my loved sisters of the whole world.
Light Of Love Thinking Of Love Mobilize The Feeling Of Love Mobilization Of Love was the Message dictated 18th July 2004
Light Of Love Thinking Of Love Mobilize The Feeling Of Love Mobilization Of Love
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