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Love How To Light Up The Eyes Of Love The Desire To Love Other Brothers

Love How To Light Up The Eyes Of Love The Desire To Love Other Brothers
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I want to teach you how to light up the eyes of Love to allow you to modify your vision of this reality that surrounds you, the reality of terrestrial life between all of you brothers and sisters.
Do you remember my message last Sunday? We will start from where we left our discussion.
You see, your Soul is constantly speaking to all of you, your Soul talks of Love and of the immense Love that the Father donated to you when we were created.
The Soul knows what to do in every situation, starting from giving Love, this important feeling of Love, which if heeded, could bring you to completely change the way you go through the reality of your terrestrial life.
Before I explain how to light up the eyes of Love I would like to tell you a short story:
One upon a time there was a nice person walking down the street, this person was bumping into many brothers, he did not know most of them, and at one point he began to feel like a stranger amongst those people that were walking around him. He was watching people walk by and he was surprised to find himself wishing to put his arms around their shoulders and he fantasized about how this act would be received by them, he was surprised to find that he wished to help those people whom, in his fantasy, he was so tenderly embracing and meanwhile time was passing by while seated on a bench; people were walking past him and he kept having these sweet visions; at one point a man approached him, as soon as he sat down he told him:
'Can we talk a little?'
That man needed comforting and our friend put an arm around his shoulder and said 'I would be happy to'
This very short story talks about the eyes of the desire to Love other brothers.
In these eyes, the eyes of the Soul, you can see how much Help each one of you brothers and sisters is always willing to give. When you will light up the eyes of Love, my loved brothers, we will give you the possibility to help; if you desire to help We will give you the opportunity to help; if you desire to share some of your discoveries with someone in order to help him We will give you the opportunity to do so.
Lighting up the eyes of Love is as easy as being alive.
Just think right now of what you would like to do to help all of those brothers to make them feel better.
Reflect on this.
This reflection is necessary to light up the eyes of your Soul. Set yourselves free to listen to whichever message may come from the Love that is inside of you. Allow yourselves to be free to simply listen.
Each one of you today is positioned within a context, you could think about it and do the same within other contexts. Allow yourselves to be free to listen.
In a few moments you will feel overwhelmed by a desire that is aimed at the brothers around you.
Just like that friend sitting on the bench, listen and set yourselves free to experiment in the fantasy of this wish; maybe the first wish will trigger a second wish, listen to it, visualize the desire once it is done, how you feel, enjoy every emotion that comes from your heart, always leave yourselves free to listen to your Soul and to listen to the flow of your wishes.
While you are thinking, a wave of Light of Love is forming and this Light is enveloping your context.
Now you are ready to give these emotions of Love that invaded your good heart to anyone who approaches you and We will send you the person that will need to receive this Love from you.
This is a very simple but very very effective system to help all of your brothers with your Love.
By lighting up your wish, you will light up the eyes of Love, it seems difficult but it's actually so easy that sometimes this even happens spontaneously, how can that be?
Brothers, your Soul is constantly talking to you, it talks about Love, it always tells you how to resolve any situation, at any time. You can listen to this voice and hear the suggestions from your Soul or you can not listen to it and continue to follow your other emotions or your fears, or worse, you can choose to only listen to your anger, your selfishness and maintain the artificial distance that separates you from all of your brothers and sisters.
However I am here to teach you Love between brothers and I therefore recommend that in every situation you stop and listen to the voice of your Soul and you look at the world with the eyes of Love.
You don't need anything to light up the eyes of Love other than to follow every desire that spontaneously arises from your Soul which knows everything, that knows all of the solutions of Love.
Put this teaching into practice and you will see the results for yourself; you will see how easy it is to Love people that until now were strangers to you, realize that you are helping brothers you didn't even know, realize that you are supporting people you didn't even know, realize that you are giving Love to strangers, realize that you are tending to important needs also of people whom you didn't know, but most importantly you are realizing that you are able to Love people you don't know.
This is the most beautiful experience that you can have, Love for people you did not know because this is the purest feeling of Love, the noblest feeling because it's the symbol, or the sign of unconditional Love.
My brothers now that I have taught you all this, do put this into practice in your existences, to change your vision of the world, of existence itself, try it and you will see that every day you will feel more and more happy because instead of having your blood poisoned by selfishness you will feel particles of Love flowing in your veins.
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, I say goodbye also for today with all of the great Love that I have in my heart for you.
We are now close to the good-bye's for the holiday season, we have a few more messages still, Sara says that we have three more meetings and then we will meet again in September.
I already miss you, Sara asks not to make her feel guilty, but this is not my intention, I will miss you because in these messages I can put, and donate, all of the immense Love that I feel for you and that I want to give you, this is what I will miss, giving you my great great Love, but as for everything else nothing will change, with the exception of the answers to your very important letters, because I will always be next to each one of you to help you, sustain you and even laugh or cry together with each one of you my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters.
I say goodbye and I kiss you once again and one more time again. I Love you, I Love you with all of my great heart, soon we will be together again, a month goes quickly and then our messages will begin again because We want to see you happy and to see you give Love to all of these brothers and these loved sisters who live all around you.
Your brother Jesus Christ who is always with all of you, my brothers of the whole world.
Love How To Light Up The Eyes Of Love The Desire To Love Other Brothers was the Message dictated 14th July 2004
Love How To Light Up The Eyes Of Love The Desire To Love Other Brothers
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