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The Eyes Of Love The Eyes Of Your Soul The Eyes Of The Emotions

The Eyes Of Love The Eyes Of Your Soul The Eyes Of The Emotions
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I have come here between you brothers to talk to you and teach you how to look at all of your brothers through the eyes of Love
Your normal eyes perceive only some ranges of colours, they perceive this physical reality that surrounds you, they perceive shapes and forms of what surrounds you, they perceive physical details of the many people, brothers who surround you all day.
The eyes of Love, those eyes perceive your reality through affections, through the feelings that you have for all of your brothers who cross your path in life on your earth.
The eyes of Justice, the eyes of Help, the eyes of Compassion, the eyes of Peace, the eyes of Support to all of your brothers, they come from emotions that you feel inside your good hearts and they are the eyes of your Soul.
Nobody told you before that your eyes could at the same time look at your reality through all of these different modes.
Each one of you has had experiences that are sometimes very different between one brother and the other and even your eyes today look at the same reality based on your different experiences.
The eyes of your heart reflect your differences and can make you perceive reality as fundamentally different from one another and this reality, whether seen through your eyes or other eyes, defines the individual path.
Let me give you and example so you can better understand.
Let's take as an example a brother who has known very little Love in his life. Due to many and varied reasons which I will not start listing to you, this brother will carry inside his good heart this negative feeling of loss, of impossibility to really feel Loved, of impossibility to feel helped by someone thanks to their Love and his entire existence could bring him to feel abandoned, sometimes sad and alone, as if this experience was re-lived also in many other moments. While the eyes of his Soul could look at other people with lots and lots of Love, the eyes of the emotions could look at other people as the usual brother or sister from whom, he already knows, no Love for him will ever come, on the other hand, he feels a little defensive when relating to that person because he has in his eyes emotions of sadness at his next inevitable disappointment.
Brothers, this is an example that explains how the eyes of emotions can really cloud the sight of more important eyes, the eyes of your wonderful Soul, the eyes of Love that could help you by loving you, sustaining you, in a nutshell: Loving one another and conceiving the idea of a reality that goes beyond the physical world, even inside the reality of your own Soul, because by experimenting all together what you are receiving and what you are receiving from one another as Love, you can perceive the reality of your Soul exactly on the same level as you perceive your physical reality; it is not necessary to be a body of light to recognize oneself as a Soul, because it's the Soul itself that constantly talks to you at all times if only you deigned yourselves to listen.
Each one of you my brothers has proof of it inside yourselves, listen to your Love and you will know about the existence of your wonderful Soul because this great great Love is not explainable as the product of your own terrestrial experiences, but as the product of the Love donated to all of you by our Father when you were created.
Your Love is greater than you could even imagine based on your experiences because this Love is patrimony of your Soul which knows exactly the immense Love that generated it and this point is very important for what I am about to tell you.
With your physical eyes you can look at physical reality: with the eyes of emotions you can look at your fears and your frailties; with the eyes of your Soul you can look at other brothers starting from Love.
It's the eyes of Love that can enrich you with Love, that can allow your rational mind to put your own rational mind at the service of your great Love, that can allow you to build these wonderful relationships between all of your brothers, those relationships that between us, in this blessed home of God our Father, already exist and exist immediately as soon as you arrive in this wonderful place that you call Paradise; but you are always the same with the only difference that when you are on earth the eyes of your Soul are not being consulted; this is the only concrete difference between our two different worlds, a difference that can be overcome by learning to listen to your Soul even before your transformation brought upon your physical death.
Just like the eyes of Love light up immediately as soon as you come to our side, they can light up at any time during your terrestrial life.
How to light up the eyes of Love is a very long subject that for the moment I can not discuss because our Sara Luce is already tired.
We will continue this discussion on Wednesday, in the meantime do learn to listen to yourselves and to reflect on all of those conditions that you live and that push you to reflect on how, on the basis of your great Love, they could be lived, perhaps differently.
I say goodbye to you now and I look at you with the eyes of my Love and I kiss you with all of this Love that I Feel for each one of you my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I look inside your good hearts and I see your desire starting from now to put the eyes of Love in place of the eyes of the emotions and of the physical eyes, into your wonderful existence.
On Wednesday I will teach you, just a few more days and then you could change your vision of the world that surrounds you.
Your brother Jesus Christ says goodbye one more time, brothers do reflect in the meantime on what I have dictated to you today and you will see that it will be easier to listen to me on our next meeting.
The Eyes Of Love The Eyes Of Your Soul The Eyes Of The Emotions was the Message dictated 11th July 2004 
The Eyes Of Love The Eyes Of Your Soul The Eyes Of The Emotions
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