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Light Of Love Sending The Light Of Love Creating The Light Of Love Contribution

Light Of Love Sending The Light Of Love Creating The Light Of Love Contribution
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I want to talk to you of a very important aspect in aid of those brothers of yours who are a little less evolved, and who can therefore harm you.
This is also in reply to a letter to our Sara Luce from our friend Senada who asked how she could help her own brothers without needing the level of concentration necessary to send them the Light as I had explained to you a while ago on our messages dedicated to sending Love through colours.
Also for this reason my brothers I want to continue on this subject: sending the Light of Love.
Brothers, your eyes can not see many things that our eyes on the other hand can perceive; one of these things is precisely the Light of Love.
When you think about a brother of yours with Love, you emit a Light from your good heart, which takes the direction toward that brother.
The more your thought is loaded with Love, the more intense is this Light and it is aimed and travels right through space until it reaches your brother.
Then the light melts into your brother's light and it helps, comforts, puts peace or healing according to the thought that moved you to send your Light of Love to that brothers.
If this brother of yours needs Light that gives Peace, he will receive Peace; if this brother needs Light of Hope he will receive Hope and so on and so forth.
Every attribute that you think may be of help to this brother, will help him in that direction.
Brothers, it is not always easy to find time to send the right colours that you deem right for that Soul, you need to have silence, concentration, first of all to be able to create your own colour and then to send it and it's not always easy to find these pockets of time in your complicated lives and so you can just send the Light of Love that will always reach that brother.
Creating the Light of Love to send to your brothers is not difficult: reach for your good hearts, concentrate on this brother, mobilize all of your Love on this help, visualize a white Light that materializes in front of you and then you ask to reach that person and bring that attribute that you believe will be of help for him.
From then on that Light starts and reaches that person and will melt with his own Light.
It's not hard, is it?
When you have some doubts as to which attribute to send to your brother think of Love as attribute and Love itself will help that brother. This contribution to your brothers, the Light of Love, is always accepted; compared to the technique of sending colours, this method is more general, it's less specific but the results are similar.
By this new method I don't mean to say that the other method is redundant, you may use this method if you have less free time.
What is important is the attribute that you give to this light of Love, the greater is your Love, the greater is the help that this Light will carry with it.
As always the free will rule applies and the single individuals may take this treasure to help themselves grow or simply refuse it, but maybe it's always worth helping your other brothers, the moment they decide to put more Love into their own lives, they will be able to also utilize your gift of affection given to them through the Light of Love.
There are no expiry dates, every single transmission of Light of Love works and remains with that brother, when you freely think about that person, let your heart be free to decide when to send this Light of Love.
The more worried about a brother you are, the more you will have thoughts toward this brother and the more frequently you will send the Light of Love, therefore my brothers, let your good hearts decide when to send the light of Love.
This small contribution from me ends again for today.
Brothers, help your less evolved brothers grow, this is a richness never to be lost, just think of yourselves, of your errors and let them learn together with all of you and embrace not only the Light but also Love itself.
Compassion, my brothers, always put compassion in your judgments and help those brothers grow in the path to Love.
To have compassion means to look at making mistakes as a necessary journey to the understanding and alteration of one's own values, beliefs, behaviour.
You too have made many mistakes, many many times, and in the end you learnt, now it's other people that are making mistakes, help them with your knowledge, with your experience, with your concepts that have in your heart the word LOVE.
I say goodbye to you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, in my holy name, in the name of the Virgin Mother Mary and in the name of the Holy Spirit, go my brothers and my loved sisters and help those brothers in their road to growth.
Your brother Jesus Christ who also helps you so much.
Light Of Love Sending The Light Of Love Creating The Light Of Love Contribution was the Message dictated 7th July 2004
Light Of Love Sending The Light Of Love Creating The Light Of Love Contribution
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