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Aggression Fear And Sense Of Oppression Aggression And Autonomy

Aggression Fear And Sense Of Oppression Aggression And Autonomy
My dear sisters and my dear brothers, today we will continue to talk of the development of your relationship with your brothers and with yourselves, my dear ones, who are listening carefully to our messages of Love.
Today we would like to talk to you about the aggression that the less evolved brothers put in their behaviour, in their actions and even in their own words.
I know that it is difficult to remain calm and to reflect, put compassion, or find other ways to communicate when a brother is attacking aggressively, violently; today we would like to talk especially of aggression to give you new knowledge, new ways to understand it which may bring you new action plans for you and for other brothers and sisters.
So, aggression always comes from pressure that the individual feels rising inside and from which, in extreme cases, the individual feels overcome.
This mechanism brings the brother to attack outside of himself whatever it is that he consider to be the cause of this pressure that he feels inside with the purpose of freeing himself from the feeling of oppression that he feels inside.
Brothers it is right to try to externalise this feeling of oppression if the cause of this oppression happens to be external.
For example, think of a child that reacts angrily when the parents are having a fight between themselves, often the child throws this feeling of oppression on to the parents by beginning to cry, or stomp his feet, or giving little kicks to the parent who is arguing and this attempt serves to interrupt the conflict which scares the child so much, by reverting the parent's attention on to himself.
I could also explain this same situation by adding that, by externalising his aggression, the child is in fact displaying his own aggression, but my brothers in truth, this child is only reacting to the aggression of the parents and only wants to free himself from fear and from a sense of oppression that he is feeling inside.
This example, if you will, can be applied to may different situations, and points out that there is a main source from which aggression is generated, and a secondary source which reacts to aggression with behaviour that includes not only aggression but most importantly a feeling of oppression and invalidation of one's own body, of one's own autonomy.
This is the most important problem during these attacks of aggression: one loses his feeling of autonomy.
But what is this feeling of autonomy?
Autonomy is what defines us as people, it's the sum of all our experiences, our character features, our feelings, our actions, thoughts, emotions, all of our knowledge, our history, our beliefs about ourselves and our relationship with all other brothers.
This denial of all of these aspects of ours is what triggers the feeling of oppression that makes us want to externalise to free ourselves from a definition that just does not belong to us.
This is the oppression that causes our own aggression, the definition that we do not recognize ourselves.
This is the problem: the definition of ourselves and the other definition that comes to us from other brothers.
There are no other motives from which aggression can start if not from a different definition of ourselves.
Do you agree?
Think back again to all of those experiences of reaction to aggression that stirred your own aggression.
Let's continue the subject of aggression with this new awareness in mind.
Each one of you, based on your own experience, matured a concept of his own autonomy, a concept of himself, this is the experience of each one of you.
For specific reasons one of your brothers defines your sense of autonomy as different from that which you had defined for yourselves and just at this moment your aggression is mobilized in the attempt to redefine yourselves based specifically on the basis of your previous auto-definition.
This is what you do: you redefine your own definition to yourselves and to the other person and during this conflict between human beings aggression is used to underline the discomfort from a different definition of ourselves.
Also our small child who was stomping his little feet, he does not want to feel responsible for the discussion between his parents, who in turn choose an example of his behaviour as a pretext to define the sense and scope of his own autonomy.
To free himself from this feeling of oppression from the contribution given to him from one or both parents, the child will stomp his feet and put aggression to redefine his own definition toward his own parents who want him to be guilty of this or that.
Often the conflict is resolved with a new definition of oneself or, following the explanations, with a reconfirmation of one's own definition and of one's own sense of autonomy.
But sometimes this acknowledgment of one's sense of autonomy of the other person in your conflicts isn't always there, there is no comparison between your definitions and those of your brothers, there is no questioning of any definition, there is no desire to understand or help find a different and sometimes much more realistic definition of oneself, sometimes my brothers, your brothers attack you specifically for reasons tied to their definition of themselves.
The selfish man attacks your definition of an honest and generous person because he envies your definition of yourselves and your sense of autonomy.
Mercenary people do the same.
Unjust people, meaning that they put their selfish needs first in their lives, do the same.
And those who don't have a sense of helping their brothers, do the same.
And the list could go on and on, but what is most important, also to help your brother, is to make them reflect that each definition of oneself can be modified by changing one's values, thoughts, their concept of this existence, of their lives, of these specific concepts that they envy from one another, and that they may be embraced and become their own at any time and as soon as one wishes it and chooses it for their own life, and these concepts could bring to a new definition of their own identity, their own sense of autonomy.
Sometimes we also have these situations, what is important is to recognize envy as the cause for all of these attacks on our own definition. This is our help also to our friend Sara Luce who in the last few days was being attacked exactly by the envy of a person, this envy is the cause for that brother, nothing more than envy, and from our side we understand perfectly why this person envies you so much, if you knew how he would like to be as calm as he perceives you to be, so sure of himself as he perceives you to be, so loving as he sees you, to be so coherent as he perceives you, you see little Sara Luce how many are the reasons why he envies you? This is the solution to what happened and this is our help to understand it.
Forgive us if we dedicated a little room to our friend Sara, it is not always possible to be evolved and not receive attacks and this awareness is shared by many of you therefore do remember that these words to Sara are the same that pertain to certain conflicts that may also affect you.
This extremely long message terminates here today.
I say goodbye with all of the Love that I feel in my heart toward each one of you loved brothers and loved sisters. I send you a big big kiss.
Your brother Jesus who is always next to each one of you to help you understand and help you grown in the path to Love.
Aggression Fear And Sense Of Oppression Aggression And Autonomy was the Message dictated 4th July 2004
Aggression Fear And Sense Of Oppression Aggression And Autonomy
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