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Teachings From The Teachers Responsibility For Thinking And Putting Into Practice The Teachings

Teachings From The Teachers Responsibility For Thinking And Putting Into Practice The Teachings
My dear brothers and my dear sisters today I am finally next to each one of you with my words.
I missed you a lot and this is the reason for my happiness at our reuniting again.
Why did I miss you? Because it's such a great joy being able to dictate these messages that today we are beginning once again to dictate to you, my brothers it's a great joy because through these messages I can help you put all of your Love, all of your affection into your existences and by doing this I can help you transform your planet earth into a place that is very similar to our Paradise and allowing for Love to also rule on your planet just like it reigns here in our Paradise.
What I am doing is a very important task and I am also taking on a big responsibility towards all of you and if this responsibility on one side scares me a little on the other hand it makes me proud because there is no task that is more gratifying than to help our brothers and our sisters grow in Love and for them to become donors of Love on their own planet.
I know that you would want for everybody to be already in contact with all of my messages, with my dictations, so that you can all change together and at the same time and in reality all of you already have this opportunity, but it's not just this opportunity that constitutes an obstacle, which by the way can be overcome quite easily, the real difficulty is, or consists of, putting into practice every teaching that I and other Teachers, both of present times and over the history, have already given you, this my brothers is the real reason why Peace, Justice, Brotherhood, this Harmony between you has not yet been achieved, it's the inspiration for your values but it's still in the stage of utopia in your worlds, intended as nations that make up the planet earth.
This is the most important aspect, mobilizing these teachings, converting them into actions, taking on, assuming this responsibility to act on it not only for us but also for all other brothers of planet earth.
Just think of how many brothers profess some kind of religion and every religion, in addition to their rules that define the basics for relationships between each brother with his or her brothers, they also carry with them all of these teachings, these concepts of Truth, which I am myself repeating to you through all of these messages; do you agree with me that every religion speaks of Peace, of Justice, of Brotherhood, of Harmony, it speaks of our Father and most importantly it speaks of Love?
This is the Truth, however my dear brothers it really does look like that this teaching on Peace, on Love, on Justice, on Brotherhood, in one word on Truth, is actually being heeded on your planet earth and this depends mostly, and before every other aspect, on the difficulty of each single creature to assume full responsibility for thinking and consequently putting into practice, acting, within the respect for themselves and for all other brothers, brothers in the sense of both people who are familiar to us or strangers, whether they are being loved or not, whether they belong to the same group or not, whether they belong to the same cultural group or not, without distinction of colour of skin or religion or financial situation; my brothers, this is the important point of today's discussions: why are the numerous teachings from your Masters, meaning those who have contact with the Truth, not put into practice?
When I started my message today I told you that the great responsibility that I am taking on in leading you on the path of Love is certainly cause of apprehension but I address it by preparing very carefully every single message that I send to all of you, with much effort and lots and lots of Love and this apprehension is transformed into carefulness, my anxiety, which you feel so often, is under control, they are subdued, but this great effort, my brothers, is also the source for the greatest joy for each Soul: helping our brothers grow within Love and for them to become carriers of Love themselves.
This is the greatest joy that I often experiment thanks to all of you, every gesture of Love from you brings me Joy, every brotherly behaviour that I observe in you brings me Joy, every gesture from you that is inspired by Justice brings me Joy, your every action that is in Harmony with yourselves and with your brothers is Joy for me; this is the source of my Joy, it's you my brothers.
Today's message wants to teach you to always have the courage to put responsibility and all of your effort into your lives despite all of your fears and to put Love to reach every possible objective that you know is in harmony with the Truth, Peace, Justice, Brotherhood, with Harmony, because you already know the experience of Joy that you feel when you help other brothers, your affections, putting your affections into the heart of your brother to support him, to help him, to guide him, to encourage him unconditionally, only for affection, only for Love.
Each one of you has had these experiences, some of you had many of them and very often those are people, brothers and sisters, who more than others make themselves available for others to be able to send this affection, all of this effort, all of this Love, all of this interest toward all other brothers and these are the very people who can experiment more Joy in their lives, both during their terrestrial life and in our Paradise where you benefit from the affection and Love that was donated during their lives.
Today I am concluding this message to all of you with my best greetings that you can receive from the Sky: from now on may Joy be always present in your lives, may Joy be your life companion, may Joy illuminate every day of your terrestrial life and may Joy be your burden, your baggage, in this life that awaits you in our Paradise.
With this wish I want to see you focused, always ready to put all of your effort and all of your Love into your lives to give everybody that Love that helps Harmony grow between all brothers of this planet earth.
Your brother Jesus Christ, your Teacher, says goodbye for today, thank you for your effort of Love, thanks for this Joy that all of you donate to me, thank you for the Joy that you will give to all of your brothers.
With much, much Love your brother Jesus says goodbye
Teachings From The Teachers Responsibility For Thinking And Putting Into Practice The Teachings was the Message dictated 1st September 2004
Teachings From The Teachers Responsibility For Thinking And Putting Into Practice The Teachings
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