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Tumour To Be Close To Those Are Suffering To Disclose The Diagnosis Of A Tumour

Tumour To Be Close To Those Are Suffering To Disclose The Diagnosis Of A Tumour
This message was dictated by our Father to help those people who are caring for a loved one who is suffering from a tumour or other illnesses.
Help for those who are suffering
My dear children today I would like to dictate to my children who are facing problems tied to the discovery of any form of tumour in a loved one.
This is what is happening in the life of Sara Luce but this also happens to many other people and for this reason today I wish to dictate a few words that may help you face difficult moments like those when you discover that a dear one has a tumour.
There is no specific way to face these situations, because they vary greatly depending on the type of tumour and what type of person it is.
What I did want to teach you, though, is to be very close to these people who are ill because sometimes it happens that we are extremely afraid of being close to those who are ill and sometimes the person who is ill suffers more of solitude than from their actual illness. For this reason, my children, the first step is to be with that person, to be affectionately close to those who are suffering.
Another extremely important thing is to understand that the end of human life does not coincide with an end but with a transformation and one day the Soul of that person, when leaving the physical body, will be itself again but over here in our dimension that hosts all of you brothers who sooner or later have lived on your earth.
This is very important knowledge both for the ill person and for the caregiver.
Maybe a parallel issue would be if it's better to disclose the diagnosis of a tumour to the patient or not; some people would probably die sooner from the shock of this news than from the actual illness, it's not easy to understand when it's better for a person to know what is happening or if it's better to not know, sometimes if the person is asking several times it is an indication of the wish to know the truth, you must listen to every single voice to understand if it's better to disclose it or not, if you listen to a calm and firm voice than the best thing to do is to communicate, if you hear a hesitating, anxious, worried voice than it's better to be vague on the diagnosis but specific on what your medicine proposes to do to cure it, in other situations it's much, much better to communicate directly because life is easier to handle if it's shared with people you love.
I nearly forgot to tell you that often, nowadays, your medicine field has made some giant progress and many types of tumour often can but cured and the person can heal. This is another important point, don't ever lose hope but fight this battle with a lot of Love because active hope inside your body poses some kind of resistance to the illness and many recoveries take place specifically because of this mechanism that each one of you has inside.
However, sometimes hope, this mechanism, does not manage to counteract the pathology and the tumour continues to grow.
In those cases do accept that the presence of this loved person at some point will end, these are moments where only Love has meaning, do not allow useless and sometimes painful treatments to be tried for a hypothetical healing but just Love, Love them, cuddle them, take care of them, continue to talk of the normal life that surrounds you, and if you can, do talk of life after the physical death because this will help them prepare for this transition.
These few words are for you, to help you be of help to your loved ones during these difficult moments, but now I will tell you what we do during these situations.
The Angels in addition to the Guardian Angel are next to your loved one and they reawaken the person's Soul with their words to the transformation that awaits them, they provide comfort, give advice as to how to prepare, give advice as to what to do in these moments before the transformation, they talk of this life that awaits them and they also talk about us and of me who is here waiting for them just like a Father ready to embrace them again, they alleviate the pain when it's really intense and they alleviate the suffering of the Soul for the mistakes that were made, this and much more arrives from the Angels to your loved ones who are ill.
My children it's also for this reason that you are not alone in facing these difficult situations, you are never on your own, let alone in times of need, we are always with you and especially our help is so much greater precisely during times of need.
I say goodbye for today to you my children I send you a big kiss and carry this kiss in your heart with you always.
Your Father who Loves you today and always.
May the Light of Peace shine in your hearts
Your Father from the Skies
Tumour To Be Close To Those Are Suffering To Disclose The Diagnosis Of A Tumour was the Message dictated 3rd September 2004
Tumour To Be Close To Those Are Suffering To Disclose The Diagnosis Of A Tumour
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