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Injustice Always Generates Violence Injustice That Causes Massacres Feeling Of Helplessness

Injustice Always Generates Violence Injustice That Causes Massacres Feeling Of Helplessness
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, my message today is to help you understand this violence that until a few days ago has been covering with blood your planet, this earth that we love as much as you do.
Injustice always generates violence.
This one sentence contains the ultimate truth on what you are experiencing through the news on the television but also inside your own country.
Injustice always generates violence.
In our Paradise violence is nothing but a memory of our lives on your planet; violence is something that is being studied over here but only to allow the individual Souls to understand those aspects of injustice that generate it and that drive your brothers who are alive on earth to commit massacres in the name of supposed justice because it's written on some religious texts, or also by putting false justice as an excuse to commit revenge acts, both personal and collective.
Today's message wants to help you understand the same messages on violence that are sent to your brothers who are here with us in this Paradise so together with them you can learn, reflect, and ponder things together from a unique perspective between our dimensions.
What really did happen in that school?
Perhaps the ministers do not know this but what is certain is that you, who continue to hear news programs and read newspapers, certainly will not know and I know that these words of mine can bring a few problems but what is important is the truth.
It was not those terrorists to put those bombs in the school, physically it was them who put them, but it was injustice itself that put the bombs in that school just like on other places, including on the body of some of those very people who caused the massacre, and by massacre I mean also the killing of the individual person who was wearing the bomb, even this individual person for me is also a victim of the same massacre also because, my brothers, think about it, what else would push you to wear a vest full of bombs if not your feeling like an impotent victim of the violence and injustice that they are enduring? When I talk about massacre my brothers I describe as victims also the very same people that brought about the massacre in the first place.
Let's look at the injustice that causes these massacres.
How is it possible not to recognize the problems, the perennial, decades-old problems, that sink deep into the history of your planet? Nobody told you that this population has endured violence, has endured domination, has endured extermination, deportations, gross injustices and that today would like to proclaim their freedom, their independence, their autonomy in taking care of their own community. This is the reason for so much violence, of so many massacres, of all this suffering that pushes individuals to an even grater suffering in the fear of losing their own lives and this suffering is called helplessness. It's helplessness, this suffering that empowers kamikaze's which empowers all of these Chechens, which empowers every human being against other human beings.
Today's discussion wants to help you understand that this is the sentiment that is behind every deathly episode involving either one single person or hundreds of creatures.
It's impossible, there are no other roads, other possibilities, other solutions, there is only death, destruction that can change, break this helplessness, this feeling of impossibility to be free, to provide autonomously to the needs of our lives; these are the thoughts, the emotions that are constantly felt by those brothers who lead or organize every single massacre.
I find it difficult to explain in detail what goes on in the minds of those brothers, it begins with the suspicion that nothing can be done to change that situation and then this thought is constantly egged on by the injustice, sometimes real and sometimes imaginary or suspected, and this solution, violence to counteract violence, ends up being the only possible and feasible path to take.
Violence always generates violence and the more violence is inflicted against a specific group the more violence begins to produce that feeling of helplessness from which the new counter-violence will start feeding and this new violence justifies renewed and much greater violence with the result that even counter-violence will be more and more violent.
My brothers today there are many fields where you experiment this violence, starting from these horrible massacres to all of those forms of violence on children, on women, towards members of the family, one's own children, one's partner, I know it is difficult to live in your world so beset with violence; today my help wants to teach you what is behind this violence so that you can understand your brothers and you can help them overcome the obstacle of helplessness first of all by helping them understand that there is never only one way out and most importantly that resorting to violence is never the right way to escape from helplessness but on the other hand it's precisely the road that goes opposite from freedom, from independence, from the desire to take care in the nicest and most loving way of your needs and those of others.
It's in the collective strength, in the collective awareness, in the collective effort and conscience that the true solution lies; for injustice to be beaten for good it's Justice that must be proclaimed and this group of people who are aware of it can achieve it and can promote it within the respect of their own existence and the existence of others.
I will leave you with these words to your important reflections, do think about everything that I dictated to you and make the most of this teaching both in the Sky and on earth.
I say goodbye to you with very much respect, with much warmth, with very much Love.
Your brother Jesus always and forever next to each one of you my brothers in the Sky and my brothers and sisters on earth.
Injustice Always Generates Violence Injustice That Causes Massacres Feeling Of Helplessness was the Message dictated 5th September 2004
Injustice Always Generates Violence Injustice That Causes Massacres Feeling Of Helplessness
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