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Love Sharing The Teachings To Spread The Teachings Dictated By Jesus

Love Sharing The Teachings To Spread The Teachings Dictated By Jesus
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, today I am with you again to help you with all of my knowledge and all of my great Love.
Today's topic my brothers will focus on the relationship that we created between us through our messages, through our contacts.
I am very happy to see with how much attention you are studying my messages and my heart is full of pride when seeing with how much passion you are trying to learn to live in line with Love.
I already told you that your every gesture of Love, your every act of Love, your every loving thought of your brothers, your every project that is in line with yourselves and is dictated by Love, this and much more, fills me with Joy, my heart is full to the brim with Hope because just like beacons you are illuminating your brothers and you are accompanying them, to imitate you, to the road of rediscovery of the truths of Love that we are transmitting you.
My loved ones today I need a bit more help from you, I need your precious help to help in turn those brothers put once again and more and more the feeling of Love in the first place inside their lives and inside their existences so that this sharing may become greater and greater and may promote the change that we so often talked about.
I need you brothers because from the Sky it is impossible for me to contact with words all the brothers and all sisters that I would like to reach and to whom I would like to transmit my teachings that I am sending to all of you, including today.
Even though Sara Luce is very very busy she is only one person and my brothers I need many of you to spread my teachings across every place on earth, in every corner of this planet, reaching, my brothers, as many people as possible.
A lot of time has elapsed since we started this journey together, I have taught you many things and I will teach you many more things but I need your help to spread the teachings.
Brothers can you help me?
Thank you for this sweet commitment that some of you have readily agreed to undertake, every help can allow me to reach many more people and these people themselves will donate their effort so that we will finally be able to see the first signs of this transformation.
Only the method of this collaboration between you and me, everyone will do what he or she thinks is useful within their own personal characteristics and each individual effort will be what will be useful for this project to finally reach completion.
This is the strong point of our common project, the shared effort between you and me, but this is also the weak point because your free will can allow you to wait until someone else will help me.
Brothers, I have to respect you and I will respect you and I will continue to Love you and to give you all of our help, but brothers if you really have inside your heart, and all of you do, the desire for an existence where Love rules and where Justice rules and where Brotherhood rules and where Peace rules, then this is the best time to ask yourselves and to choose to help your brothers through our messages of help for all brothers and sisters of the entire world.
Today's message concludes with a prayer:
Our Father, inside our hearts,
Help us always put Love in the first place in our lives,
Help us always put Joy in second place
Help us always put Hope in third place.
Our Father, inside our hearts,
Help me always make the Love you donated me available to all of my brothers any time of their lives,
Help me put Hope when I will see suffering,
Help me put Joy when I will see pain,
Help me put Love when I will see suffering in their hearts.
Father, help me put Love also for myself,
Help me respect my own needs, understand my moments of discomfort and my problems because by putting Love I will be able to console myself and by opening my heart I will allow all of you to console me,
Help me Father to realize my dreams, my wishes so that my life may finally be rich of joy and meaning.
Help me Father to be an example to all of my brothers so that they will want to imitate me within Love and help their brothers,
Help me Father to always be available, and help my brothers gain consciousness of your great Love for all of your children,
help me Father to help my brothers understand that only Love rules in your world,
Help me Father to return pure Love just like when I was crated by you.
With this prayer I also conclude our meeting for today.
I Love you brothers and I send you the Light of Hope so that it may illuminate your suffering hearts for the many acts of violence that take place around all of you
May Hope be with all of you.
Your brother Jesus who Hopes together with you and who helps you so that Hope may one day become a reality and new life.
Love Sharing The Teachings To Spread The Teachings Dictated By Jesus was the Message dictated 8th September 2004
Love Sharing The Teachings To Spread The Teachings Dictated By Jesus
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