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Death Is Not The End Of Existence But It's Transformation

Death Is Not The End Of Existence But It's Transformation
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, from the Sky and from earth, today I want to talk to you of my own great Love for each one of you brothers.
When I came to earth I had a hope to bring you a very important message: that death is not the end of existence but it's transformation, we leave this physical body and we change into a body of light that talks of our infinite Love.
Bringing you this message cost me my life, but through my death you had proof that the message I had brought to you was true. I still remember the astonishment and then the joy that I saw inside the hearts of my brothers who believed in me and who helped me over the years during my earthly life.
From that moment on everything changed and many, many brothers brought this message to other brothers in the world.
This important message is still being taught by religions, but what changed over the course of time is that, my brothers, Love is mentioned less and less, the Love of the Father and my own Love for each one of you.
Unfortunately today more and more of you listen to words of fear, of awe toward the Father and even toward me and it's even for this reason that I am sending this message for you today, to introduce you to the great Love, the immense Love that I feel for all of brothers and sisters of this Sky and on earth.
Here in the Sky it's easier because my brothers see my body of light but they especially feel all of my Love, at every moment of need I am at their side, their every need is met, every situation is addressed, understood and resolved, this is our life in the Sky, helping each other amongst brothers and I am just like all of them, a brother to go to if there are situations that are worrying; there are no hierarchies but different tasks according to the quality of the Love that defines us. Here in the Sky it's easier to do than to talk because every thing is made from our Love. On earth it's much more difficult to communicate our great Love. There are people who help us, we have many brothers and sisters who can communicate through hearing, through writing and through many systems that are approved by the Sky to allow this contact between us.
But the biggest problem with this contact with our brothers on earth stems mainly from your inability to perceive us in a physical form, the vibration are very different between our dimensions and this is the single extremely important limitation to make people question all of our contributions of Love for our brothers on earth.
It's not sufficient to find people to help us in this contact, we constantly need to demonstrate our own existence next to all of you.
This is a message dictated to you, all brothers and sisters of the whole world, however, even though you have read so far on this book, some of you still have that doubt - but is it really Jesus who writes these messages and then he dictates them to Sara Luce? -
This is the question that you certainly have all asked yourselves without any exception, but then, reading line after line, message after message, you have felt the quality of the Love that is contained in these messages and you have let yourselves be guided by this gentle melody of our immense Love for you my much loved brothers and my much loved sisters.
What you have always know is how to recognize Love because you are all made from pure Love and for this reason you recognize Love when you feel it flow inside your heart.
This is the important difference that allows you to accept my messages dictated for all of you and this difference is the recognition of my own Love that flows inside your hearts and that communicates with you and that this is Jesus
There are no better defined experiences than those that your heart can feel; your heart recognizes them because it remembers me and remembers the quality of my Love.
This is the reason why some of you, even though you have asked yourselves this question, have accepted my Love and my teachings that help put Love in the first place in their own existence; other brothers, although not so many of them at this point in the book, still ask themselves this question.
Why don't you listen to your heart? It would be easy to know the answer, but these brothers, rather than doubts, they have fears, those many fears that your religions gave you.
To help those brothers overcome these fears I will talk specifically of the fears that stop you from listening to your heart and simply discovering the truth.
Let's begin with the first fear
You are made to the image and likeness of the Love of our Father who created you with his immense Love
This is what religions say, this is what you really are, it's for this reason that you feel inside yourselves these emotions because it's due to the Love of which you are made. Of course we are talking of emotions of joy, affection, tenderness, help for those who suffer, support in moments of pain, support to those who feel alone, these and many other emotions are felt inside your heart, they are lived and listened to by your heart and they talk of your own Love, your Love that was created in image and likeness to the Love of our Father.
So why all this fear? Because they also taught you not to trust yourselves, or your hearts, they taught you that you are bad and 'bad' is choosing not to put Love, even though you know Love very well to the point of choosing whether to put Love or not and this is not a contradiction, how is it possible not to put Love if you don't know Love itself?
This question solves this fear: if I was not made in image and likeness to the Love of the Father how could I feel these emotions inside myself and how could I choose not to put my Love in my choices? So it's obvious that I am Love and by being made of Love I can recognize Love in any way it is presented to me whether through a child or a companion for life or friends and relatives and even by Jesus.
This is my first help.
Let's move to a second fear: Why does this Jesus have to talk through a third person instead of talking to me directly?
I would be the happiest of brothers if I could talk to you directly without intermediaries, I would be very, very happy but, listen carefully, if I talked to your heart and I made suggestions and I helped you with my words, would you be prepared to say that it's Jesus that is speaking to you? Because talking to you is what I do all the time, but you are not prepared to listen and to tell yourselves that it's Jesus that is talking to you. Why?
Let's begin by saying that they taught you to doubt yourselves and they also taught you that you are not worthy to talk to us.
This is the main reason why you do not listen to the help that we give you daily, this idea of not being worthy inhibits you from accepting our contribution, our proposals for reflection, why did you accept the idea of being unworthy but you do not accept the truth of our help?
You are made of Love, this should be clear by now and so why couldn't a brother not talk to you? Why do you feel unworthy for a brother to talk to you? They taught you that you are created from earth and you are made of dust, this is the message that they have taught you and that I motivated with my message because I taught you that you are first of all Soul, Spirit, Love, and then you are bodies, that dust that they taught you, and you constitute this Soul, inside your physical bodies; you are first of all Soul and Soul is your own Love.
How is it possible to be Soul, be Love and be unworthy? The Soul is your feeling of Love, that Love created in the image and likeness of the Love of your Father and this is why this contact can take place because the contact is specifically between Love and Love, your Love with the Love of your brothers and your Love with the Love that we transmit from our own Souls; Love in contact with Love, this is it, our contact is my Love with your Love.
How can you be unworthy if you are Love just like myself, maybe the quality of our Love may change but you are growing and I am like an older brother within Love and for this reason I teach you and you listen to me and reflect, to learn to grow within Love.
When you will have overcome this false sense of unworthiness, because you are my brothers within Love, by focusing you attention to your heart you will even be able to listen to me and to recognize my help for you and you will be happy to confirm with confidence that his is Jesus.
Then there are other fears, one of these fears is that often you hear people talk of so-called jester spirits who take advantage of candid Souls to send them messages in my name, or in the name of the Holy ones and of the Father. The jester spirits, let's call them so, are nothing else other than spirits that have been invented to intimidate you in your contact with us. How many jester spirits do you know in reality? None, and despite this you talk of them as if you knew them, let's analyse this fear. First of all they taught you to doubt yourselves, then they convinced you that you are not worthy, then they talked to you of the famous spirits to push away the legitimate desire in your heart to keep in touch with us. Many books have been written to discourage people from this direct contact with us, everybody should read those books on the jester spirits because this way you would find out that all over the world there is talk of jester spirits but what you would also find out from these books is that nobody has actually personally seen one in action, they are all told by third parties, ask yourselves why that is. You can do an experiment immediately, if jester spirits really exist they will surely come to your aid, are you ready?
Call them.
What happened? Did you not call them, or maybe you called them but nothing happened? If it's the first case, this behaviour accentuates the fact that you are only afraid; if it's the second case you have just discovered an invention of the human kind because jester spirits do not exist and so what is it that you are afraid of?
The only thing you are afraid of is of your own desire to come into contact with us because they taught you that it's bad, that you are bothering them, but maybe one day not so far in the future you will understand that only Love comes from the Sky because in this Sky where only Love rules, Love is the only feeling that you will find in every contact with us.
There are Spirits between the earth and the Sky, they are Souls who do not feel worthy to enter our Home or have remained anchored in your world because they can not conceive the existence of a world parallel to yours and which is our world, or they have some projects left open that they really wanted to complete and letting go of them is always difficult, when they don't know that here with us these projects can be achieved with beautiful details which our Home makes available to us; but in any case even these Spirits are helped with lots and lots of Love and their return Home is natural.
I am sad at having bored you with these stories of joker spirits but it's a fear that is so widespread that I took the opportunity to clarify this subject a little.
There is another aspect in this fear that needs to be considered: the fear of dell' in cognoscible.
They even put this awe in you, this fear of the figure of a God that is vindictive; this God that has nothing to do with the Love of our Father, why should a Father protect his own image from a child? Think about it, with these few words you have already understood everything, that this vindictive God must have a terrifying image as your Father, but if this is your Father and you are made similar and in likeness to the Father, this surely must mean that even you must look terrifying, correct?
Is the way you look terrifying? Do you see the likeness? I don't think so, however this explains what they taught you which is that you are not worthy of knowing your own Father; you are unworthy of this contact because you are terrifying, but this is what they told you, now do you understand where you fear comes from? It's born from the men that recognized in God a malignant, vindictive and terrifying God.
Now your fear should be dissolved because you do not recognize yourselves as terrifying creatures, but as creatures that are made in truth of pure Love.
Now I would like to talk to you of another very common fear, that of being punished if you will call us needlessly.
This concept captures very different situations, those that you define swear words, those tied to the invocation of our presence as your request for help and those in which our help is asked for, through forms of invocation, to help other brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Let's look at the first aspect of this invocation of our presence, it will have happened to every body to think at least once one of those words that you call swear words. You must know that when these words reach us, the only feeling, even if it's an important one, that they cause is sadness because our help is constant, it's always at your side and hearing these bad words is not right given the help that we give you continually.
However this aspect talks of your hearts, of the hearts of those brothers who feel distant, far away from our world and from our constant Love. I dare say that when one of your brothers swears, you should first of all remind him of all of the help that we give to all brothers and you should remind him of the times where helpful interventions during his own existence were clear.
But now let's go back to the other aspect of this fear.
This concept of not asking for our direct help needlessly has caused so much damage, you would be surprised if you knew how many people are suffering but they do not ask for our help, they need help but they are much more afraid of mentioning in vain the names of our holy names.
Why is it? You are made in the image and likeness of the Love of the Father and the Father would love to help you with all of his affection but you do not ask in order not to offend our holy name, why is that? Are you so unworthy not to call upon the Love of our Father to ask for help?
At this point in the message you should all already feel worthy, as creatures made of Love, to go to the source of Love itself, our Father, so why do you continue to feel unworthy?
They taught you not to ask for our help as not to offend our name as if this could offend us, why is that?
Do you remember when I talked about a superior and aggressive God? Well, that was the image of a God, a figure which by the way has nothing to do with Love; this image of an aggressive God instilled a lot of fear, this aggressive God who only wanted revenge and was so aggressive as to punish you if you expressed a need, a concern, what interested your man-made aggressive God was only his own revenge, that was the only important thing and you could go to this aggressive God only to ask for his help in the fulfilment of his quest for his own revenge.
This aggressive God lingered in your culture and your difficulty in asking for our help is hinged on these cultural remnants that are still in you. It is not difficult for these beliefs to show up, just watch yourselves and your brothers and you will see just how deeply this concept is rooted in you.
Now, however, you begin to understand how all of this is not true, the Love of the Father and my own Love want to give you only Love and help you as children, as brothers, every time you need it and your needs sometimes can be tiny little ones like those of children, but don't worry about it we always smile even at these little requests and Love always gives answers even to tiny little questions if they help feed that young creature with Love. Let's move to the other aspect, invoking our holy presence to help brothers and sisters in the world.
Many charlatans will tell you that they are the only ones that can invoke us without any problems, many magicians can tell you that they are the only ones that can invoke us without any problems, many priests may tell you that they are the only ones that can invoke us without any problems, many brothers and many sisters who are in contact with us can tell you that they invoke us and that they don't have problems and they tell you that even you can invoke us, you can pray, ask for help for yourselves and for your brothers without having any problems. Why do these brothers and sisters tell you this? Because they are in real contact with us and they have learnt from us how great our Love is for all of you and that this is all the contact really is, your Love with our Love is the only form of contact that exists between our two dimensions.
Contact takes place only for Love and a river of Love comes to you brothers from this Paradise and this is your real God, a God of Love that surrounds you with Love and who answers to your calls for help, all of the calls from brothers and sisters of the world, using only Love because God your Father is only a God of Love.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters now you understand how great is his affection, the Love is himself; you understand my brothers that the Love spreads only Love and that all that ever comes to you is only Love, in all of its manifestations, through the Light that the Father and all of us transmit to you.
This is the truth, Love is truth, Love is everything, Love is the beginning and the return to Love will be our own purpose and when everything will be Love once again, Love will be all.
With this hope inside our hearts, brothers and my sisters let's work together to fill once again the entire universe with Love.
I conclude this book with this hope inside our hearts.
It's been beautiful speaking with you brothers, it's been beautiful being together with you while you read every word that I dictated for all of you, together in your homes, on your computers, through your letters, listening to your hearts, your thoughts, it's all been fantastic; Love allowed this contact and Love says goodbye from these pages. Now my brothers it's your turn, if you want to, if you choose to put Love in the first place in your existences, it's your turn, I will continue to dictate new teachings until you will have learnt to put what I taught you into your lives. You are free to choose, to decide, just like you have always been and as you always will be, so that putting your own Love may always be a choice that is made in complete freedom.
I say goodbye with all of my affection, with all of my Love for you, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, right now I send you all of my Light and I bless all of you, in the name of the Father, in the name of his child Jesus, in the name of the Virgin Mother Mary and in the name of the Holy Spirit. We are next to you, we have always been and we will be forever and ever and only in the name of Love.
Brothers, a few more minutes and this book will be completed, listen to your heart, feel me inside, I have always been there and now I am happy to meet with you again. Your brother Jesus waited for you and finally you have found me, this is the end of a path and the beginning of a new road together within awareness and truth.
Death Is Not The End Of Existence But It's Transformation was the Message transmitted from the Sky 6th October 2004
Death Is Not The End Of Existence But It's Transformation
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