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The Religions On Planet The Love Of God Truth About Hell Purgatory Infidels Karma

The Religions On Planet The Love Of God Truth About Hell Purgatory Infidels Karma
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today I am here again with you to talk to you once again about religions on your planet.
As I explained on my message titled 'This obsession with religions' you have adored everything with the exception of Love.
Love is actually the only emotion that is sent from all of us here in the Sky and reaches you on earth.
Here in the Sky Love is the only emotion that rules everything, from relationships between brothers to relationships with all of you, everything is ruled by Love; every single plant grows with the Love from all of those who tend to it, every single brother in his body of light grows with the Love from all of us, from the Love of God the Father to that of every single brother in his body of light; every corner built in our Sky has been built with the Love of those who tend to it, every element which also nourishes our Soul is grown with the Love of those who do this task for everybody; this is the only emotion, Love, that creates everything in our Paradise.
My brothers and my sisters, do you understand now that this is the only feeling that is mobilized even toward our brothers, you, who are there experimenting on planet earth.
If your vision was not so limited by the material reality, you could see rivers of Love reaching you from the Sky and even this message of mine is a river of Love that is coming to you from the Sky.
Now you begin to understand the truth; that only Love has been coming to you over time from the Sky. Based on this truth you understand very well that your religions have convinced you that things are very different from this single and proved truth.
What they told you about hell is false, how can Love conceive punishing even just one of his children, it would not be Love if it punished by expelling one of his children often for eternity to an inhospitable place where this child would only experiment suffering. What kind of love would this be if it condemned and did not help grow?
The same applies for your Purgatory, a place where the expulsion is a place for reflection; since when expulsion brings someone to reflect and grow? how can remaining captive in a place far away from Love allow someone to understand what Love would have done, how Love would have acted in certain situations, what kind of Love would it be that which isolates, marginalizes a child because he did not know how to put his Love in certain circumstances?
Do you understand the absurdity of what your terrestrial teachers taught you about religions?
But now let's look at other religions, just think of how much damage has been done by thinking of a God that wants to vindicate his own name to infidels, meaning people who respect other methods of adoring him and submitting to his will; to be clear, what kind of Love would this be coming from a human being that is superior and aggressive and demands the submission of one of his children and for this child to adore him, it would not be Love but Power and this concept is very distant from Love, it is in contrast with the very concept of Love.
Let's continue on the subject of God the vindicator which has created and still creates so much damage, what kind of Love would that be from a God who is ill-disposed toward his children, ready to attack and kill unless this God does not feel he is being respected, what kind of Love would it be? How could a child learn to grow if every time someone lacks respect he gets killed, do you understand that this has nothing to do with Love? Sara Luce remembers, one day, a very funny letter, it was about the free will and the Father, chuckling, dictated to Sara 'This free will which allows even a child of mine to not recognize me as his own Father' and then came the laughter, because this is the truth, when our Father gave you this gift He knew that this could happen, but growing up and recognizing our Father as a first source of Love is an important moment for the growth of every child and sooner or later growing up will lead him to this sweet discovery.
Do you understand Love better now? Nevertheless there are many out there that see God as vindictive, this same concept is manifested in many different forms, from the simple confession to the war against infidels.
And shall we talk about the prizes for this vindictive God, brothers? Prostitution, as if Love could understand that the value of one of his children was greater than that of another one of his children; Satisfaction, but this is what Love gives to everybody regardless, even those who have made mistakes after the help that was given to them in understanding every possible mistake that they made because they did not put Love, every child is Satisfied; happiness, but here in the Sky each one of our brothers in the body of light is happy but only because it's Love that rules in our Sky and the Spirit is happy because it relates to its true nature which is that of being made of pure Love, made in the image and likeness of the first Love that created him, the Love of the Father.
But let's continue on our discussion, think about how much damage religions have caused by talking of Karma, so very many brothers were born with these stains from mistakes that were made in their previous lives and the expulsion of your Purgatory turned into an expulsion on earth, but what kind of Love would it be from a God, a Father, who even in this case, punishes his children without understanding, punishes and transforms his children into creatures, here comes revenge again, that are destined to wander sadly on earth without any comfort, but what kind of Love would that be? Revenge is an emotion that is the opposite of Love.
The truth is that the Karma was invented by your terrestrial teachers to instil fear in you to prevent your actions, your choices to go against Love.
And this is the important point, the biggest and most common mistake in your religions, having imposed Love on you, as a way to keep you out of trouble.
Now brothers look around you, do you think that this imposing of Love actually brought Love on this planet?
Love is an emotion that is conquered with growth, growth allows the selfishness of people who feel very scared, small and alone, to change into increased awareness over time, because the individual child realizes that his own welfare, his own happiness needs the welfare and the happiness of those people around him, and during growth 'people' becomes not only those people in their own family environment but 'other' also intended as a group that includes every brother and sister of one's own world and of the worlds that were created.
What kind of Love is it then which condemns one of his own children to pay for the consequences of mistakes in previous lives? Revenge, castigation are concepts that are opposite to Love.
Why, in your opinion, is it that when you come to earth you do not remember your previous lives? Because there is no punishment, there is no revenge, there is only the possibility to learn more and more, to grow, to put your Love into yourselves, in every direction you take, in your every gesture, in every moment, in every second of your new existence which you are writing every moment of your lives.
It is true that there are brothers who remember some parts of their previous lives, but that is only a gift requested by the Soul to the Father, to remember where he erred, to have the necessary awareness this time around to put Love into this existence as an inspiring principle for his own life.
So here it is, even in these cases, it's Love and not punishment that is given to his own child, because this is the only truth, the Father is Love and pure Love, authentic, available to every child, for every path of growth, every awareness you will achieve and every gesture of Love that you will make will be as if it's the same Love of the Father that will do it because you are made of the same substance of the Father: Love.
I conclude my message today thanking you for listening to me, I know it is not easy to change one's point of view but to be able to understand truth completely it is necessary to be open to inputs that can come your way and questioning yourselves and reflecting on these contributions will help you grow and grow forever, and so will your choice, to put Love in the first place in your existences.
It's the choice, the free will, the most important moment of your existences, the choice within complete freedom, these are the choices that can truly change your planet, the choices you made carefully and within the utmost freedom.
I say goodbye for today
I hug you with all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
The Religions On Planet The Love Of God Truth About Hell Purgatory Infidels Karma was the Message dictated 29th September 2004
The Religions On Planet The Love Of God Truth About Hell Purgatory Infidels Karma
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