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Peace Is Built With Each Day Hope And Put Love In The First Place Message

Peace Is Built With Each Day Hope And Put Love In The First Place Message
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today I have come to talk to you about my great affection, of this great Love for all of my brothers and my sweet sisters who listen to me through these messages.
Today I am aware of the fact that it is not easy following me, but do reflect on my last messages, did they transmit our holy presence to you? Did they transmit many, numerous teachings from us? Did they reassure you on our permanent help through Sara Luce? Did they comfort you and did they give you reassurance that together you and us we can transform this planet into a better world?
This is what I ask you and on this I invite you to reflect and I urge you to put again, with even greater strength, your great Love into every contact, every moment of your existence.
I know that right now this is not very easy, I see a lot of suffering in your good eyes, but brothers Peace is built with each day whether you are happy, available, open to others, and even if you are suffering, introverted and closed to contacts.
To give you a comparison with your own existences, even my own days are punctuated by joys and suffering however I always put my great Hope and this helps me always put Love in the first place at all times during my own existence.
My brothers you don't know of so much pain because you don't know everything, but this also means that you don't know of so much joy because you don't know everything.
Hope is the emotion that allows me to face every moment and my Love is the emotion that allows me to talk even right now with all of you brothers and sisters who are listening to me.
What I want to teach you today is to put Hope into the improvement of your existences, both personal and collective; always, always put Hope and watch how your own world will change when you will deliberately choose to put your great Love into your own world.
All of you have examples of how your Love has changed many situations, why do you think that you can not change the entire world?
Do you feel too small in comparison with the entire world?
It's an illusion, just like drops of a great ocean each one of you is fundamental for this ocean and next to each drop there are so many other drops that it's difficult for you to know but this is the truth, every drop, a brother, a sister, has direct and often indirect contact with many other drops and this is what will bring to quickly spread the Love between you, drops of this ocean called humanity.
This is today's lesson, today's teaching, see yourselves as important, fundamental for transmitting your Love to all those brothers and sisters that constitute humanity, however small you may feel or be, you are great and your Love is just as important as my Love also because without your help of Love toward your brothers and sisters, even my help would not be sufficient for this transformation despite all of my great effort and despite all my great Love.
I conclude my message today wishing all the best to those brothers who profess the Hebraic religion, my brothers and my sisters all together we will bring your world toward a transformation of the many rules that you observe and that talk also of the Love that your Father feels toward you. The promised land is not a physical place, the promised land is every place where Love rules and every place where all brothers harbour the culture of Respect for every individual brother or sisters. This is the promised land, your Paradise: the entire earth.
Brothers, I hug you with infinite Love, do bring Hope and Love to the entire humanity.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Peace Is Built With Each Day Hope And Put Love In The First Place Message was the Message dictated 26th September 2004
Peace Is Built With Each Day Hope And Put Love In The First Place Message
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