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Adoration Fears And Adoration The History Of The Religions Adoration And Submitted

Adoration Fears And Adoration The History Of The Religions Adoration And Submitted
My brothers and sisters, over the centuries you have adored just about everything; you adored the sun, you adored animals, you adored mythological characters, you even adored certain types of trees, but what you never adored was Love even though this is the only truth that should have been adored, Love.
Let's begin to understand why.
When you were very small, your first experiences far away from the Father, these human beings felt as if they were overwhelmed by nature's forces; earth was in constant movement and the scariest part was that your survival was constantly threatened; this brought you to decide, out of fear, to adore these forces of nature and so it became that you adored the sun, the stars, the earth, the rain, the wind and every manifestation of nature.
When you grew up a bit, you were afraid of the natural forces that destroyed your earth and so, again out of fear, you continued to adore the warmth of the earth because at that time earthquakes were the ones shattering your earth the most; then you continued to be very concerned for your harvests, for your small herds and so you began adoring those whom you deemed were the protectors of the animals you were rearing as well as many others whom you thought were the protectors of your crops.
After a little bit of time you began to notice that this immense universe must be governed by someone and this someone made you feel afraid and, once again out of fear, you began to identify some divine entities who, if pampered sufficiently, would have protected you from your own fears.
Then on a separate chapter in the history of human kind far away from the Father, you began to think that maybe, between all of these divine creatures, there was one much bigger than all of the others, much more powerful, more dangerous for you in case you did not adore it sufficiently.
Over this period the human symbol of a very powerful therefore very dangerous God began to find a place inside your human minds, seasons came and went, earth did not have so many earth-shattering events anymore, the illnesses of crops and of herds were now a very rare risk for the entire group, everything was taking place with precise regularity, but your anxieties continued to have a hold inside yourselves. Why?
You had learnt, or rather you had decided that nothing bad had been happening because you had been adoring this superior human being and keeping him quiet even though if he wanted to, according to your fears, he could have wiped out the planet earth in a second.
You believed that this relative tranquillity was the consequence of your acts of adoration and of subservience to his own will, but brothers, are you beginning to understand that each one of these stages was born out of fear and are you beginning to understand that it's you and only you who decided all together that your behaviour of veneration and obedience was what was protecting you and that this was created purely because of your famous fear? In fact, nothing catastrophic was happening, it was only that the planet earth had finally found its own equilibrium within the solar system in which today you know that the planet earth is located.
In order for these rules of behaviour to be followed by everybody, there began to exist first of all verbal versions of them, then they came in writing explaining when and how you should adore this superior human being.
After a bit of time, you began to fight amongst brothers to conquer this or that new land and through the wars you began to fear for your own health, you were afraid of death on a war field and so you began to need for this superior human being to protect you on your battles. Considering that this superior human being had indeed been protecting you during these battles, you began to think that even He would be motivated by a thirst for power, from the desire to conquer, to submit others to his own power and so, again for fear, your fear of death, you began to adore a superior human being that was deemed aggressive and you began to donate to him, as a gesture of adoration and submission, many body parts of your own brothers whom you called enemies, many creatures were killed to be offered as a sacrifice to your manufactured, aggressive, superior human being.
Now for the recent history, how does it feel to hear from the point of view from which I am speaking, about the history of your reference points that were once adored and feared? Is the reason why sufficiently clear now?
Now let's move to more recent history.
Just like all armies even your separate armies needed an important motivation to bring men to kill their own brothers, men against men, brothers against brothers. Through armies lands were being conquered, people were being conquered, power was being conquered. Many brothers began to be concerned and worry that everything that had been conquered so far could one day be lost, the crops, the herds, the fisheries, the working people, the richness that they found in the conquered lands and this is where religion took its place.
Even though many, very many brothers adored the same superior and aggressive human being whom over time they increasingly identified as God, albeit stripped of all of his human parts, many, very many brothers adored him over time and submitted themselves to him by following different attributes to the act of adoration and the act of submission; these different ways morphed into the different religions and just like today there are different ways to adore and submit, so it was back then.
Religions existed like a set of rules of how this God should be adored and how one should submit to this God.
However this fear of losing all that had been conquered and confiscated found, through the different religions, the perfect excuse to justify the fact that with aggression people had been in fact deprived of their own precious freedom.
So we came to witness to the enforcement of one's own religion to legitimise the conquests on those lands.
How do you feel now while I am telling you about the true history of the human kind?
The recent history talks of nothing other than holy wars, wars of religions, wars justified by the religious colonization, only of wars, and more wars.
This is the point, wars and nothing but wars and the religions and sometimes even the enforcement of a political form such as democracy, but even in these situations, right in front of your eyes, religion has become the real reason for this conflict and I am now talking about Iraq.
This is your history, you learnt the origin of your beliefs, your fears and then your convictions that have shaped your own world.
You can easily do it in a different way.
Since your Father began to talk to human beings, he looked for and found men and women, brothers and sisters, available to listen to him, and many things have changed, today for example there is a concept of justice, of freedom, of brotherhood which otherwise would never have existed, there is a concept of peace, of equality, of respect which otherwise would never have existed because everybody, sooner or later, would be contaminated by the collective fears and from the heavy pressures that are put upon by your own religions.
Thanks to the many brothers and many sisters who have donated their own existence to help their own brothers understand what was really happening, today you can read this message, my voice from the Sky invites you to reflect, to change and to put Love, not fear, in the first place in your own precious existences.
We conclude today's message here, thanking Simona Pari and Simona Torretta for all of the help that they have brought on your earth; these girls chose to put Love in the first place into their own existences and they helped you understand that Love and Peace are the true solution for the coexistence and growth of all brothers and of all sisters who inhabit the planet earth, anywhere and at any time.
This is what we teach you to put into your existences today, which are currently imprisoned: your work for the Peace for all brothers and all sisters in the world.
I conclude my discussion for today, I send you a big, big kiss
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Adoration Fears And Adoration The History Of The Religions Adoration And Submitted was the Message dictated 23rd September 2004
Adoration Fears And Adoration The History Of The Religions Adoration And Submitted
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