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Virgin Mary Messages From The Virgin Mary Mother To All Of You

Virgin Mary Messages From The Virgin Mary Mother To All Of You
My dear sons and my dear daughters, today the Virgin Mother Mary wishes to speak a little with you children,
We are writing this beautiful book that will collect the messages that my son Jesus has been dictating you over the last very long months that found all of us united through this communication.
Just yesterday we dictated a message from me to Sara Luce and a message from the Virgin Mother Mary where we talked to all of you introducing the messages that we have dictated for you my children.
Today's message has been conceived by the Virgin Mother Mary in consideration of the fact that over the last few months you have known her more for having been the mother of my son Jesus during her life on earth, rather than being known by all of you as when she flew to the Sky to be by our side and for this reason today she wants to talk to you of her being a Mother to all of you.
My dear and loved children and my dear and loved daughters, I am the Virgin Mother Mary and today I have come to talk to you about my being Mother for each one of my children.
When I died in my physical form it was not a very bad death but more of a desired death because I was going to finally embrace my son once again.
You can imagine my joy as I entered the light when I saw, initially I had only discerned, my much loved Jesus coming toward me, his arms open and a smile that no-one on earth had ever seen, so sweet, so nice, so understanding, so rich of feelings of Love. Can you imagine the great joy that I felt in that moment?
Maybe some women amongst you may understand more than others this feeling that I felt because perhaps unfortunately they may also have lost a child.
He welcomed me with open arms and he accompanied me immediately to our Father, I would have wanted to spend some more time with him before going to the Father, but our Father really wants to be the first one to embrace us and next to our son I found the arms of the Father awaiting me.
This embrace was a beautiful experience, I felt reassured, I felt much more loved right then than I had been loved by my adored child, I felt welcomed in this Home as if it had always been my abode and I had just forgotten it for a while, I felt happy to have returned to our Home, I also felt a little guilty about having forgotten about it for a while, oh well, never mind, but this feeling immediately vanished.
After having spoken to the Father, he asked me what I wanted to do in this Home. 'Be the Mother' was my answer 'I want to take care of all the creatures that you created, both those in the Sky and on earth; I want to help you with all of the Love that I feel in my heart of a mother, that affection so great that only those who have been a mother to someone like Jesus can experiment inside their heart; this was my request, to be Mother for all of you children who were created by the Father and this was the reply from the Father to my request 'You see my child, it is not an easy task to be the Mother to all of my children, you will have satisfaction from some of them but you will also have a lot of pain from other children, some of them you will be able to help and it will be very difficult to do so, but with all of your Love maybe you will manage to help them grow, but there will certainly be other children who will refuse not only your splendid Love but also will refuse you and will do terrible things and you will be powerless, are you sure you can handle being a Mother also for these children of mine'?
'Certainly', I replied, 'when my help will not be accepted, when one of your children will insult me or will push me away from him and when he will do terrible things, I promise you that I will embrace him anyway, you taught me to accept my child in my arms even when I was angry with him or disappointed or worried, this is what you taught me and this is what I learnt to do and this I can do for every child that you created with your immense Love, just in the same way as I, with immense Love, understood my son during his darkest moments, understand is what I did for my child, understand is what I will do for every child of yours'.
From that moment on I took on this commitment with all of you and from that moment on the Virgin Mary became the Virgin Mother Mary.
What I have dictated is specifically to answer the question of some of you children who listen to these messages today - Why is the Virgin Mary introduced and introduces herself as the Virgin Mother Mary? -
As the mother to all of you, the words that the Father told me, have proved true and live on, there are children who give me many satisfactions, they are learning a lot from their existences, some more than others, but there are complex children, dangerous children for their own brothers, children who offend me constantly, children who refuse my Love and my support and I hug them and I hope that one holy day a little opening will break in their hearts, a little hope, that he may accept a little Love and there he will find me, ready with all of my great Love, ready to donate Love to this child who is such a stranger to affection, so closed to hope, so closed to the affection of our Father, affection of all of us and the affection of many of his brothers.
This is my task with these children, this is my task with all of my children, this is my being a Mother to all of you, you are all my children and my Love is great for each one of you, I do not differentiate between you whether you are in the Sky or on earth, this is what I tell you, I Love you with the same immense Love.
Can you imagine what a wonderful thing, you are all my children and I help all of you, I am always at your side, always present, always in love with my children and when I watch you walk, grow, learn, my embraces are also rich of Joy for this child of mine, for this daughter of mine, Joy for you, Joy for a child, for a daughter who has grown up and growing up is putting more and more Love into her relationships, into their rapports, into every contact, every occasion, every instant and I am happy for this creature who is learning to Love more and more.
So these are the situations that comfort me for having chosen this heavy task and these experiences recharge me with hope and new Love to give to all of you my children and especially to those children who sometimes make me despair from so much pain.
With this message today I wanted to tell you these words, I wanted you to know how much Love, every day, I have in my heart for each one of you, I wanted to tell you how happy I am for this choice that I have made, even though it's difficult at times.
May nobody ever say that I am distant, far away, because this is not true and if you listen to your hearts you will feel my presence, you will feel my words of Love for you, you will feel the warmth of my embrace, you will even feel my sweet perfume because I always come to you bringing flowers that have been picked just for you my children.
This message is nearing its conclusion, but my affection, my great Love, remains inside your hearts forever.
My much loved children I say goodbye now, I know that it's easier to listen to me when I dictate my words but do reflect, words flow, they end, they die when you finish reading, but feeling me inside your hearts is a continuous experience, wouldn't it be wonderful if you felt me right next to you every moment just like I told you I am always with you?
While I wait for you inside your hearts, I kiss you with all of my immense Love
Goodbye children, right now I am hugging all of you in one great embrace of Love.
The Virgin Mother Mary
Virgin Mary Messages From The Virgin Mary Mother To All Of You was the Message dictated 22nd September 2004
Virgin Mary Messages From The Virgin Mary Mother To All Of You
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