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Biological Brothers Evolution Programs Interrupted The Competition

Biological Brothers Evolution Programs Interrupted The Competition
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, on my last message titled 'I come with you' we talked of other people as your brothers within Love and I mentioned to you that there would be a future session that would cover the subject of your biological brothers.
Today we will expand on that subject.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, these biological brothers of yours descended together with you to share many experiences that are necessary for their growth; some of these experiences are a consequence of your chosen parents, of your native environment such as culture, financial status, ethnicity and social status, moral and religious situation in addition to characteristics tied to the individual personality of the Soul and of the paths of growth of your parents and other brothers.
All of these choices are made here in our Paradise.
Isn't it absurd than that two people, two Souls, grow so far apart from one another?
There is always the choice, once you arrive on earth, to follow what had been programmed in terms of evolution and many of your brothers, in reality, once arrived on earth have blocked or compromised what they had programmed.
The unhappiness of your own brothers is a clear consequence of the interruption of their own path.
Helping them is not always easy because, and here we open a very important aspect, it's easier to listen to another brother such as a friend or even a stranger, than it is to listen to a biological brother.
Why is it that sometimes a stranger is listened to more carefully than a biological brother?
First of all, the years spent inside one's own families have produced many more problems tied to the feeling of Love, rather than an unknown brother.
So many programs may have been interrupted because of jealousy, competition, rivalry for the attention the eyes and the affection of one's own parents, of competition, and of success academically, and in many other activities that take place during puberty and teenage years, competition for friends and even for Love, so much competition you have felt, competition that has defined both you personally and your relationships with your biological brothers.
This competition can be very natural but we should really remove the term competition and instead refer to events, tests, interests, moments between brothers, but what too often happens is precisely competition that takes place and what the biological brothers compete for is nothing else other than affection and attention from their own parents.
As children it's easy to compete when we feel that the Love that we receive in order to grow is greatly less than what we know we could receive and, instead of reflecting on the issue of search for Love as a consequence of problems with our biological parents, instead, in an attempt to protect our parents and protect us from the disappointment of discovering that our parents have problems in giving their own affection to their children, then we start thinking that the other brother is receiving much more Love than what was donated to us and this is where competition begins and with competition, just like with every aggressive gesture, we start looking at the other brother no longer as our brother whose path is similar to ours, but as a brother who is stealing much more affection from our parents than us, to then keep it all for his own growth.
Then there are brothers who are aware of certain problems with their parents and who unite closely to exchange that part of Love that they are missing and that they need, but even here there can be competition because each brother tries to take much more than the other and this creates equal competition.
Then there are brothers with very large age gaps and with such age difference certain specific roles establish themselves and even these roles have inside the research for affection and attention from their own terrestrial parents. In these cases, despite the fact that sooner or later both brothers eventually grow up and continue on their own individual paths, certain roles continue to exist unchanged and the search for affection and attention from one's own terrestrial parents continues over time even when our own parents have died in their physical form.
My brothers and sisters these are only some examples of the relationships that make a common path between two biological brothers so difficult.
You see how far this search for affection has pushed you, and still pushes you aggressively towards competition with your biological brother?
Today my loved ones you have the opportunity to reflect, to look inside yourselves and to let go of this competition between two biological brothers who are nothing else other than two sweet Souls united by the same growth path.
Sometimes abandoning this competition tends, as a result, to melt away many tensions between brothers.
Be the first ones to try it and free up all of your affection from this constriction that was caused by this competition.
Free up your affection and you will see that right now you are adults, your Love can really be huge and it can be sufficient to be given to all of your brothers, your parents and yourselves and you will discover that Love is an affection that increases and reaches wonderful proportions exactly when you donate it; with competition you used to think that affection was in limited supply and you thought that it had to be conquered, taken and captured, today you can assist to the miracle of Love, the more affection you give, the more Love you give and the more this wonderful feeling increases in size, twofold, threefold endlessly and the more you love and the more you are loved.
This is the secret of Love, the more you love, the more our heart produces and feeds on affection. Donate your Love, your affection and you will see this transformation inside yourselves and within your family environment.
With these words and my help to all of you born from my own Love, I say goodbye to you and I kiss you truly with all of my heart; may all of my affection accompany you today and always, always, always
Your brother Jesus
Biological Brothers Evolution Programs Interrupted The Competition was the Message dictated 19th September 2004
Biological Brothers Evolution Programs Interrupted The Competition
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