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Respect And Non-Respect Attitude Toward Other People Reflection

Respect And Non-Respect Attitude Toward Other People Reflection
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today I am here to talk to all of you, when I talk to you I see your face, one by one, I feel the emotions inside your heart, one by one, I listen to your reactions one by one to each of the messages that I dictate.
I am always with you, when I think about you and when you ask for my help.
Every time you call me, your own face appears in front of my eyes and I listen to your words and I tend to you and I help you every way I can.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I also have more good news, our sister Gabriella is offering to translate all of the messages that have been transmitted from the Sky until today into German or French. Sara Luce thinks that it's a large task for just one person alone, because translating requires time and both Sara Luce and I would like that some of you offered some of your time to help translate quickly all of the messages so that they can also be read by your brothers who speak those languages.
Can you help Gabriella, your own sister whom we like very much?
Now we can move on to the teaching that I prepared for you today.
We will talk about this war, of this violence that surrounds you.
My brothers and my sisters, you must understand that injustices are born from the non-respect of the other brother or other brothers and I remind you once again that when we use the word 'brothers' we refer to brothers and all sisters at the same time.
Let's continue on our discussion.
Above all else respect means being aware of the fact that the other person is just like us, a brother who is living on this planet just like us and is making his way just like us on his path of growth.
My brothers this is the first important point, brothers, would you ever do something bad, or unfair, to one of your biological siblings?
What is the difference between one of your biological brothers and someone who is not a biological brother?
The only difference is that in this life you were not generated by the same female body however up here in the Sky you were actually all generated by the Father and by the power of Love which the Father had available for the creation and everything was created with the power of his great Love and today He is still continually creating new Angels and Souls with the same great Love; brothers Souls are not in a limited number, many Souls were created over the times and many more Souls are being created right now; they are young Souls that descend to experiment separation and the reunion with the Father of all of us, loved children and carriers of Love.
But let's continue with our discussion.
We are all children of our Father and consequently we are brothers amongst us within Love.
This is the fundamental point, amongst us we are all brothers in the Love of the Father and this first change of perspective, makes one look at the other person no longer as a stranger but as a brother within Love.
Now answer this one question
If this other person were truly your biological brother, would your decisions, your choices, be any different from what you were going to do, what you do now, and what you will do in the future?
This answer can help you better understand inside yourselves your attitude toward other people, in a broad sense.
My brothers, it is through this attitude toward your brothers, recognizing every single creature as one of your biological brothers, that you build Peace amongst you.
And just like one of your biological brothers, even every brother of yours within Love can be more or less liked by you, he can be more or less honest, more or less altruistic, more or less fair, more or less interested in his brothers and his own happiness, his own problems, his health, his condition, his occupation, his profession, in one word in his life.
Brothers, if one of your biological brothers had a problem, large or small that it may be, what would you do?
Would you lock yourselves inside your homes, disconnect all telephones, shut all windows and try to make your brother think that there is no one around to ask for help?
Think about it and tell me, in a situation like this, who would be suffering more, you, barricaded in, or your brother who is suffering, who is in need and who in any case is free to move and to look for help from another brother?
This reflection is very important because it teaches that it is not possible for other people's suffering not to touch your lives, you watch the news, you read the papers, those are some of the ways in which suffering enters your lives and you can not forbid the suffering of your brothers from entering your life.
So my brothers, isn't it then better to tend to the suffering of your brothers within Love, who live in this world?
You will see that you will all begin to read a lot of good news and to listen to a lot of good news and this would give you new motivation to continue to help your brothers within Love.
With this discussion I want to help you take on the suffering of your brothers within Love, to tend to your brothers within Love just like as if they were your own brothers, if not even better than your own brothers because often biological brothers listen to you the least and least accept your precious help.
This is an issue that deserves a reflection and soon my loved brothers and my loved sisters it will be the subject of a new message.
My brothers and my sisters today I say goodbye again to you, I am always with you and you can always count on my help, call me and I will immediately leave this great home to run to you to help you with my affection, with all of my knowledge, with all of my understanding and experience and most importantly with the great, great Love that I have inside my big heart for each one of my brothers and sisters within Love.
A very big kiss that surrounds all of you from your brother Jesus Christ
Respect And Non-Respect Attitude Toward Other People Reflection was the Message dictated 15th September 2004
Respect And Non-Respect Attitude Toward Other People Reflection
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