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Messages to Humanity - Love for you

My adored sons and my adored daughters, I reply with my heart to the Happy Mother’s day wishes that Sara sent me.

It’s with great pleasure that I take the opportunity to share a few words with you, even if my son has given me all the time I feel it’s necessary, in my heart this message should be sufficient to remind you of the wonderful, truly great Love that I have in my heart for each one of you.

A goodbye with all my Love.

The Virgin Mary your mother.

This message, my brothers and my sisters, goes beyond words, certain emotions are difficult to express with words, happiness, contentment, joy, enthusiasm, those are all words that inside the heart speak of our Love, the great Love that accompanies every moment of life in this Dimension, Paradise.

It’s such an emotion to watch you follow every message, to watch you conquer more and more the continuity of your Love inside your heart, watch you look at your brothers with growing understanding, these emotions are difficult to describe in words but they are very intense inside our hearts.

Today my, brothers, is Mother’s day and while the phones ring and kisses are blown everywhere, you approach with your heart the experience of you as children and many of you as parents.

As children you can’t fail to notice the long time that was necessary for your growth and this recognition allows you to take consciousness of the Love that was necessary to mobilize every single day.

Many memories disappear, only your Soul is able to remember every day of your growth, the mind cancelled things, but you could certainly understand it by thinking that actually every child needs constant attention in order to grow, and the memories of the mind speak to you of special moments where this Love represented a surprise for all of you.

As parents, the daily experiences teach how much Love you have to give every day to the children, for their needs, to promote their growth, and you have many experiences that you could share, however your children, as they grow up, will treasure in their memories that Love that you gave them as a surprise in that specific day.

These are the memories of the mind; however, the memories that are in the heart as opposed to the mind contain every single manifestation of Love, it’s this memory that makes it either easier or more difficult for you to express your own Love.

The more your heart felt love, the easier it will be to express your own Love; then there are paths, experiences which as you grow up can give you experiences of Love expressed by others and this always help, even those hearts that think that they received very little Love.

The expression of your Love, as children, as parents, as others, allows your children, your parents and all other brothers who experience that every heart requires to express Love, and in order for your words to become a memory of your manifestation of Love, it is necessary to express your feeling in words.

Despite the fact that words may not contain the complete expression of your Love, your child, your parent, your brothers associate the word “dear” with affection, “Love” with affection, “tenderness” with affection, a “my wonderful treasure” with wonderful affection,

These are the sweetest words that, more than any other word, transmit Love and those are the words that should be expressed more than any others.

The heart needs them to store in the mind’s memory what you feel in your hearts.

My brothers, we use these words constantly, both with all brothers in the Sky and with all of you brothers on earth, so that the expression of our feeling may always reach your minds as well as your hearts, to feed you with Love, to allow you to recognize our feelings, to let you feel loved at all times by all of us, to allow to respond from your heart, renewed by our affection, with much much Love to give to all brothers.

And if our presence continues, constantly, next to you is our manifestation of Love, our words put our heart in your thoughts, in your minds, they are extremely important words for your growth, for your commitment of growth, for your life, for the complete expression of the Love that you carry inside your heart.

I shall conclude again today’s message, my children, I feel so much Love every moment for you, I follow every day of your lives with so much hope, I accompany you very close to you with much joy, every day. Think of me that way, because this is how my heart is with you every day, my special children, truly loved, children who love more and more with each day, aware of the Love that they pour onto the planet earth.

The Virgin Mother Mary with her infinite Love

Your Brother Jesus Christ with his infinite Love


Message transmitted 14th May 2006


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