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Messages to humanity - Forgiveness for everyone

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, when the sun is in your lives you notice that many contrasts from the past seem distant, old feelings of violence abandoned, discussions on contrasts cancelled, but when new clouds appear, you notice that everything rushes back, past and present tensions, aggressiveness both in thought and in action that was in the past and aggressiveness of the present moment.

At the same time, when the sky is dark inside you, the past reconnects again with all of its problems, with all manifestations of non-Love and you feel truly sad in your eyes and in your heart you feel as if all that you have known all along is only non-Love.

These are emotions that really fill your whole lives.

But why does the past continue to come back to squash your present?

In my eyes, the times that have come and gone in your lives were lived inside many, countless experiences, often of tenderness, of Love, but also of pain, contrasts and non-Love.

You left behind in your memories the sweet times, but you never forgave the other manifestations of non-Love, and so your past returns as soon as the first clouds appear.

Why is forgiveness so important? Because forgiveness is awareness of the difficulties of other people in expressing their own Love and forgiveness is on the one side the recognition of this great difficulty, while on the other side it’s the recognition that what happened were experiences, they do not depend on you, you were looking for Love, it did not depend on your behaviour, this is what forgiveness is, recognition of difficulties of the other person to love independently from your behaviour and independently from your way of life.

Just like the many youths in this world, during your lives you also thought about your responsibilities rather than other people’s responsibilities and you loaded your heart with promises of change, of guilt, of acquisitions of responsibilities that were truly not your own.

Recognition and forgiveness allow you to not return to the past and give you the serenity necessary to notice that even in the present moment the emotions you feel are not the consequence of difficulties of other brothers and sisters in feeling their own Love.

In forgiveness lies the recognition of the goodness of your feeling inside your heart, goodness in the instinctive, immediate recognition that you are not feeling the manifestation of Love, because the heart always reacts immediately to the lack of the manifestation of Love.

This is the reason why to forgive takes on such an important meaning, because from your heart you felt very accurately this lack of manifestation and your mind sought an explanation while forgetting that the heart can perceive nothing but the truth.

To forgive, my brothers and sisters, means to forgive the great difficulties that some people have expressed through their behaviour, causing experiences that taught you to take full knowledge of the feeling of non-Love or of Love that may be expressed by your brothers, and they taught you that certain people due to their many problems can effectively hid the expression of their own heart and they taught you that the feeling that often is felt in the manifestation of non-love is guilt, it’s feeling a loss of value, it’s feeling responsible without the responsibility.

Many problems that haunt you today are in your past, do forgive, aware that in your world there are difficulties related to culture, to relations between brothers, this will allow you to express yourselves more and more in your being Love, like you do today.

Forgive and help to forgive those brothers who have known extremely important moments of manifestations of non-Love.

Forgive with your whole heart, because only by forgiving it will be possible to bring serenity to your lives.

Forgive yourselves to others for your manifestations of non-Love and forgive to yourselves every manifestation of non-Love that you attributed to yourselves.

I say goodbye with my heart full of hope and forgiveness for the brothers who daily have manifestations of non-Love for all other brothers.

I already forgave you my brothers for all your manifestations of non-Love, now forgive yourselves my loved ones.

With all my affection,

Your Brothers Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 10th May 2006


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