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My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today’s message is especially for those of you who have been following our messages for a long time.

I have followed you from my heart, with my heart I have taught you, and with all my Love I accompanied you in the path of truth that took place, message after message.

In the heart I have a sweet memory of all the moments we had over the last three years when, while reading, our brothers felt inside their hearts my sweet words of Love and your hearts lit up and responded to my intense Love with their own Love.

Seeing these experiences today, being not only beautiful, they give me happiness for the sweet transformation that I have seen take place for a long time in all of you.

These memories will be my memories forever.

Here on earth you are busy helping your relatives and all people who you deem needy of attention and Love and this precious help, my brothers, will become a treasure for the experience that you are accumulating as a Soul, and when I will finally be able to welcome you once again in my arms the emotion that I will be likely to feel will be that of welcoming a brother who will have given much Love to his incarnated brothers and hugging you again to my heart there will be an explosion of Love and I will happily accompany you to the Father to then hug you once again.

It’s right so, I believe that my promise to be the first one to welcome you is right because now on earth you are working with Love following the very messages that I am dictating from my heart.

Now I would like to help you, I noticed that many of you are in contact with people whom you define depressed and the circumstances of their depression does not allow you, and correct me if I am wrong, to face these problems feeling from the heart and to be truly of help.

This is my sweet help my brothers.

What you call depression is a state in which that brother or that sister perceives the world as having to suffer constant pressure coming from other brothers; this perceived unjust pressure brings to an internal slow death of the possibility of expressing your own affection and nourishing the heart with renewed affection.

In my eyes depression is only about Love donated, promised, never received.

Over time these people clam up inside themselves even further and they consider the time spent as nothing in terms of affection and the pressure continues to mount and this determines that closure that eventually turns into illness.

It’s possible to help them if you begin to consolidate your relationship with them focusing especially on affection, don’t make the mistake of pushing, of being so actively full of advice, instead, accept these emotions inside you, and feed them with your commitment to reply with even more of your Love; you will be happy to notice that gradually very many of these brothers will open up with trust to the words that you will say and their renewed affection will express itself more and more.

My brothers, you really don’t need an avalanche of words, rather a manifestation of affection that is translated into listening, into understanding of what that brother is feeling and in the understanding affection encouraged by your Love.

For all brothers who are listening to this message, remember that on earth the most important problem is the great difficulty in having your heart, Love, as a bastion of your own existence; being Love, always thinking with Love, exchanging more and more Love, this is what putting the flag of Love on your life means, and this is the difficulty of many brothers that creates the great unhappiness, the great pressure, the great problem on your earth.

Everyone has their own existence and many people experience not being able to rely on the affection of the people with whom they have lived with or whom they are living with now.

Welcome this experience as a possibility because a heart that is not supported by Love always fades.

However every heart conserves the possibility that, once supported, it can once again express all of the sweetness of the Love that it contains.

If you will now try to experiment this teaching you will see that starting from today you will be able to express your Love more and more, strong in your intention to finally help in the best possible way your many brothers who feel so little Love in the world that they become overwhelmed by it.

I say goodbye my loved brothers and I say goodbye my loved sisters, your effort to help your brothers is very clear, and I can assure you, to support you, that your help and your Love for your brothers will not find us absent.

With Love from all of us,

Your brother Jesus Christ.


Message transmitted 6th May 2006


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