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Messages to Humanity - I come to you

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, I come to you and welcome your request.

There are often brothers who have little knowledge of our Sky, they think that we are here in the Sky on plush armchairs and we do nothing when witnessing your suffering.

There are brothers who prefer not to think about it, they are convinced that our help, brothers, only consists of constant judgment.

There are brothers who spend a lot of time waiting for manifestations from us, they are convinced that if we truly exist then our manifestations will come.

There are very complicated brothers who experiment with our presence to then annul us with their minds

There are brothers who put contingencies on our manifestations.

There are brothers who think of us in certain situations but then forget all about our existence.

There are brothers who suffer and who think that their suffering was sent from the Sky and not, in certain situations, from their own choices.

This is the negative.

There are brothers who every single day think about contacting us from their heart, they ask for advice, for some help for some brothers and for themselves.

Many, many brothers come to us in their prayers, in their thoughts, in the affection of their hearts.

And this is the positive.

There are brothers who believe, and we are in their lives, and there are brothers who do not believe and wait for our manifestation to then form an opinion on whether we all truly exist or not.

In a message a long time ago I dictated some concepts, one of them addressed specifically the respect of your free will.

If you eyes can not see, or your ears hear, or your sense of touch feel anything, this does not prove our existence or inexistence.

Our own eyes see you perfectly but to me even with my eyes closed you exist, one by one, and it’s not so much my eyes that tell me of your existence, and neither my ears or sense of touch for that matter, it’s my heart that feels your happiness or your sadness.

With the heart you investigate, with the heart you understand, with the heart you know the truth.

Right now in a place far away there is a war going on, your heart feels this emotion that, not your eyes or your sense of touch or your hearing; do you know with your heart what the war means, and maybe it’s the less real war because it’s impossible to see it with your eyes?

On the same token our presence manifested to your brothers speaks of our real existence, starting from holy scripts, to all the testimonials, to the appearances, to the events that involve the entire humanity like those brothers who brought, I am talking about the prophets, messages of truth and many others.

Manifestation, there has always been manifestation, however some brothers don’t feel the certainty in their hearts, maybe it’s because many teachings, today less so than in the past, were addressed to a public of adepts as opposed to every brother or sister on earth.

And this adds distance, this makes people feel far away and unworthy, this makes us experience a waste of time, and this makes people feel like they are wasting their time in searching for a direct contact with us.

My brothers, why not look for the truth? Don’t the many experiences of brothers who are in a relationship with us, that are becoming even more numerous, tell you anything? Our manifestations in the lives of every body, do they really not tell you anything? Why, instead, of deleting your emotions, don’t you welcome certain emotions that you felt arising inside your hearts, welcome them as a manifestation of our real closeness with all of you?

Agreed, it’s not always easy to understand them, they are emotions, however, when you feel the presence of a feeling that is not yours, or a thought that was not yours, or the perception of a certain event as not your own, why do you forget it if the attention in your lives to our existence manifests itself in this way?

How do you think you can prove our existence if you cancel, remove the experience that you felt in your heart?

Why should I appear to you? Should I scare you? Are you not my brothers? It’s to the inside of your heart that I speak, that’s where I speak with everybody with my calm voice, with all the Love that I have for you, tuning out my voice means putting distance from me and I can not impose myself on you, I accept an invitation, I do not impose myself on you.

There is freedom, your freedom, to look for me or to push me away, and I respect your freedom, because to impose myself is an act of violence and your brother Jesus is not violent, I have always operated through Love, only through Love.

It’s your turn to invite me, to bring me up to speed on the emotions of your heart and ask for my advice, my help, accept me, accept my existence, in your heart and in your lives, it’s your turn, and I shall answer your invitation, I will love you despite your recognition, but you still have to acknowledge my existence in the lives of my brothers.

Nonetheless, I am happy about this message I dictated, because, my much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, this is also a manifestation and to accept or not accept this message does not mean that it’s a tangible and definite proof, however for you my brothers it’s a proof of the existence of the possibility of a manifestation of our presence.

There is no conclusion for this message, only a flow in the heart initiated by listening to my words, what better opportunity my brothers to give value to what you feel in this moment?

It’s my Love that manifested itself.

Your brother Jesus Christ.


Message transmitted 3rd May 2006


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