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Messages to humanity - You just need to press on the accelerator

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, you think of yourselves, you notice your needs and at the same time you notice the needs of your other brothers, you pause while you wonder what to do, you plan your actions and you wait to receive the powerful push from your heart to begin implementing your project.

You wait for the push from your heart that may correct your tendency to wait for the right time, to correct your inclination to wait and see the example from other people before you get involved in your project and your brothers’ project, to correct as always your inclination to let other people realize their projects, many of which are very similar to your own projects.

How much time needs to pass before you decide to open up your heart and take strength from your same desire that brought you to think of that project in the first place?

Much time spent thinking about it, programming in infinite details your project and then you wait a long time before your desire may change into the fuel that is necessary for its realization.

This is your fuel, the intensity of your desire.

Man has always used his own desire to do research, the discoveries in all fields; man always used his own desire to change, to improve the society in which he lived; man always used his own desire to allow dignity, freedom, equality and peace in the world; man always used his desire to prove to himself the goodness of his own thought, the goodness of his project, the goodness of doing something for other brothers and for themselves at the same time.

These desires of those brothers which were incarnated before you lead to the current state of your lives and many brothers next to you today are working toward the realization of their own projects starting from the desire that they feel inside their hearts.

This sweet commitment, helped, supported from the constant reference to the desire of the heart, will bring new transformations on earth in the interest of all brothers.

While we speak, right now, there are many brothers who are working, who are turning their projects into actions and numerous are the ones who are planning, from the hearts, new efforts, new projects and many of you are waiting for advice to put themselves and their desires into action.

To those of you who are listening, here is my advice: inside your heart the desire is the expression of your being Love, sweet Love that gets busy donating more and more affection and Love in a more favorable condition. And in the heart this desire turns into your project because you believe that in a different existence your own Love may express much more. Your project represents the missing element for a greater expression of your Love.

Everyone’s project has this desire as a base and each one of my brothers and my loved sisters has this desire for the aspect that is felt as missing for the expression of their own Love.

My loved brothers, my loved sisters, why should the expression of your Love wait? Your necessity of expressing more and more Love lead you to plan, to think, and this is it, the desire deployed to the field that allows you to realize that important change for the expression of your Love and the push and fuel necessary for it are in the desire itself.

This is my advice; remain focused on your desire, concentrated on the importance of your desire, continue to feed your desire that is inside you by turning into action what you had planned and even if sometimes it takes time to reach the full results, feed your project by constantly reminding yourselves of the great goodness of your desire.

Over time the results will come and will add strength, they will feed your desire and, always focused on your desire, the objectives will finally be reached.

Desire is the strength to realize all of this.

However, now, while I say goodbye to you, I have a desire to tell you about one of our projects: I desire to help you with all of my heart to realize, next to you, all of your projects, because as a brother, the condition that I am missing from expressing you my Love even more is that you may really feel me next to you and this means that I will be happy if my brothers and my sisters will ask me to be at their side in every important occasion to realize their own desire, their own project.

 I will conclude by communicating Sara Luce’s new project, project that I personally helped realize and it’s the new collection of Graces and Miracles which we do in great numbers to help you, which is now on the website. Personally, and Sara knows this, I helped her, personally I will be happy to help my many brothers and my many sisters to realize their own projects.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message sent 30th April 2006


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