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Messages to Humanity - There is a Need for Love

My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, there is a need for Love, there is a need for lots of Love for change to happen.

The life conditions of many brothers lead them to shut themselves up and limit every possible intervention aimed at everybody. Just like an island, they float in a sea of unknown brothers, like islands they float, thinking that helping a brother they do not know is only a waste of time and is not important.

You see, in Paradise, between us there is always a desire to help each other, we are aware that our wellness is also the consequence of the wellness of the brothers who live next to us; this realization comes from our specific experience, when we help a brother, a smile repays us for our effort and in the meeting with that sweet smile we meet our Love.

This is essential for us who are aware that Love is the most important element of ourselves and to realize that the fruit of our Love allows a return on Love really special toward ourselves.

It’s extremely important for Us to receive this Love because it brings us to mobilize new Love for all of our brothers and as a consequence we always look to help even more and involve our Love all the time.

In order for you to begin to follow our behavior as an example, and for you to sweetly expand your islands by including gradually more and more brothers and sisters, it is essential to recognize your own being Love as a principal ingredient of yourselves.

I have spoken to you about Love for a long time, of Spirit, of Sky, of all the truths that are important to guide you in your path of growth and now that we can speak to you directly through this contact of Love, your brother Jesus invites you again to expand your islands, your brother Jesus invites you again to experiment yourselves in your being Love, He invites you to love and again he invites you to experiment yourselves toward this sweetest smile of your brothers as a recognition of your being Love and recognition of yourselves.

There are many of you, this group expanded enormously and it’s still expanding and the light that you emanate is increasingly more intense.

Through the Love you mobilized you reached this point, by mobilizing more and more of this same Love the intensity of the collective Love emanated on earth will also increase

And this result is the result of your Love.

Inside your heart there is the great desire of peace between populations, a desire for true Justice, a desire that you may always recognize each other as brothers, there is the desire to be of help to you and to see you smiling while you walk, desire for peace which is also a desire for wellness for everybody, my brothers in order to realize all of these desires, you do not need to cast yourselves aside and wait until somebody else begins to mobilize the sweet Love from their hearts, why don’t all of you begin all together, by taking up a commitment between you to begin to saw your Love?

Come on, there are many of you, my brothers the result will become visible in a very short time, between you and your brothers.

My brothers, many of you are already doing it, however the effort for all of you to expand your islands may help you imagine your ocean as studded with many beautiful islands that expand gradually and that one day will reach one another.

Also think of the effort of your other brothers, think of yourselves as united in this common effort: the increased expression of your Love that will lead to the increased expression of the Love of your brothers.

We are all tied between us by this wonderful mile-long thread on which Love flows, now we can use it together to feel united in this shared effort, to feel Love flow with even more intensity and to always activate new connections of Love with all of our brothers and sisters in the world.

With our effort always at your side, there will be more and more Love coming your way, from the brothers and from all of us in the Sky, always more Love to allow this sweet net to express more and more Love, to give all brothers food for their sweet thoughts, present in their hearts but frozen from the thoughts of the impossibility of change.

My brothers let’s activate the desires of their hearts with our example, let’s inundate them with the light of our collective Love.

If the dream continues to be supported one fine day even the most impossible dream will change into reality.

With Love

Your brother Jesus Christ.


Message sent 26th April 2006


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