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Messages to humanity - the contact with love

Welcome, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, welcome to the contact with our Love, for us it’s a special moment because we have the opportunity to speak with you and to be sure that you will listen to our words.

The sweetness that we feel at all times in our heart is immense, unimaginable for your hearts, it’s a feeling that is expressed with light, and the sweet contact with your hearts produces light in your hearts in return. So we are illuminated as we speak with you, and you, my brothers, as you listen. When the light is lit up the contact takes place between our Love and yours and right now as you listen inside yourselves, you will notice, my loved brothers, that time and even space, which is an experience for all of you, seem suspended from the reading of our words.


Because time and space do not belong to the experience of the Soul but to that of materiality and it’s an experience of all of you right now, the immortality of your Soul.

Why immortality?

Because right now, as you exist only as a Spirit, you are aware of your existence as a Spirit, you can notice that time and space do not belong to the Spirit because right now you feel present, since always and forever.

This is your important realization, you exist since always and you feel you will be forever, this is the truth, the truth of your being Spirit.

Let’s start from your experience of truth to talk between our Spirits of the reason why, of the need for this contact between our Spirits.

There has always been a contact between the Spirit in this moment in time here in what you call Paradise and the Spirit of the brothers who are busy in their path of growth on earth.

This contact, my brothers and my sisters, has always existed since your appearance on earth and will exist until your last appearance on earth.

This contact, albeit within Love, within the great freedom allowed to all of you who are incarnated, lends itself, as always, as a help in guiding you toward the specific achievement of all your growth projects.

Our help has always manifested itself, constantly to each one of you, through the many words spoken to your heart, through the help in your thoughts, in your feelings, in your reflections and in certain moments it also manifested itself as a specific help, miracles, rescues, sudden solutions, messages, intuitions, prearranged meetings, all this help to allow you to welcome the presence of the Spirit involved in the help of the Spirit of the son of the Father.

The reason resides in the Love of the Father, love that you know in its intensity in this Sky but that you forget, at least in part, when you wear you physical body. However, even if you forget, the Father never forgets any one of you and His help, our help, is truly constant and direct my brothers and sisters, always always always to each one of you.

Again over time, many brothers attempted a contact between their own Spirit and our Spirit through their incarnations and when in this contact their own Love was expressed, the contact always took place.

The difficulty at all times for you has only been that of accepting that your brothers, mobilizing their own Love, managed to get in touch with our Spirit, however, brothers, in every place and at all times, brothers contacted our Spirit through their own Spirit with the intention to help their own brothers make contact with the Spirit to learn the truth of the existence of the Spirit.

This is the only obstacle that the incarnated brothers have met in the contact with the truth: your resistances, your difficulties, in believing in the possibility of a contact between Spirit and Spirit.

Why do we explain all this to you my brothers?

Because if the contact between the Spirit has always existed, on the same token also your resistances have always existed, however many brothers resist because they do not recognize themselves in their own Love, they do not recognize Love as a feeling of the manifestation of their own being Spirit, but Love, like every feeling, just is, it can not be learnt, it just is, in the same way as the need to help, expression of the manifestation of your being Love, just is, it can not be learnt, it just is and that’s all there is to it, in the same way as the feeling of real Justice, a manifestation of your Love, far from being something your learn, just is, it is and that‘s it, in the same way as Respect, again a manifestation of your being Love, far from being something you learn, just is, it is and that’s it, in the same way as friendship, always a manifestation of your being Love, is a feeling that all of you experience and it’s always an expression of your great Spirit.

My brothers, many resistances my brothers, in recognizing yourselves for what you really are, you are creatures born from the Love of the Father, in the creation you were created from Love and the Father, gifting you a part of his own great Love, allowed all of us to be in his image and liking, which is Love.

My much-loved brothers and my much-loved sisters, in this truth, why should we consider ourselves separated between us? We have a similar glue between us and it’s really through the Love of the Father that keeps us together, all of us children, and it’s through this sweetest glue that we are in contact, between all of us in the Sky and all of you currently on earth, between all of us here in the Sky and all of you now on earth.

The contact is like a mile-long thread that unites us and it’s on this thread that Love runs and comes into contact; Love runs amongst you on earth on this wonderful thread and Love runs on the same sweet thread from earth all the way to us.

You appreciate the possibility that even from this thread, our Love may reach through the Love of every brother; you appreciate that through this thread Love and our help comes to you and we thank our Father who, by gifting us his same Love, created between us this special contact that always has Him as the pinnacle.

Like this thread is an expression of the contact of Love between us, so the Father is the expression of the source of our own same Love.

This time I hug you and send you through this wonderful thread that really unites me with all of you brothers and sisters of the Sky and of earth, all of my immense Love for you, feel it and accept it because it’s the Love of your brother Jesus Christ.

May a big kiss reach all of your hearts through this thread

Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message sent 23 April 2006


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