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Messages to humanity - Together in the Spirit

My sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, I speak to each one of you my dear brothers and my dear sisters, I really speak to each one of you, so that you may hear from inside your heart, your brother Jesus hugging you with Love and telling you these words that come from my heart and that are really for your own heart.

We have always been together, on earth you perceive through materiality and this makes it impossible for you to see us, hear us, welcome our words into your hearts, impossible for many brothers, but not for all, and this means that if there is this possibility even for just one brother, it means that all of you have the same possibility.

Seeing us, feeling us, hearing us, it’s a possibility.

Love allows these contacts through Love and Love is necessary therefore to allow a contact between you as Spirit, and Spirit itself.

Just in the same way as Spirit is also the Love inside your heart that allows this contact, and I am inviting you to make contact with your own Love to make contact with the Spirit of all of us.

Brothers, this teaching that I am donating you will allow you to open yourselves up to this possibility, or to increase your current ability.

This procedure requires time, however the time required will be very valuable to give you the opportunity, that you now feel is possible, coming from your heart.

Always remember that it’s your Love that is behind this possibility, only your sweet Love.

It’s an opportunity that is possible for the Spirit, and a contact through Love with the Spirit.

The Spirit is nourished through the thought of Love.

In this first step your Spirit expand in response to the thought of Love. You need to look inside you for the images, the memories, everything that speaks of Love to you, all that inspires Love in you, the desire to see, to speak with those whom you love, the seducer to hear those who love speak. You feel inside the Love that moves toward your contact and your feelings fill out this light that you begin to emanate.

In your thoughts is the comfort that all of your thoughts and feelings are reaching the much loved Spirit.

Concentrate on this contact, you are speaking to the loved Spirit and you let the words flow from your heart toward your contact.

All of sudden, with the time and your effort, words will appear in your mind, images will come to your eyes, this is the time of the true and real contact and from that moment on your Love will be able to access the Spirit with increasing ease.

I am listening to the questions that you can ask me.

I shall answer.

Perfect is to relax, in a tranquil place so that your Spirit can express in silence and tranquility.

Perfect is to always thank the Father for the fact that this opportunity, that Love gave all of us, is always available.

Perfect is if you also use your prayer to allow your Love to expand, it’s recognition, it’s thankfulness.

Perfect is even noise, music, if this helps you in your spiritual concentration.

Perfect is what you find that may flood your heart with Love, to then be sent out later by enriching it with feelings on the loved Spirit.

For your contact it’s very important that your effort may be supported by the thought of entering into contact with the Love, with the objective to know and grow within Love; this condition is very important, I would say essential, Love meets Love to then grow on the path of Love, and the other important thought is the safety that Love always meets Love. Whether you feel this or not, whether you see it or not, does not depend on the Love to whom it is directed, but on your own mobilized Love.

Perfect is to take notes of your first experiences, keeping a diary of your experiences allows all of you to be aware of how much your possibility of a contact can grow over time and from this too comes the recognition of the Love that is ever more mobilized from your heart.

Time, time is subjective, the longer you try, the longer you will spend in contact with your Spirit, the easier it will be to mobilize your Love and the easier it will be to access the contact with Love, the Spirit with the Spirit.

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, your Spirit, just like any other existing Spirit, only knows Love and in the contact with Love you will only meet another Love. Let go of your impossible fears, I want to remind you that in the contact with Love you shall not meet any other energy other than another Love.

If you have come this far reading my messages, if you have read all of them, at this point you should be more than confident that, as I told you many times, only Love corresponds to Love.

Perfect is to always thank the Father for the smallest contact, faithful of his own help toward his loved son or daughter.

For the Father, research is to give the possibility to yourselves to access the truth and this is the subject that I would like to talk to you about on our next contact.

Perfect is to let your joy guide you to the contact between your Love and Love.

Brothers, sisters, may the light and Love always be with you at all times, may they allow you the right observations on the life that you are living and may they guide you to make contact with the dimension of your Spirit and with the great, immense Love of the Father toward all of us.

We wait for you with immense, immense Love.

Your brother Jesus Christ.

Message transmitted 19th April 2006

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