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Without You - New messages to Humanity

My much loved and very precious brothers, my much loved and very precious sisters, in my heart is the immense Love I have for you, for those of you who are listening to my words, for those of you who will listen to them in the future and for those who are following a different path toward the knowledge of the truth, and who perhaps will never read these words from me. However, this experiment which is developing in the contact between us through these dictated messages allows me to express to those of you who are listening to me, the externalization of all of my immense Love for you, my brothers and sisters.

Back then, when we were all in this Paradise, the joy to see all of you, my brothers born from the desire of the Father to express Himself through creation by creating children with all of the feeling of Love of our Father, to put the light of Love in the position to be able to shine everywhere in Paradise, my priority was to follow you to always ensure your happiness.

As a guardian of Love I would follow you and I would accompany you in those places where the Father had expressed all of His talent in the creation of magnificent places in terms of beauty and for gathering, and those particular places soon became your own places because in front of so much beauty your eyes would fill with gratitude and an immense Love emanated from your heart.

Time went by until the time when, as I already told you, many brothers desired an experience of creation of their own, they convinced the Father to create a place where He could give His children not only an existence that was completely independent from Him, but also the ability to experience creation.

Today the planets, including earth that now welcomes you, welcome many Souls, many people as you label them amongst you, many brothers, as I have always called you.

That change proved to be painful for me, however, initially it represented a change inside me and instead of your Guardian of happiness I became your point of reference for your happiness in whatever place you may find yourselves.

Based on having watched your own experiences, over time my task morphed, to allow all of you to remind you of your Spirit, which is one earth, this was necessary due to materialism and the change of vibration that is typical of incarnation, over time this changed from a certainty to gradually more of an uncertainty.

Over time this uncertainty led you to believe that the only reality was earth and this began to plant the seeds of possession and selfishness.

From a Guardian of the Spirit, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I changed my role again and I descended on earth to be an example of the Spirit, of our divinity, incarnated from a physical body with the intention to help you leave the materialism that is contingent as the only reality, and to reach the truth of the Spirit.

And my new experience, so difficult and to date still very painful to remember, allowed a renewed beginning through my presence, my teachings, my traveling among my brothers, the development of interest toward your own Spirit rather than materialism.

Over time many messages, in addition to my messages, my brothers, have been brought to your knowledge on earth, which today is the diverse religions, the unique purpose to remind people even in the smallest corner of earth of the Spirit, the reality of the Spirit juxtaposed to the reality of materialism.

For this same reason, my brothers and my sisters, even now I am dictating this message for you and reminding you of the truth of your being Spirit with words that are either written or heard,.

Did you notice through this message the change that has taken place all along in my Love purpose to you? To the question “why?” your brother Jesus has held each one of his brothers in His heart, since the beginning of time, and He has always been there to guarantee their happiness, I am answering the question by thinking of how many times I witnessed your creation, as a first reaction my brothers I have always been next to the Father before your eyes even opened, as Love created you, your eyes would open and my brothers, so much Love was shining from you and your Brother Jesus, seeing this, would fall in Love even more with every one of you and this is the result, the immense Love that has been and still is inside my heart for all of you all the way through today.

I remember every creation, the eyes, the feeling, the first expressions, it’s truly wonderful my brothers to remember your first words, gratitude, affection, and how you shone, this is my memory of each one of you, a sweet memory, an intense memory of each one of you my brothers and the sweetness I felt in my heart when participating with my heart to your creation.

At this time the memories are so very intense they make me shine and illuminate the entire Paradise and your brothers have come to me to hear me talk about their own creation through this message, so many Souls are here with me, I have a celebration in my heart and all around me is a celebration, we are celebrating Love, we are celebrating our Father who created us, we are celebrating my Mother who allowed me to be with you on earth, we are celebrating Love and the Spirit that allows us to recognize ourselves right now in the Father who allowed us to experiment this wonderful feeling of Love, the real glue that unites us.

Let’s celebrate Love, my precious brothers and my precious sisters

A triumph of light and Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 15th April 2006


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