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So Many Truths – New messages to Humanity

My much loved and sweet brothers and my much loved and sweet sisters, so many truths, in front of your eyes your land, and this is truth, in front of your eyes many people, and this is also truth, the effort, the jobs of each one of you, and this is also truth, the solutions adopted for the planet’s problems, and this is also truth, the existence of your religions, and this is also truth, my advice, my messages, and this is also truth, I speak to you about the Sky, the Paradise, Love, and this is also truth, I look at you and invite you to see others as your own brothers, and this is also truth, I look at you and invite you to always put Love in your choices, and this is also truth, and I invite you to look at problems and solve them, starting from the concept that we are all brothers, and to start by mobilizing all of your Love into your solutions, and this is also truth.

Truth is existence of you as a Spirit, and your existence on earth, a short spell in your immortality, is experience to allow your heart to express itself more and more starting from the constant choice between using your Love, or, on the contrary, non-Love.

I don’t see contradictions if you realize that you are Spirit before anything else.

Without the Spirit guiding you, your entire existence will end up not making any sense.

Let’s say for example that while on earth you gained power, and there is nothing wrong with that, what do you do with your acquired power?

You can enrich yourselves by taking advantage of your power, you can influence by taking advantage of your power, a lot of financial comfort can surround you with power, the lights are pointed on the power that you conquered, but where is the sense in all this if then death will inevitably be your experience?

Let’s again say, for example, that in order to capture your power you neglected every emotional contact, interacting only with commercial contacts that allowed you to conquer even more power, and when you looked at people you saw more of what they represented in terms of power instead of looking at them as your own brothers; at the time of your inevitable death, what meaning did your existence have?

Actually many of you believe that the comfort gained may be sufficient to give meaning to each individual life, but what kind of meaning?

Owning many villas, does it allow you to enjoy them?

Owning many cars, does it allow you to enjoy it?

Even owning a country, does it allow you to enjoy it?

In fact, every day you are bombarded by many messages that speak of enjoying this or that, but once you bought that object of your desire, are you able to enjoy it many and many times over?

Experience teaches me that when you drive a fast car you think about how much fuel it uses, about the speed limit, about the many times that people asked you to give them a ride so that they can raise envy in other people, do you enjoy this my brothers?

Enjoy other people’s envy? How is that possible,  you think you are superior to all other brothers and then you believe that what gives you satisfaction is to be envied by others? What meaning is in sacrificing a life, a lot of time, all affections, in order to be envied? What is the meaning in that? And you think that this can give you satisfaction?

There are many brothers who, every now and then, stop and ask themselves, what meaning does all of this have? The fast car has a meaning only if, when you sit in it, the child inside you rejoices at this toy and the important thing is not what that feeling of joy produces, but it’s the experimentation of the feeling of joy that can remind us of our being Spirit.

Utilizing power to do things for other people can bring you to live many beautiful feelings and these feelings remind us of being Spirit.

Even having access to a large amount of money to be able to help other people gives beautiful emotions and reminds us that we are Spirit.

Beautiful emotions, my brothers and my sisters, emotions that make you feel expanded, emotions that give you a feeling of wholeness, of happiness, of joy, of satisfaction, emotions that make your heart feel free, devoid of words but thick with a sense and meaning, emotions that allow you to feel that there is no difference between the person speaking and the one listening, emotions that make you feel united, almost united into the same body, these are the emotions that make you live your being Spirit because they come from your heart and flood your entire Being.

These are the emotions that talk to you of your being Spirit and by now you experimented so many emotions during your existence on earth, all of you my brothers, now think of your emotions, sweet memories, intense memories, the intense emotions of those memories of when your Spirit spoke.

This is truth, your Spirit expressed itself through these strong emotions and this truth reminds you of your being Spirit, and these emotions remind all of you of your being Spirit.

And if these emotions remind you of your Spirit, my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, this only means that you are Spirit, it reminds you that you are immortal, it reminds you that on earth this is only a parenthesis of your overall existence as Spirit, it reminds you that afterward as a Spirit you will return once again in this Sky and as a Spirit you will always be in contact to help everyone on earth recognize themselves and experiment as Spirit to feel also from over here those beautiful emotions that even from here will speak to you of evolution of your Spirit. And this is truth.

And existence on earth, from this experience, is it truth, the only truth, or is it perhaps an experience of truth inside a larger experience of you as a Spirit?

And now, my brothers, let’s read this message again from the beginning, do you notice any contradictions?

With all of the great affection that I am feeling right now for each one of you, I kiss you and I say goodbye with much, much Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 12th April 2006


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