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More on the Light of Love – New messages to Humanity

My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, let’s continue with the advice on how to light up the light of Love and how to leave it on in your hearts and illuminating in the meantime the entire world around you.

My brothers, all around you see contradictions; while there is a lot of talk about Love, Justice, Freedom, Equality, very often in behaviors there is contradiction with these words, sometimes uttered with strength, with apparent conviction.

There are many brothers who think of the right values, of Respect, of meeting with everybody, of exchange between brothers as being necessary to reciprocal growth.

There are many brothers who think that putting the right value can change earth, by finally putting Love in the first place as a necessary change so that these right values may find their right application.

It’s hard for us, who live in a place where everything finds its highest expression, to understand the resistance to necessary change, not only as thoughts but also mostly as actions, as translation of these thoughts into action, into behavior.

My brothers, abandoning selfishness through Love meets major resistance, first of all because you are convinced that selfishness is a very important part of all of you, a natural part, and this, my brothers, does not correspond to the truth. Selfishness is lack of Love and you are made of Love not selfishness and putting Love or omitting Love is not so much a choice of your hearts but of your minds.

Your minds are always concerned with their own survival, always concerned with not having access to the help of your own brothers, always concerned for the existence or not of Paradise as a real truth, which much more truth than of the reality of life on earth.

These specific concerns forbid many brothers to face life as a research and as an experimentation of the Spirit, of their own Being Love in a place where choice practically rules.

Everything can be abandoned but the spiritual growth conquered during the incarnation.

Do you remember my last message?

By dedicating your existence to Love, by loving a certain person, dedicating him all the attention that you manage to pay to this person from your heart, that brother, or that sister, will be for you an opportunity to be able to experiment yourselves in the highest form of Love and, if you reflect on it, you will realize that what the heart suggests to you has nothing to do with materialism other than as a way to allow to express your Love, but this feeling is the number one in importance, not the materialism of objects.

In this sense there is resistance to leave the choices of non-Love and embrace choices of Love, all the time and for everybody.

Sometimes this resistance is affected also by the opportunity to own more than another brother, resistance that is affected by the thought of prestige, of a false recognition of oneself and of one’s worth, opportunity affected by the occasion to lay your hands on this or that, an opportunity that otherwise other brothers would be able to take.

Then, once in this Sky the remorse is great, many are the things that you would have wanted to change; the people, the opportunities, they are all an opportunity to experiment yourselves in the Spirit and not in the possession, in the Love and not in the non-Love, in helping other brothers grow and create a just world as opposed to continue with mistakes by maintaining an unjust world.

My brothers, since the time you chose this opportunity in the incarnation each one of you brothers has chosen in the heart to mobilize Love, to help your world develop within Justice, has chosen to experiment Being Love and has chosen to always give the right value to materialism.

And now that you are here, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, you realize that the choice is truly eternal; at every moment you can choose what to put in your life; at every moment you choose whether to use Love or non Love; you are aware of the choices that you made for everybody and the choices you made for fear for your survival or prestige, but do try to stop and ask yourselves being as honest with yourselves as you can possibly be: “How do I feel when I choose Love and how do I feel when I choose non-Love?”

This is perhaps the most important answer to perhaps the most important question that you can ask yourselves, and the answer my brothers will turn you either into sweet Souls who are growing or sweet Souls that still need help to choose to be as it was in their program.

Brothers, I will leave you with this thought, aware of your constant choice of Love of your heart and of the non-Love of your fears.

In your eyes I see the Love, inside you I see the great opportunity to choose to always Be Love, in front of you the possibility to seize every moment.

I hug you with great Love, let your brother Jesus hug you, he who chose to help you to be happy in your incarnation by embracing Love even in the most difficult situations.

With much Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 9th April 2006


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