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Throwing Light on Love – New messages to humanity

My much-loved brothers and my much-loved sisters, today we will continue to talk about Love.

Over time you noticed how complex and difficult it can prove to be to remain in a state of always expressing your wonderful Love for your brothers and to yourselves.

Over time you noticed that your brothers, rather than being an inspiration for you to knowingly expressing your Love, often they are an inspiration for feelings of anger, frustration and negative thoughts.

Over time you noticed that even though these messages that you read light up your Love from inside your heart, afterward lighting up your Love or keeping it lit up turns out being more complicated.

Today I want to help you overcome these conditions to allow you, my brothers, to be truly proud of yourselves and of your feeling of Love that you always carry and you share around you.

A star lights up inside your heart when you mobilize the Love that your Father gave you. This star that lights up is made of all colors: without the light of Love this wonderful star can not shine.

How does one learn to light up his own star?

There is only one way, a thought of Love for someone you love. For you this person represents the Love that you feel, the affection that you wish to share with them, the Love and affection with which you would cover him of attentions and through the physical contact, the sweet Love that you would like to share by caressing, smiling, embracing. This person is very important to light up your light and to make it shine with all of its colors.

Right now you realize that perhaps you do not love a person as intensely, you certainly have affection, a lot of it, but the Love I just talked about is so great that you are not really yours is the same.

Take advantage of this moment of experience to realize that you never dedicated your life to anyone. Over time, by continuing to attempt to Love this person more and more, you will realize that even the feelings of Love from your heart will be more constant.

Just like when people fall in love, your heart makes you feel very intensely every feeling of Love for the person you love, and your heart shines and it illuminates your smile and your gaze and you spread that Love all around you, sometimes unknowingly, that light, in the same way; loving a person in the same way, every moment, allows you to be sweetly and constantly in contact with your Being Love.

When you love, you can see a possibility of loving more and more, you see a possibility to build a lot with your Love, you finally see that possibility for everyone to love each other with this Love.

Dedicating your existence to loving this person allows for the expression at the utmost level of your Love.

And this is my first advice, to remain connected with the Love of your heart.

Over time even your loved person experiences moments where it’s difficult to love him, these are moments of growth, almost all of us know these moments, they are moments of mistakes, errors, experimentation of opposites, moments of selfishness, anger, disappointment, moments of abandonment of research, and it’s really in these moments that even your great Love has difficulties expressing totally, look at even these episodes as necessary to your growth, awareness comes also by making mistakes, even by choosing other roads, even through choosing not to express Love it’s possible to learn, you can then choose knowingly to grow, to express in a more constant manner your being Love. Look at these moments of growth as moments of growth within Love even when, on the surface, it appears a path far away from Love. By looking at every manifestation as growth, you can maintain your constant contact with the Love of your heart for this loved person.

And this is my second advice.

And now the last advice for today.

When you look at this loved person, you have inside the sensation that you want to dedicate a project so that this loved person will be without that problem, that risk, that problematic situation, and always from your heart you understand that this risk does not only pertain your loved person but also possibly other people who may encounter the same difficulty, this project then becomes for you a way to express even more Love for your loved person and also for all other brothers who may find themselves in that same identical situation. Then, working with this Love on this project becomes a sweet way to express also to other brothers your sweetest Love.

This is because the act of dedicating your life to loving implies the expression of Love toward those brothers who are linked in their existence to the person you love.

Brothers, this advice contains reflections that are very, very important and your growth is very important to me too, me who dedicated this to you, to love you, truly with the whole of my existence, from here in the Sky all the way to when I came on earth to help you grow, and also when I came back here together with all of you in this Sky to continually help you grow. I dedicated my existence to all of my brothers and it’s exactly from this existence that I sent you my advice today.

To Be Love there is only one condition: to love, to love, sweetly, constantly, to love.

And I, from here, from this Sky, continue to love you.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message Transmitted 5th April 2006


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