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On Love and Hatred – New messages to humanity

My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, without doubt in the heart of every creature, of every child of our Father God there is a feeling of Love; without doubt the Father would like to see this sweet feeling of Love being displayed by all of his children, without doubt each one of us children would like to always be in the condition to display Love and build through the flow of Love an inclusive society that expresses the Love in their hearts.

Brothers, take note of this desire that is in your own hearts by listening to the answer that your heart gives on every occasion where the light of Love shines inside you.

My loved brothers, evolution means growth in the sense that every condition can mobilize the Love inside that person, and bringing that person to expand her Love from inside her heart toward that entire world, whether near or far.

You are all growing up and being able to reach this level seems like utopia to you to, however my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, increasingly often you are noticing that you are experimenting more and more the Love inside you and that you are sending ever more Love all around you.

The enormous difficulty that you experience when faced with horrible episodes that speak of lack of Love is a confirmation of it. Only those who put Love first in their lives, when faced with the lack of Love from a brother, reacts with a great, profound pain.

My brothers, the existence of evil, whether impersonated by your devil or not, repurposes to you brothers the same question over the hearts of these brothers and on the existence of your devil and on other world of Spirits that bring pain and evil.

I once dictated you a message that in this existence, the Sky, there is nothing else other than Love and that everything is done in respect of the Love and the Father does not allow anything that could be different from the expression of Love.

I will repeat, my dear brothers, that your poor devil has never really existed and that all Souls are sweetly followed by Love in their passage from your earth to the existence in this Sky, a passage that many of you worry that sometimes may not happen, a useless worry because every passage is always, always accompanied.

However, whenever you can do anything other than recognize an act contrary to Love as coming from you, you become attached to this figure of the devil, of these fallen Angels, to these manipulating energies pushing people to do evil things and to the stories of terrifying Souls,.

You notice the difference of the existence of Love at many levels, both in you and in your brothers, and, pay attention, it’s easy to justify yourselves and justify those acts, except in those occasions where the sign of lack of Love is obvious.

This justification, far away from your path of growth, continues to repeat the same acts and the same justifications. If you expand this for each one of you who are currently on earth, do the conditions on earth seem to you, at this point, incomprehensible?

If this experience, when reflecting, in fact becomes a realization and understanding of the reason behind the difficulty in expressing Love, and if you multiplied this for every creature currently on planet earth, do you think that life on earth would be different?

It must be very difficult to concentrate and think of yourselves as carriers of Love and much easier to think of yourselves carriers of selfishness and evil, otherwise why would I be talking like this with you?

However in the heart, my brothers, there is only Love and the lack of mobilized Love is not evil, but the lack of mobilized Love.

These are choices, showing Love or not showing Love; there is no evil, but the absence of showing Love where recognized; there are conditions and limiting factors that make the recognition of your own being Love difficult, however my brothers each one of you knows what is Love and what is not Love.

The experience of non-Love which you call anger, hate, violence, or what not, is nothing other than the experience of non-Love and this experience will repeat itself again over time if you will stomp your growth by never asking yourselves why, as Creatures of Love, you were not able to put Love in that situation.

This example is true for all of your experiences, pay attention every time you settle for justifying yourselves, your growth is extremely important for yourselves, therefore, with a smile, do acknowledge your justification and then think using Love.

I know that you are ready for this additional step forward and I feel your hearts are happy to be hearts desiring to express to themselves and to other brothers even more the beautiful Love that they contain.

I can help you make contact with the feelings that sometimes stop you from expressing your Love, let’s make a pact, when faced with your difficulty, you just need to call me from your heart, relax your mind and silently get in touch with your heart and I will send you my help.

For all my loved brothers and for all my loved sisters in the world,

Your brother Jesus Christ,


Message transmitted 2nd April 2006


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