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To Finding Solutions To The Problems Love And Creativity

To Finding Solutions To The Problems Love And Creativity
My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, observing your world, there is a solution for many problems and the existing solution always starts from Love. If you observe all your brothers, what do you see?
You are all concentrated on your problems; sometimes you are concentrated on other people’s problems. However, each one of your hearts would like to have serenity for everybody, each heart would like Justice for everybody, each one of your hearts would like Freedom for everybody, each one of your hearts would like Peace for everybody.
Of course it’s difficult to separate from your own problems and dedicate yourselves together with other people to build conditions that respect the desires of your hearts, however, my loved brothers, by thinking of the other brothers in the world, thus diverting your attention from your many problems, you can resize your problems in your own realities and find solutions to your problems and often find help from another brother. This condition of removal of the many problems that monopolize your attention from the arena of your life, brings you, my brothers, to see far better ways to face and solve your own problems.
In one specific moment the entire situation ceases thus to seem to important, when in the contact with other people’s problems you realize how many problems exist that are much more important than your own, and the diverted attention allows you to conceive a solution never thought of beforehand. And the solution to a specific problem can be put into action.
However all of your attention is diverted on the problems of your brothers and since it does not involve you emotionally, as is the case with your own problems, it’s possible to find a new method of talking about it, of facing these other problems.
And soon the solution will come also for those brothers.
So how does this flow of solutions help other brothers and us too?
The range of emotions is infinite; while you concentrate on your own problems you show the entire range of emotions, however in the meantime your mind witnesses these emotions and reacts, in turn, with words that in fact accompany your emotions, but it witnesses not so much in concentrating on the search for solutions but rather to underscore the emotions you feel through words.
Accepting that this aspect is of no help to your search for the solution is the first step. You need to divert the attention of the mind on to other topics to allow your mind to seek solutions to problems in freedom. Once your mind is free it can embrace the emotions of your heart, find the new road, the right road to truly help you.
Concentrated on your problems that are important for your heart, you succeed in mobilizing your Love and your Love is important also to mobilize your minds into the solutions for your problems.
At the same time you tend to other people and yourselves exactly through your Love.
And within Love there is also creativity, possibility for creation, possibility for original solutions, possibility for original interventions, which gain strength from listening to Love.
And it’s this possibility that brings simultaneously possible solutions and possibilities for others and yourselves.
It’s always Love that allows to always think of real solutions, better solutions, because in your Love there is recognition of the other person as a brother, and thinking of the other person as a brother enables the necessary respect to really find the better solutions, necessary, truly useful.
Think of your brothers as if they were your own biological brothers and the problems of your brothers will be yours and the solutions that you will bring will be the best because you are thinking through Love.
Think of our brothers, of this humanity which is in your world, think how difficult it must be to conquer freedom where there is no freedom, think how hard it is to take care of people who love each other when the conditions for survival are not respected, think how many brothers flee war zones to protect their children, their companions, think of how many brothers die from diseases that you know are curable, and these are examples.
You will feel rising from your heart the authentic desire to help your other brother with your Love because the problems, your own problems, however important, do not contemplate survival, war, constant danger of disease and death, like unfortunately many brothers on earth experiment.
Activate your Love by thinking of those sweet brothers who are suffering and your Love will contribute to finding solutions to the problems of your brothers and your own problems.
I embrace you with Love
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 29th March 2006
Title   To Finding Solutions To The Problems Love And Creativity
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