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The Great Renewal Of Thought On Earth

The Great Renewal Of Thought On Earth
My loved and dear brothers and my loved and dear sisters, these are complex times, a large amount of contradicting information reaches you. On one side there is war, the victims, the many threats from nuclear to new conflicts, on the other side are many people extremely busy for the common good.
And this is what I call contradiction, sometimes there are words that speak of war, of destruction, of conflict, and then on another moment there are words of solidarity, of demand for peace for all peoples, of constant help among brothers.
Observing through our eyes, you can not help but be confused, your definition of the world between bad or good meets continuous contradictions, from one moment to the next with your eyes you see goodness then evil, and the same concept, the same difficulty is what you see among yourselves, brothers, in your relations, one moment the clean feeling prevails, Love, replaced by the feeling of selfishness.
Brothers, the situation reflects in detail what is general, and in general what is detailed.
Through the eyes from which all of you look at society and your relations, you discover contrasting messages; through our own eyes, that react to the events in a more encompassing manner, every manifestation that takes place among brothers carries inside destructive aspects and constructive aspects and the intensity of one or the other depends on the intensity of your involvement in the destructive aspect or, on the contrary, on the constructive aspect.
Looking for the definition of a part of your world, my dear brothers, is a fruitless effort because, until your world will have embraced Love as a method of exchange between the brothers of the entire earth, there will always be contradiction inside between destructive and constructive messages.
Maybe, my loved brothers, by embracing Love especially for those brothers who insist on thinking that only abuse guarantees security, that only violence guarantees safety, that only the single thought guarantees security, joining sweetly your intentions in defeating selfishness, you will be able to bring the constructive elements that are already available to manifest even more to the eyes of your brothers, while at the same time making Love shine strongly among the contradictions.
My brothers, there is much need for your brothers to embrace constructivism more and more, because inside those hearts, always increasingly witnesses to selfishness, many are the brothers who shut down inside themselves and think that they are some of few people who are suffering for the many injustices they witness daily.
Brothers, for us the situation is not exactly as you perceive it, there is a great renewal in this precise moment on earth, renewal that pertains extremely important aspects of your world, all brothers are questioning themselves on the many possibilities for agreements, for exchanges, among all parts of the world. The various TV news and all other sources of information broadcast, on the whole, what happens on your planet and by now there are many of them who contemplate one single earth with billions of citizens all together and in one single place. Earth is inhabited in every corner and in every corner there needs to be Justice and Freedom.
This is how you think right now and from this the great renewal of thought, you are all involved in thinking of yourselves from each corner of the planet and involved in building in every corner of the planet the best conditions for a life that will recognize the human being his Dignity, wherever he may be.
There is a need for a great effort for this natural thought to find an answer in your organization, and for this reason I invite you to find inside your heart experiences that may translate the Love that is inside you into behaviors that express Love to others, Love and interest for all peoples of the entire earth. Build with your own example, with the Love that is inside you, build a tiny little and at the same time large and great project, be Love for the other brothers, especially at this moment of possible renewal.
Next to you is our Sky, our Love, our intention to help all of you conquer an existence within Love for everybody.
Next to you, your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 27th March 2006
Title   The Great Renewal Of Thought On Earth
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