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The Awareness Of One's Own Soul

The Awareness Of One’s Own Soul
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters let’s talk one more time about Love.
I filled entire messages talking to you about Love, I witnessed many brothers mobilize from their hearts the Love they felt in answer to the messages, and spread it around, in their families, among their friends, even in their workplaces, and the result were many, countless sweet stars which, as I am now observing earth, I can see shining bright
I poured from my heart, through the messages, my Love for you, for my brothers who are learning from this brother Jesus to talk from the heart, to think from the heart and to put their mind at the service of their heart.
This is my service of Love, allowing you, my loved brothers and sisters, to grow in the Love through these words I am speaking and through my Love which inundates your hearts.
There are many lit up stars right now, by experimenting Love they discover their own Love and evolve, and they discover even more the immense Love that the Father donated all of his children at the time of the single creation.
However, just like our loved Father wishes for every creature to be able to feel inside their heart this sweetest Love, so do I wish that every brother who, just like today, is listening to these words, may rediscover the Love inside their hearts and by mobilizing it may enjoy a continued experience of the most important gift that our Father, in His infinite Love, has given to us children.
For many of you this message will probably be a repetition, however for others it will be an occasion to begin their own experimentation.
Only by experimenting it’s possible to acquire the awareness of one’s own Soul, only by experimenting it’s possible to notice the Love that is in the heart and that makes up our Essence, only by experimenting it’s possible to experiment the terrestrial life as the most important opportunity for all us Souls to perfect in our real nature as a Spirit and it’s only by experimenting that the continued contact with the Love of the heart allows the important contact with us, sweet Souls of Paradise, who welcome your requests for help and who reply by mobilizing from the heart their own same Love to be next to you and to help you grow.
Between the earth and our Sky there are no barriers, the contact is permanent and with Love this contact takes place, it expresses itself, it manifests itself.
Now many of you know that Love is inside you and even in us and that Love is the shared gift sent to us by our Father.
But what is Love?
What does it mean to think with Love?
Love is a feeling that moves inside us every time the Spirit, our Soul, expresses itself.
What does the Spirit recognize? The truths.
And in every occasion where the Spirit recognizes a truth, inside the heart we feel the sweet feeling of Love.
Every time where, in the contact with a brother, we recognize that this person is one of our brothers, we feel surrounded by Love.
What does it mean to recognize a person as your own brother? It means to recognize the other person as them but also as companions of the same life that we are now living.
Experiences, relations, different possibilities that are also similar to our own possibilities, relations, experiences, a brother is a person who, just like us, is growing, among his many successes and his many failures, but he is growing exactly like we are growing; a brother has his own opinions like we have our own opinions, his culture and our culture, his interests and our interests, where does the difference lie? Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, sometimes different, sometimes similar, there is no truth inside any of us, truth is only to recognize that each person has opinions and thoughts, when the Spirit meets this truth, we feel inundated with Love.
Cultural models, there are many of them on earth, the truth is that there is a specific cultural model for each part of the world, which is the reflection of the organization that those brothers gave themselves; in the recognition of this truth, we react in the heart with a feeling of Love.
Recognizing a brother in another person means to recognize in the other person the same heart that is inside us. Nobody on earth can call himself happy if he has not had a contact from his heart to another heart. They are sentiments that give you the opportunity to feel, to discover your own heart and that of the other person.
Every gesture, every inflection of voice, every movement speaks at the same time of the mind of the other person and also of his heart. It’s through the heart that often we understand what the other person is telling us from their mind, inflections speak of problems, inflections speak of happiness, inflections ask us for help and inflections offer help, inflections talk to us of Love, inflections speak of selfishness, inflections talk to us of openness to others, inflections talk of closure towards others. These inflections speak from the heart of the other person no more no less than the way our inflections speak of our heart. In the recognition of our heart and of the other person’s heart, we are invaded by a sweet feeling of Love.
And just like the other person, often our minds produce tensions and fears, and the recognition that both our minds produce a lot of tension and fears allows for the recognition of the other person as a brother and this recognition allows us to experiment the feeling of Love.
In the contact with the other brothers, it is possible to notice all of these truths; experimenting within our differences the similarities with the other person and recognizing the other person as a brother is possible, and the recognition of being therefore brothers allows the reciprocal expression of your own affections.
Brothers who are not known to you are nothing other than brothers with whom you have not yet had any contact; distance, different possibilities born from our individual choices cause for some brothers to never meet each other, however the Spirit knows that they too are brothers, with their own thoughts, concepts, culture, fears, and above all their own heart. In the recognition of being all brothers all across the world, we feel the Spirit communicating with us, through Love, the truth.
It is an identity of the Spirit to welcome the truths that all of you are gradually discovering, manifesting the recognition through Love.
It is only by experimenting that eventually you will all arrive to the understanding that your feeling expresses itself in the realization of the truths.
And then the topic of the intensity of Love; the stronger, more all-encompassing recognition of the other person as your own brother, the greater affection is mobilized toward the other person, then you call each other husband or wife, or father or mother, or son or daughter, or lover, or great friend, but this recognition always starts from the recognition of the other as a brother, therefore as another person, however identical on the path, to ourselves; and the intensity of your bond expresses not only affection but attraction for that heart, for that mind, for that creature who needs help and who at the same time helps you produce even more affection to give.
Experimenting means to also feel that affection growing, it’s donating and experimenting, enriching oneself in the contact with one’s own affection; this is true experimentation, in the recognition of the truths the Spirit produces Love, Love produces affection for that heart, donating affection allows to experiment your own heart as a producer of feelings of affection and the recognition of this allows for the recognition of the Spirit, of the Love that we carry inside us, and that can produce copious amounts of affection for all brothers.
This recognition is possibility for everyone, experimenting the Spirit is possible exactly by meeting the other person as a brother and by listening inside the heart for feelings of Love and affection lighting up and expanding.
And in the heart you have richness and possibility.
With all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message sent 22nd March 2006
Title   The Awareness Of One’s Own Soul
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