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Paternity Love And Paternity To Be A Father

Paternity Love And Paternity To Be A Father
Today, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, you are all celebrating the thankfulness to your fathers, a holiday that thanks the contribution that your father gave you during your path of growth. And even if many fathers are no longer next to you right now, but in the Sky, the thankfulness reaches from your heart all the way to this Paradise.
Among many of you there are men who have not yet become fathers, and are preparing for it, or will prepare to meet fatherhood, and this message on Love and paternity is dedicated to the heart of all men.
These days I have witnessed an important step, long awaited, the recognition of being Love by a father despite a separation or a divorce, and this important direction that your law has taken is the recognition of the importance of the Love of the biological father for every child, important in nurturing him, in his education, in thinking of protecting him and allowing him to have access to more sources of Love to grow up.
Being a father is very difficult nowadays, many values have changed inside societies and the intervention that in the past a father was supposed to take was mostly to do with guaranteeing the child’s survival, procuring every material mean to grow up in safety and then think about his education through the values that reflected the association between brothers so that the child one day would find his own place in his society.
There has always been little time to play, too little time to jump on the bed to play or to tell little stories or fairytales, too little time to follow them every day in their growth, too little time to follow them in their progress at school, too little time to follow them while they played with their friends, too little time to witness their many successes. And time went by and the child was growing up, you missed out on so much, you are still missing out on so much, there is so much you could be missing out on today, if you think about a reflection: to be a father is the opportunity to experiment your own Love poured on to a creature in a phase of evolution and the result of your Love will be for that child to grow up together with you, growing up leaning on your Love, growing up being protected by your Love, growing up feeding on your Love.
This is what a father does, a real father, an adult, a man who raises his child mobilizing all of his immense Love in the process. This is a real father, who is interested in this priority, in ensuring first of all the Love for his child, first of all his presence for a child who is growing up and who, to achieve his realization, needs first of all to receive all of your Love.
Of course it’s difficult to think of investing in a process of growth of a child, a task all too often left entirely to the mother, of course it’s difficult balancing this effort with the effort that they ask of you at work, but while one effort is requested by other people, the other is requested by yourselves.
So many parents have found in this precarious balance an unexpected enthusiasm for raising their child; so many parents have found true satisfaction in raising their child; so many parents have found that, in life, this is the most important task, raising a child is donating to the collectivity a very solid person, a happy person, with inside his heart the respect for others and the consideration for truly everybody.
This, my dear brothers, is the result of your Love effort, donating to the collectivity a person who will truly be useful to the community.
Many of you have matured an idea of your father as a distant man, a teacher of rules and principles, but very distant, with the priority of giving you the opportunity for a living without many financial problems and sometimes an example of a career, of reachable status, of reachable power.
If you remember when you were children, as young adults, while appreciating the level and tenure of life that you enjoyed, how many times you would have preferred the presence instead of the absence, sharing instead of solitude, and how many rules, perhaps fair ones, would you have sweetly respected if they had been put out to you with Love from your father?
This is because you have all felt this inside your hearts and today your choices are bringing you to embrace a dream of paternity, may you have this in your heart, the model of a father who lovingly welcomes and guides, together with his companion, a creature on the road to realization and effort for his community.
This is the right model, the model of a father that each one of you once desired with your heart, you can be that model today, in the present, you, both those of you who have already had children and those who are thinking about children.
It’s truly a great satisfaction to watch and guide a child in his growth and very shortly, by experimenting this new contact with your creatures, you will live perhaps the most beautiful experience that a human being can enjoy on earth.
And to all of you brothers, parents of your creatures, I join our sweet blessings for Fathers’ day with all others, an invitation to always put Love as priority in life.
An immense kiss from the Sky,
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 19th March 2006
Title   Paternity Love And Paternity To Be A Father
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