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Transformation The Value Of Love How Love Transforms

Transformation The Value Of Love How Love Transforms
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I would like to talk about transformation. Today there are many brothers who put even more Love in what they do, they spread even more Love around them, more than ever they are examples of Love for others. And so transformation nears. More than ever our brothers will mobilize from their hearts this sweetest Love, more than ever transformation will be close.
However, when I watch you, I want to give you this advice, understanding that transformation is built by mobilizing Love toward others, often it’s not sufficient to teach others to make their Love available. There are many brothers who, when observing this effort, feel inspired but also perplexed because for them it’s not conceivable that a change, that this transformation will come only through Love. How to reply to this perplexity?
The experience of Love needs to first of all be an experiment, how can we understand how Love transforms if we refuse to experiment the power of the transformation put in action by Love?
It’s everybody’s experience that experimentation is perhaps the only way that allows, by living it, the acquisition of its value. Therefore experimenting Love can allow recognizing the value of Love itself. First of all the Love experimented allows the recognition inside the heart that we are ourselves the product of this precious feeling and by experimenting yourselves as product of this feeling, you acquire the awareness that the production of Love comes spontaneously without having learnt how to produce it from any source or condition. This spontaneity of your Love in the contact with your heart clarifies for you the nature of your heart as a carrier of a feeling, Love, which is inside it and which, either spontaneously or activated by your emotions, can be evident to you and to your brothers.
Inside this experimentation, by activating your Love it is immediately evident that the content in the thought of your mind can reach the brothers in a way that is completely different than if it was communicated without any feeling of Love. Did you notice how much attention your brothers put to your communications if you communicate a thought, or the same thought but accompanied with Love? How many smiles did you miss out on, by thinking and not thinking that the contact with your heart is first of all contact with the heart of the other? How many discussions would you have avoided if, when speaking, instead of thinking by remaining in contact with your heart, you had been in contact only with your mind?
Experimenting allows the recognition that Love has transformation potential.
Again by experimenting you can even notice how much the environment around you can change; putting your Love also means expressing a fraternity, the recognition that we are all brothers, and if this is what you transmit in your contact with your heart in your thoughts, sending others the possibility of thinking of themselves and thinking of you in a way that is very different from before, every brother needs to feel in a relationship with others brothers to start to think beginning from the heart.
There are numerous examples; you just need to look around.
Being as an example with your behavior, with your Love, as I said, is not sufficient to allow your brothers to overcome their many perplexities, why don’t you begin to stimulate them toward experimentation, why don’t you encourage them to regain the contact with their heart? Why don’t you tell them what was important for you to discover in your readings and in your experimentation, why don’t you share with others the path that you have started, why don’t you invite other brothers to realize directly how life changes when the heart is at the service of your brothers and of themselves, why do you think that your path may not be interesting to others, every brother has inside the desire do know how to live in peace and in serenity and, by looking at your example, your experience can trigger the search in your heart for the same feeling of Love.
With Love, with lots of Love my brothers
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 15th March 2006
Title   Transformation The Value Of Love How Love Transforms
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