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Experiences Of Growth Awareness Spiritual Growth

Experiences Of Growth Awareness Spiritual Growth
My loved and dear brothers and my loved and dear sisters, the sun is shining high in the sky, is there a sun in your hearts?
Take advantage of this pleasant day to listen to your heart and to ask yourselves how much you experimented over the last few weeks.
Focus on those experiences, using your Love, did you notice your having lived experiences of growth?
Being amongst your brothers is an experience of hearts that are growing simultaneously, an experience of exchange between a Love and another Love, and experience of exchange means leaving some thoughts and embracing other greater thoughts inclusive of the vision of the other brothers, all this within reciprocity. This is the experience of Love with your brothers that helps you grow.
In the contact with your other brother, you may notice, the opportunities are intrinsic with the heart of this brother just like the opportunities are intrinsic with your own heart and every experience allows you to express your achieved awareness and the same awareness reached in the Love by that brother. This possibility and the same awareness, reached within the Love of that brother.
This possibility which you touch in the contact with almost all creatures is an possibility that is reachable by mobilizing more and more Love and in a little time this possibility will transform into reached awareness and at the same time there will be now doors opening for new reachable possibilities.
This is a path of growth.
Many brothers, once they reach maturity, with effort, with their own responsibilities, believe they have concluded their path of growth within 30/40 years of their lives, and they don’t realize that the first forty years are necessary for the physical growth, to overcome the insecurities originated from experiences in young age and to build, as much as possible ,a position that will mirror their effort, interests and personal potential, and for many people forty years means to have also built a family and having experimented Love for their own children.
But from this moment on is when the awareness of themselves as Love begins to cement and life and the life opportunities for maturity are extremely precious opportunities for the Spirit, for the continued growth of your Spirit, the constant recognition of your Spirit in the seized opportunities and in the reachable opportunities.
It’s important to underscore this often because very often I see my brothers who, not understanding the importance of spiritual growth, interrupt their paths because they believe they have already arrived.
Arrived where?
Having built many things in life, having reached an acceptable position and above all a fairly stable one, promoting security, the overcoming of problems linked to survival and the easily perpetuated continuity repurposes stability and security; it’s exactly from this moment on that the growth, the real growth, can knowingly begin.
It’s everybody’s experience, the difficulty in speaking with the Spirit, with certain brothers who have not yet reached stability and security, it’s the experience of each one of you, however over time the security and stability that were reached allow brothers to face certain problems that correspond to the questions of the Spirit which had been left hanging for a very long time waiting for an answer.
So, my brothers, the importance of maturity is very important as an opportunity of informed growth, of informed exchange, of possibility to be reached and new goals of growth that will be overcome with time.
Sometimes in your maturity you look for security of past times, the physical beauty, he spontaneity, the enjoyment of playing, the explosion of vitality looking at the past, as if these experiences were finished, and again looking at the past many brothers seek in their contact with young people to regain sensations and emotions that they fear they will no longer be able to experience, as if these emotions belonged to one age but not to another.
And it’s difficult to explain to them that they are looking outside of themselves, in the contact with a creature that is growing, what they believe is no longer available in current times.
But the truth, my brothers, is that if life really has a meaning, a purpose, it’s exactly at around the age of 40 that you truly discover your experience.
This is because maturity allows an informed exchange that is impossible in earlier times, it allows an informed exchange of affection and of Love impossible in earlier times, it allows a gained consciousness impossible in earlier times, and finally it allows an increased expression aware of their own Love, and this, too, would have been impossible in earlier times.
I shall conclude this message today with an important reflection: many ages have their own great value, being born and meeting Love, developing and meeting Love, growing up and meeting Love, looking for your own position and meeting Love, reaching maturity and beginning to be Love and all the time that will pass after that will be more and more an experience of being Love and rediscovering yourselves as Love.
A big kiss my forty year olds, a kiss to all of you, a kiss to all of my loved brothers and sisters that are experimenting Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 12th March 2006
Title   Experiences Of Growth Awareness Spiritual Growth
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