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Effort Recognition Of The Value The Respect

Effort Recognition Of The Value The Respect
My adored sisters, first of all, happy Woman’s day, may this day be in the name of recognition of your sacrifice for your companions, for your creatures, a constant and permanent effort to guarantee them stability, growth and sharing of your family’s problems. Of course much time is spent guaranteeing all this, the Love you carry in your heart makes this sacrifice light even though sometimes it can be really hard. From our heart a sweet wish for a happy Woman’s day, from our heart the recognition of your great effort and the recognition of your value, which sometimes is exploited or not valued. We are proud of you because thanks to you this world is ever more luminous and so we feel strongly about thanking you for your effort, so critical for all brothers in the world.
With all of our heart, with all of our Love
The Sky, in unison
My dear and sweet brothers and my dear and sweet sisters, thinking leads to recognition; often your days are filled with events which follow one another, you take yourselves from one place to another as necessary, however this is often done without your thought accompanying your moving. Instead, every opportunity can represent a value, every move can bring from the heart a recognition of your effort, a recognition of your specific motivations, a recognition of how you move, a recognition of yourselves, a recognition of how much passion you deploy and consequently a recognition of you as being Love.
Thinking allows this recognition because to think means to think of yourselves and think of your other brothers.
Thinking, my dear ones, allows us to instantly feel our own selves, to be conscious of ourselves, of the reason for that move, for the many people toward whom this movement is directed, and the meaning of the move itself.
It’s important that this meaning mirrors your own meaning; eliminate any commitments that have meaning for other people but not for you, they are the result of conditioning from culture and societies, and are as useless as they are hollow.
Put in front of you every day opportunities that will mirror your necessities, and the necessities of those people you love and whom you donate your effort to, however, always judge if this or that holds meaning for you, or not.
Every effort must always be conceived in its intrinsic value to allow for this recognition, to allow the correct recognition of yourselves, of what you do, of what you are. The best teachings are those where you consciously think inside yourselves and inside those people you love.
And your recognition is fundamental for life to offer you any given moment as a truly lived moment and every day will have its great meaning if you enter your day by thinking consciously.
Much energy is wasted with efforts of little meaning; by recouping that energy, they will express more and more to you, giving you much more energy to invest in the efforts that do have meaning.
Efforts, there are sweet efforts and there are bitter efforts, the meaning lies in the difference and this meaning, however individual it may be, has always a denominator, the affection that is invested, and affection is what defines it as meaningful or meaningless.
Brothers, this investment of affection is what you must always think about, it must always be present in your commitments, affection is what allows your other loved ones to recognize your commitment.
Your commitment must first of all respect yourselves, your habits and your timings, compatibly with the commitment, and your respect will end up being reflected in respect for you from your brothers.
Respect is the answer to the effort with meaning, chosen and carried out with Love, respecting yourselves as much as possible.
Brothers, it is only right that what is valid for you must be valid also for every other brother, the recognition of the effort and the affection of a brother of yours should be mirrored with sweet words of encouragement because even that one brother needs to feel acknowledged in the validity of his commitment, in the affective meaning that he gave to it. With sweet words you will manifest respect also for that brother who is adding meaning to his actions with his thoughts.
A kiss, my brothers, no, a big kiss to all my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters,
Your Brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 8th March 2006
Title   Effort Recognition Of The Value The Respect
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