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To Coexist Peacefully Investing In Commerce And Research

To Coexist Peacefully Investing In Commerce And Research
My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I am with you once again, because current times show the great difficulty of all brothers to coexist peacefully .
Over time many balances have shifted just like many brothers have changed, countries and their economies, countries where it has been necessary to guarantee their progress internally, countless brothers are revolting to the many forms of exploitation and television constantly broadcasts conflicts between countries and brothers.
In your eyes the areas afflicted by conflicts grow disproportionately and you feel a need for peace, for renewed equilibrium that on one hand will solve the conflict with a new concept of Freedom, and on the other hand you think of isolation, of aggression, of the violence from some limited group of brothers to bring true Justice, real Justice.
Many are the brothers who feel this inside their hearts, of course they do not transmit these concept over the television, but these concepts are inside their hearts and are ready to express themselves through a change of attitude toward all brothers.
To help them today I decided to dictate this message directly; over time, my dear brothers, it will reach their eyes.
While time goes by, your economies have identified needs that grow exponentially and it’s not easy to identify them at a time of choice, despite the studies on the possible consequences of a program or of a choice.
Over time there is always a certain variability within the needs that leads in certain times to deduct that it’s a temporary effect. Then more time goes by and you can see that this temporary effect is anything but momentary and these needs require urgent measures to allow the development of that growth, of that project launched at that time.
And it’s crisis.
Over time these expensive projects, those expensive choices can constitute a halt or a reversal of trend, which can destroy instead of continuing to build better conditions than in the past.
Here, as men, I am sorry to see it so often, we witness a choice of war, of initial exploitation which overcompensates for what is necessary to contain a pre-announced crisis and this hoarding takes place on the people as well as the resources of the planet; millions of tons of fuel or of gas mean, for the planet, altering the balance without giving earth the possibility to harmonize to what is being extracted.
Then there is the problem of those who hold on to the resources that have become necessary for the success of a development project, and here your war becomes ‘necessary’ for your survival and millions of individuals are killed, tortured, forced into political slavery, they are the price paid for the choices that you made back then thinking that they were the source of important security.
So far this is what you have done, violence, exploitation, genocidal wars, occupation of land and people.
Trying to divide brothers is not only against the current of the needs to stay in Peace, the only condition that actually brings to an enormous and balanced growth without negative and conflicted consequences, but it creates ever more conditions of conflict and aggression which force government to invest resources to go to war, taking them away from the possibility of investments that over time could bring new improvements and find solutions to current needs.
This situation calls for reflection.
From the beginning of your life on earth, you have thought that earth would not be able to offer certain resources necessary to your development and so you thought that by conquering territories rich of that element, you would conquer survival.
For example, every time the effort of man and his intellect found the opportunity to transfer goods from one land to another you decided to trade; commerce allowed you to procure that comfort and in the meantime allowed you to export that precious good to your brothers; the balance that thus created saw some Countries grow together by providing each other with what they needed, in a climate of total peace and development. That’s because matched with providing a necessary good there is a corresponding commitment to procure a necessary good. Development is always compatible, even when it comes to resources from the soil, commerce, trade, with Respect and peace between populations.
It’s clear that the effort of people of all countries becomes fundamental to find optimal solutions through discoveries and constant research; however this effort must be robustly supported by the governments of the world because this constitutes the most important resource that will bring across the earth Peace, Justice, Freedom, development and growth, in those Countries that are still developing, and bring stability, security in those other Countries that have secured their development.
Investing in commerce and research is the right solution to allow all men a life that will respect firstly life itself in the elements that, by definition, constitute the concept of existence, of dignity, of survival, of development and coexistence between human beings.
This is my contribution to the many brothers who share in their hearts our same project, erasing possibilities of conflicts from resorting to commerce and support of research.
It is possible to erase violence, it’s possible by forsaking the concept of possible limitations and embracing the concept of possible exchanges and, by investing on research, the possibility of finding alternative solutions becomes the possibility of exchanging effort and ingenuity between Countries on the lookout for possible and more economical sources to satisfy their reciprocal necessities.
With this solution you will see earth seize back a balance currently compromised by the choices of exploitation, of preemptive hoarding, of power over mankind and finally, earth, enveloped in light, will conquer real prosperity.
This development is possible, begin to dedicate yourselves, to look at this new direction and in front of your eyes, my brothers, you will see the solution, the solution agreed upon simultaneously by all brothers of the world.
I hug all of you, brothers of all countries, I hug all of you in an embrace as big as your earth.
For you, your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 5th March 2006
Title   To Coexist Peacefully Investing In Commerce And Research
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