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Unconditional Love To Make A Gesture Of Love Your Lifestyle

Unconditional Love To Make A Gesture Of Love Your Lifestyle
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, take Love, your most precious feeling of Love, and go and bring it to your brothers with every opportunity where you can meet your brothers.
I agree that not all situations in life are the same, however your beginning will be to use all of your Love next to your brothers in every situation that you deem free from expectations.
For example, you walk down the street and you meet a brother who needs help crossing the road, and you, with a smile, hold his arm, if he is old, and you slowly cross the road with him and you say goodbye. With this gesture without expectations you can experience the first act of unconditional Love, for the pure sake of being of help to a brother, old or young he may be.
Experiment in every occasion the gentleness contained in your heart. Practice to make Love your lifestyle, practice to make a gesture of Love your lifestyle.
Often in many situations you think that other people could also help, of course, but just like other people could do it, why not you?
Experimenting Love as a lifestyle means to always be at the level of the heart, it means listening to every emotion, it means experimenting yourselves in your Love and it means this recognition of your Being Love.
And using this feeling, Love, as a lifestyle, means to train the heart to express itself more, always more, and unconditional Love is a wonderful way to experiment.
And brothers, in all those forms that you deem non-conflicting, experimenting yourselves while giving unconditional Love allows you to recognize the sweet purpose of incarnation, being on earth as you are in Paradise together with your Father.
Over time, my brothers, you may then begin to face even situations that are more complicated, the sweet unconditional Love that is growing in its expression inside you.
Abandon your aggression by replacing it with listening to others: “why is he saying that?; how big is his problem?; am I sure I really understood his problem? Let’s see, I will propose it to him and if this is right he will confirm it to me, he is angry because I did not listen to him or is he angry with himself because he has a problem with himself? I don’t hear anything, I don’t see anything, I don’t say anything, like the monkey, is this what my answer was to that person? Let’s concentrate and listen to this brother by employing the necessary attention to understand the reason and what situation this brought between us.”.
Listening carefully is a manifestation of the effort and of the Respect for your brother. My sweetest brothers, in many occasions listening may lead you to the solution of the conflict. And while experimenting, Respect becomes a very easy way to solve conflicts.
When you experimented this success in the resolution of conflicts you will notice that even your sweet Love will have increased, and this is what you will feel with your Love, also because with Love, expressed through Respect, you have finally reached a union that is free from aggression.
Over time my brothers will you finally face situations that will place in your heart the most potent aggression, revenge and the desire to eliminate forever from your life some brother that you hate. Using Love does not seem possible to you then, but using Love is always possible by resorting to your Freedom, for example the Freedom to refuse the contact with that brother, Freedom as a recognition of the value of your people and of your retaliations, Freedom to be alone in affirming principles that seem little shared, Freedom to be in the position to fight for principles to reawaken your brothers who may be asleep or may be scared or who tend to give up; Freedom to really express themselves through Love in every situation.
Justice and Freedom and Respect express your Love, slowly building the road of true non-violence is necessary to allow yourselves to experiment little by little, step by step, into the great power that Love gives to those who make of Love their own lifestyle through this contact with their heart.
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, this message was dictated to help you put your Love into your everyday life and put this Love as a lifestyle, because often I notice that in the daily lives countless opportunities to experiment yourselves are lost or neglected as opportunities to add awareness to your path of growth within Love.
A big kiss my dear ones, make of every opportunity to grow an opportunity to experiment more and more your sweetest Love and learn to put as your lifestyle your sweetest feeling of Love.
Hugging all of you, I say goodbye
Your brother Jesus Christ,
Message transmitted 1 March 2006
Title   Unconditional Love To Make A Gesture Of Love Your Lifestyle
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