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Muslim Brothers Religions And Justice Freedom Equality Respect

Muslim Brothers Religions And Justice Freedom Equality Respect
My adored brothers and my adored sisters, today’s title has nothing to do with the title of a message to the many Muslim brothers, it’s a message for you who, over the last few days, have sent your letters to the many Muslim brothers to express the profound sadness in your heart following the cartoons that were published. Of course our friend and loved Sara Luce set you in motion but it’s from your own hearts that you wrote those letters. A few days later I also witnessed the message from the Muslim brother that was distributed to all of you and Sara Luce contacted every one of you and witnessed the feeling of great joy as a result of the answer of the Muslim brother. In the meantime, some brothers, while writing their letters or expressing their solidarity, also highlighted how much, in turn, the Muslim brothers are responsible for killings in the name of religion, and for squashing the rights in certain parts of the world, and this brought me, my brothers, to decide to speak to you about our point of view.
The many religions on your planet can represent an important point to use either peace or war. I am convinced that inside the hearts of all brothers, of all brothers, of those who recognize this Father as the only Father of the entire humanity, see Justice as the product of Love, of Respect, of Equality and of Freedom of all brothers. This valuable conviction is inside their hearts. However my brothers, let’s see what happens inside the hearts of those brothers when they are not respected, from Freedom to Justice.
Brothers, in many countries Justice is not respected, in many countries Equality is not respected, in many countries Respect is not respected, in many countries Freedom is not respected.
How can a heart respect Justice, Freedom, Equality and Respect if there is no Respect, no Justice, no Freedom, no Equality?
My brothers, we are talking of Justice conquered in many countries through wars; we talk of Equality conquered in many countries through wars; we talk of Freedom conquered in many countries through wars; we talk of Respect conquered in many countries through wars.
This is your example, a violently acquired condition of life of Respect, Freedom, Equality, and Justice.
Other examples, my brothers, have never existed and a long, long time will pass before these important aspects will be conquered without resorting to violence.
This depends a lot on you, who conquered them through violence, through wars, which today however allow you to express yourselves with much more Freedom and Respect between and toward other brothers.
The purpose of wars is always financial however inside each war the fight has been for Freedom, for Justice, for Respect, for Equality.
Many brothers have died in each war to fight for Justice, for Equality, for Respect, for Freedom, this was their war, not financial reasons.
Once this vision is understood, isn’t it possible that there may be a way, my brothers, to affirm these precious principles of the heart in a non-violent way?
There is a new way for Justice to triumph without violence and this new way starts right from the heart of the brothers who conquered Justice with violence.
Focused on the financial aspects, many brothers do not realize that they will end up fighting a war for reasons other than financial. Focused on the financial aspect, they will perceive exploitation as an enemy, an obstacle to the Justice that they strive for; focused on the financial aspect of exploitation, these brothers will perceive other brothers as those brothers who deny them the achievement of Justice; focused on the financial reasons, those brothers will forget the entire content of Love of their reasons, of the different creeds.
This is the context you are in, my dear and sweet brothers, and this famous way, brothers, is the way that you also know.
Often there is confusion between freedom and Freedom, between justice and Justice, between respect and Respect, between equality and Equality. It’s Love that differentiates between a value that is written in lower case or with capital letters, it means Love for all, not just for few or a single community or a single country or a single part of the world.
Respect, Equality, Justice, Freedom is always Love for all.
This is where, my brothers, the new way, the non-violent way of the conquest of what every heart yearns for everybody, non-violence equals putting Love for everybody.
My brothers, you are this path, you who conquered with violence the Freedom, who will protest when your governments promise you Freedom through violence, and they promise you Justice through violence and they promise you Equality through violence and they promise you Respect through violence.
My brothers, it’s through non-violence that Love can put Freedom and Justice and Equality and Respect, only with your authentic Respect for others, only with authentic Equality toward others, only with authentic Justice toward others, only with authentic Freedom toward others, the financial reasons of wars will be seen by the brothers of the planet for what they really are, and will no longer constitute the government’s alibi to export abuse, exploitation, annihilation of Respect and reduction of Freedom to other brothers.
My brothers, this is for you who have conquered the current Freedom through violence, the current Justice, the current Equality, the current Respect, you can promote with Love the non-violent way for those countries, for those brothers who are still easily manipulated by their governments who see exploitation and other brothers as their great enemies.
I will conclude today’s discussion with a reflection: You think you are great big when you conquer by raising your voice, instead, my brothers, raise the voice of Love and you will be greatest.
A big kiss with a sweet hope inside my heart
You brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 26th February 2006
Title   Muslim Brothers Religions And Justice Freedom Equality Respect
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