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Why Give Love The Reality Of Being Love

Why Give Love The Reality Of Being Love
My adored brothers and my adored sisters, why did I choose this title for today? Why do you not give Love? Maybe because you did not understand the importance of giving Love?
Brothers, this is not the reason I chose this title, it’s actually to notice all of your progress in using as much Love as possible during your day.
It’s this realization that pushes me today to talk about this, of what I observe with the eyes of my own Love.
They are important reflections, silences so rich of Love to be truly wonderful, and when you speak, listening is a pleasure, and when I hear you speak through your heart I feel an emotion of great Love. It’s beautiful, my sweet brothers and sisters, to notice that you are also listening to yourselves, you enjoy it, you notice your progress, you realize more and more of the reality of Being Love.
In many of my messages I spoke to you of the Love of your hearts and through reading and reflection you have taken more and more ownership of the Love that you carry inside you, and the position with regard to reality, my loved brothers and sisters, is the one that begins with your Spirit, it evolves in your Spirit and brings to new acquisition of your Spirit
To Be Love, to sweetly Be Love, not words but emotions inside the heart. You are yourselves but you are also Creatures of Love, this is an extremely important experience, an acquisition of truth.
And while I look at you I can only express my great joy in the meeting of my Being Love with your Being Love.
Let’s now continue on the road to acquisition of the many truths that allows you to continue with your growth process.
May I ask a question?
If I tell you, every drop of Love for your brothers is a drop of Love for yourselves, what is your answer to that?
That it’s the truth because for every opportunity where you mobilize your Love for your brothers, you are the ones who receive the emotion of Love inside. This is because using Love allows the experience of feeling your own Love.
May I ask another question?
If I tell you that your feeling Love inside you is a specific emotion of recognition of your own intensity of Love, my brothers, what will your answer be?
That the recognition through the Spirit of your Love is a specific emotion. This is because using your Love allows the recognition of the Spirit through the experience of Love.
And if I now ask you, it’s the Spirit that manifests itself fully through the experience of Love, what do you answer to that?
That your Spirit, which recognizes your Love is a Spirit that recognizes itself partly in the manifestation of your Love.
My brothers this is the truth but the opposite is also true, let me explain, there is no reference point that you can use to measure how much Love a Spirit can have, it’s the wrong impression to think that your Spirit could express your Love even more, only if you withhold it, if you think of holding it back, it could be the read that way, in any case your Spirit is expressing all of the Love of which you are aware. And the experience of using more and more of your Love and increasing your awareness of this Love and mobilizing it increases also the awareness of your Spirit which itself will express a lot more. This is because using Love allows a greater experimentation of our Spirit in our own possibility of expressing ever more Love.
And another question brothers, if I tell you, why not use Love if just one more drop of it allows all of this experimentation for you, from the increased awareness of your Being Love to the experience of how much Love your Spirit is able to express?
This is because using Love is important to put the experience of Paradise in your heart, being centered in your heart allows a perfect equilibrium, and all situations surrounding you, my adored brothers and sisters, can be read as opportunities to enable you to experiment, opportunities for comparison with your brothers to express your Spirit within Love and to discover within that manifestation how much you have grown and how greater your awareness has become of being carriers of a great, immense Love.
This being Love, my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, is Being and becoming aware of Being at the same time.
Words to describe emotions, words to describe awareness, but it’s also my words that have allowed my eyes to look at you and to see you as Spirit that meets Spirit.
I am truly very proud of the progress that I continue to see you make, proud of your sweetest Love that you express more and more, proud of your success of the Spirit looking for how much Love can be expressed, proud, my brothers, very proud of all of you.
The effort that you put in has brought you to grow so much and this, my adored brothers and sisters of Love, can be the most important message to give to your many brothers.
An immense kiss my brothers and my sisters, a very long kiss that will leave in your heart the memory of me for the next few days
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 22nd February 2006
Title   Why Give Love The Reality Of Being Love
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